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3 Keys to Choosing a Document Management Vendor

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Cracking the Buyer’s Journey with Intent Data

To effectively target IT buyers, you must understand their typical buying behavior. Unfortunately, that’s not simple to do—their preferences change quickly and often.

Surveying 700 technology decision-makers, TechTarget sought to discover how IT buyers are approaching their buying journeys today. This e-book examines those findings, shining a light on:

  • How and where buyers are researching products
  • How intent data can drive effective content and outreach
  • And more

Take a look through the book to explore the insights in full and to unlock 5 significant high-level changes in IT buying behavior.

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  • Enhance Your Network Analytics with Endace & Plixer

    As soon as a security incident occurs in your network, you want answers:

    • What is it?
    • How did it happen?
    • Why did it happen?
    • How can it be resolved?

    By leveraging Plixer’s Scrutinizer and EndaceProbe, you can rapidly unlock those answers and enhance your incident response.

    Download this overview to learn about how the solutions work and their 5 key benefits.

  • Automated document management system tools transform workflows

    In this e-guide, we examine the components of a viable DMS and the technologies influencing its broader acceptance, how e-signatures are powering DM Simplementations, the differences between electronic and digital signatures, and the role of automated document management system tools in ensuring continuity for the new hybrid workforce.

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  • Could BANT be killing your sales efforts?

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    Enterprises are increasingly turning to traditional managed print service providers to improve process efficiency across both paper and digital information, says this report from analyst group, Quocirca.


  • 5-step guide to mitigating zero-day attacks

    Many organizations are unprepared for zero-day attacks, making them vulnerable and largely helpless to defend themselves during the time between an attack’s discovery and mitigation. How do you both proactively and reactively mitigate the risk of a zero-day attacks? Access this this guide to learn more.


  • 8 electronic signature best practices

    Here are 8 tips to think about when creating an e-signing process include cataloging documents requiring signatures, building user stories and determining necessary software features.


  • Why Choose Open Source?

    Open source has the potential to create many new business opportunities, but your environment must be properly managed to take full advantage of them. Read on to gain a deeper understanding on the benefits that open source databases offer and how you can maximize them to drive value for your organization.


  • What an Actual Marketing Transformation Really Looks Like

    Download this TechTarget case study to learn how TIBCO achieved true marketing transformation through the use of TechTarget marketing technology.


  • Cloud Computing Review

    The first edition of Cloud Computing Review tackles the big questions about cloud computing, such as does the cloud really save you money? Find out about the hidden costs of cloud, as well as what you should pay attention to in cloud contracts. Plus, explore the link between enterprise applications and the cloud through a detailed case study.


  • 5 CEM tips from Walter White

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  • How IT buyers are conducting industry research

    One way to improve how you engage with IT buyers is by understanding how they approach their industry research. This means learning not only where they research, but also when, why and how long they do so. Review this TechTarget infographic to access findings about IT buying behavior.


  • Top IT buyer priorities in EMEA

    44% of businesses in EMEA plan to increase IT spending in 2023, according to TechTarget’s research. So, how can IT sellers take advantage of these prospects? By forming their marketing and sales strategies around IT buyers’ priorities. Learn about those priorities in this e-book.


  • How to choose a CIAM that supports your most critical business objectives

    Delivering seamless and secure digital experiences is now critical to driving customer engagement. Selecting the right customer identity solution starts with an understanding of your organization’s most critical objectives. Download this buyer’s guide to customer identity to learn what you need to look for in a potential solution.


  • The entrepreneur’s guide to ERP

    Many growing companies will soon be taking steps to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. But how do you know if the time is right for your organization? Explore this white paper to learn:What functionality you should look for in an ERPCloud vs. On-prem6 steps for choosing the best ERP for your business


  • How to choose an HR software system: A complete guide

    An HR system is one of the most important purchases an organization makes. Nowadays, the stakes couldn't be higher. The market for HR tools has exploded, and people management has become an urgent priority. In this e-guide, learn all the key steps to identify your needs and pinpoint the features that matter most.


  • Why a multi-channel strategy is essential to reach IT buyer's attention

    Discover in this infographic the insights on IT buyers’ content preferences from around EMEA, with a brand-new component this year – ‘marketer perception vs buyer reality’.


  • What sponsorship entails with FedRAMP Agency ATO route

    FedRAMP is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to conducting security assessments and granting authorizations. There are 3 main stakeholders: cloud service providers (CSPs), third-party assessment organizations (3PAOs), and government agencies. Read this white paper to learn about these roles and responsibilities.


  • The Demise of Dead-End Demand

    While classic demand gen funnels and SDR follow-ups can help marketing teams benchmark performance, many have begun to struggle with certain breakpoints. These issues can lead to dead-end demand, and unfortunately, many organizations struggle to combat this with modern B2B buying. Access this guide to learn more.


  • Why legacy systems no longer work for treasury processes

    Despite increases in global complexity and growth, this non-profit continued to rely on legacy systems to navigate their treasury processes, and sought out a solution that could provide secure visibility into their cash inflows and outflows across their organization. Luckily, they found TIS. Access this white paper to hear the full story.


  • What IT sales & marketing teams need to know about buyers

    A crowded market challenges the sales and marketing teams of IT solutions to stay competitive. By understanding IT buyer behaviors, teams can gain the edge that they need to set their organizations apart. Achieve that understanding by reviewing this TechTarget report, which answers questions like “Where do IT buyers conduct their research?”


