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Secure your data with holistic data protection

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Continuous vs. periodic backup comparison

As backup requirements evolve and continuous, 24/7 availability and robust ransomware recovery capabilities become the norm, performing periodic backups just isn’t enough to meet the consistent, granular recovery enterprises need today.

To ensure this level of granularity without impacting production performance, the future of backup is moving from periodic to continuous, journal-based protection.

Download this white paper to examine the benefits of continuous backup as compared to periodic backup, and to view an IT Resilience platform that can help your organization defeat the shortcomings of traditional tools by utilizing the Elastic Journal.   

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  • Benefits of modernizing your data protection for the multi-cloud

    IT environments are more dynamic than ever—with the likes of AI and the hybrid and multi-clouds—which means traditional backup and recovery solutions often can no longer keep up with their needs.

    And because of challenges like increased data quantities, diverse storage sites to protect, and an increased vulnerability to advanced cyber-attacks, it is crucial for organizations to reduce workload risk.

    Jump into this custom resource to read about the benefits of a unified backup and recovery solution aimed at tackling these dynamic data protection requirements and to view a product on the market that can offer these capabilities.

  • Supporting the dynamic backup needs of hybrid IT

    Hybrid IT environments are growing in popularity, and for good reason. But aside from the cost saving and increased agility, did you know your hybrid environment could also help improve your data’s protection and availability?

    In this white paper, learn how finding the right system for your hybrid environment can allow you to support the availability needs of on-prem, cloud and even multi-cloud environments while supporting new initiatives like digital transformation and agile app development.

    But what does such a backup system look like? Keep reading to see why HPE and Veeam are promising these capabilities and more.

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  • Reference architecture: Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5

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  • How to reduce downtime risk during project fulfillment

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