  • How to maximize the return on your cloud spend

    By utilizing proven cloud cost optimization strategies, IT teams can cut wasted cloud spend, maximize cloud performance, and make leadership happy. Download this whitepaper to learn how to implement an optimization strategy that will get you the greatest return on your cloud dollar, including 4 key tips for cloud financial management.


  • Crafting digital content that B2B buyers want

    75% of B2B buyers, according to research, can develop a vendor list based solely on digital content. So, for your organization to make a list, your digital content has to pop. Download this infographic by TechTarget to unlock tips for crafting standout digital content.


  • Channels to Managed Print Services in Europe

    Analyst group Quocirca reviews channel-led managed print services (MPS) programmes.


  • Leader’s guide for planning better webinar content

    When 79% of B2B buyers report that they view webinars or video content weekly or more, it’s crucial for organizations to have a healthy amount of content that can drive viewer engagement. However, it can be difficult to get your content noticed. Browse the guide to learn more.


  • Information Security Essential Guide: The Evolution of Threat Detection and Management

    This Information Security Essential Guide outlines the latest threat detection options available, provides a number of best practices for threat prevention, and outlines why your SIEM is a key player in the fight against cybercrime.


  • Engaging Customers: New Lessons around Customer Behavior

    This expert e-guide counts down five customer experience management (CEM) practices that drive success. Also inside, learn how one organization executed an effective mobile CEM strategy. Read on to learn more.


  • The rising need for EDR solutions: What to look for

    As the need arises for endpoint security solutions, vendors will attempt to make their solutions match buyer expectations and analyst terms through their messaging but not their engineering. Download this checklist to access 8 criteria for informed EDR purchasers to consider when evaluating a change to their endpoint security strategy.


  • Security audits: How to prep for a more successful experience

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how you can prepare for and participate in a security audit. Find out what you should do in advance to get ready for the auditor's visit and how to address gaps once they've been identified.


  • Unlocking the Opportunity of SIEM Technology

    Explore how a security information and event management (SIEM) system works, what types of data you can integrate into it, the process for detecting threats/incidents, and steps you should take to develop a successful SIEM capabilities.


  • Trustwave as an MCSS provider: Strengths & challenges

    To secure their workloads, many businesses are turning to managed cloud security services (MCSS) providers. The popularity of such services led IDC to analyze the market for MCSS. Dig into this report for a breakdown of one of the 18 providers evaluated: Trustwave.


  • UC & CX: The benefits of a centralized platform

    With today’s organizations ranking customer satisfaction as their top priority for the third year in a row, it has become critical for businesses to continue to go above and beyond to meet expectations and goals. This starts with a company’s tech stack. Browse this guide to learn more.


  • Key data governance considerations: Picking the right tool for you

    In this expert e-guide, we explore key evaluation factors for selecting the right data governance tool to suit the needs of your organization. Find out which metrics matter most when it comes to picking your tool, like handling metadata objects, managing data quality, addressing unstructured data, and more.


  • 6 Steps to a Bulletproof Data Prep Strategy

    When data teams have to navigate data silos and manual preparation processes, time to insights only becomes longer. What if you could automate some of the processes of data preparation? Read on to learn about 6 steps to build a bulletproof data prep strategy and understand why automation could be a key part of that journey for your business.


  • Technical guide on Web Security Gateways

    Malicious code and the sites hosting it are constantly changing; making it difficult for filtering technologies and signature-based antivirus programs to keep pace with the proliferation of today's' evolving threats.


  • Best practices for effective information management

    In this expert e-guide take away tips to optimize your business value of successful data management processes, manage the lifecycle of your information and create effective deployments.


  • Get Off the MQL Hamster Wheel. Get On With Winning Deals.

    To learn why and how to shift away from Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and evolve your business’s revenue engine, read this e-book that features insights from Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Terry Flaherty.


  • 6 Myths of SIEM

    Traditionally, SIEM solutions were complex and targeted towards larger organizations. But with the need for security solutions ever-increasing, progressive SIEM vendors cater to businesses of all sizes.In this white paper, uncover the top 6 myths about SIEM and what organizations should expect from SIEM today. Read on to learn more.


  • Creating engaging, buyer-centric content: Analyst insights

    When seeking outsourced content creation assistance, 41% of marketers rank finding partners that can empathize with their audience as a top challenge. Empathy drives engagement; so, how can you integrate more of it into your organization’s content for B2B buyers? Find tips in this 13-page e-book by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).


  • SIEM IT Decision Center- Checklist #2

    This white paper presents SIEM use cases and technical information for security and compliance pros to better understand the threat landscape and help move their RFP process forward.


  • How start-ups can increase their trust factor with ethical hackers

    Startups are defined by their ability to break new ground and circumvent the mainstream approach, all while building up their customer’s trust. This e-book makes the case for continuous security testing with HackerOne’s Attack Resistance Platform as a strategy to help startups control risk and protect against cybercrime. Download now to learn more.


  • IT Handbook: Offsite Messaging Decisions for the Exchange Admin

    Hosting Exchange Server off-site may appeal to businesses getting comfortable with the idea of cloud computing and its various advantages, but is it really a good idea?