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How is IT security adapting?

With COVID-19 upon the world, IT security professionals are asking:

What are the main challenges organizations are facing? What are some of the trends in the security market today? How can businesses adapt to stay secure now that employees and customers are working from home?

Watch this webcast for a look at answers to these questions as well as information on:

• Protecting the mobile workforce

• Extending zero trust

• The most common causes of downtime

• And more

These are also closely related to: "2015 Dell Security Annual Threat Report"

  • CW+: IDC Report - Enterprise disaster recovery for SMBs

    Data protection and recovery are mature technologies today, and businesses of all shapes and sizes are busy protecting their data in any way they can. But due to differences in data volume, complexity of IT infrastructure, and availability of budget and staff, there are big differences in the sophistication of data protection between large and small businesses.  The underlying dynamics of the market, such as continuous data growth and the risk of natural disasters, are similar for all organizations, but large enterprises are typically faster adopters of new technology and, as a result, are able to deploy state-of-the-art data protection and disaster recovery solutions that are generally out of reach of smaller businesses. This, though, is starting to change.

  • AI in Human Resources: The Time is Now

    While machine learning and artificial intelligence are related concepts and are often used interchangeably, they are different.

    So what's the difference between machine learning, artificial intelligence and digital assistants? 

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  • The misconception of container security

    The most common misconception for container security is that, since your applications are in containers, they are secure. In reality, applications are your biggest attack surface—and that risk is present in every single layer of the stack. Learn more about debunking container security myths in this resource.


  • How to boost the customer experience with employee experience

    While you may be familiar with customer segments, many are less familiar with customer personas. While a segment will list simple demographic information, personas are more in-depth pictures of clients: what their desires, needs, emotions and more are. Read on to learn how to cultivate and use customer personas.


  • Combating lead gen challenges: Establishing organizational alignment

    When sales and marketing talk about lead generation, tensions often arise. While disagreements are normal, there are important steps you can take to prevent them from undermining what you’ll need to continuously improve. Find out what those steps are – and how to successfully take them – in this expert e-book.


  • Esports in education, explained

    Today, esports are becoming intrinsically tied to education in the same way that sports or other athletic activities are. Inside this paper for educators and leaders, learn more about the esports movement and how to leverage its momentum.


  • How UK businesses are adapting to the evolution of communications

    Businesses are transitioning more and more of their tools and services to the cloud. This is especially true for cloud voice, which has the highest momentum in terms of any organization’s plans for fixed telephony. In this research report, learn about how UK businesses are adapting to the evolution of communications.


  • How APAC firms can slay the storage management beast

    The data deluge and compliance requirements are shaping how Asia-Pacific firms are approaching storage management issues in the age of cloud. Read about the strategies that MinterEllison and the Rehabilitation Institute of Singapore are using to minimise storage complexity and manage data growth.


  • CIO Trends #9: APAC

    In this e-guide, read more about the challenges that CIOs are facing in advancing their digital agenda, and how they are driving AI, robotic process automation and DevOps initiatives that underpin their digital transformation efforts.


  • 3 lockdown lessons in network security

    Organizations have been required to create a sense of urgency around the review and possible rebuild of their network security. Indefinite remote work has placed architects in a fire storm, and without the proper defense and policy, your network could be in trouble. Read these 3 lockdown lessons to learn more.


  • Channel getting ready for SD-WAN lift-off

    Software defined networking has been around for a few years but it is early days for SD-WAN and that means there is time for resellers to get on board before the technology takes off.


  • Simplifying endpoint security with a cloud-delivered platform

    In order to address the growing volume of cyberattacks, organizations are adding new tools and systems to their stack. However, each addition also increases the intricacy of the environment, making management a complex process. Read on to learn why organizations are embracing a simplified cloud-delivered endpoint security approach.


  • Revenue acceleration for digital leaders

    This report from KPMG identifies three priorities for organisations to embrace to drive better, quicker and more certain returns.


  • Alexa hacks, application security best practices, and security professional tips

    In episode 9 of Application Paranoia, the hosts discuss how “open” the devices we use really are at an application level, explain why prepared statements are better than executing queries, and interview a security director of application security at a large multinational organization.Access it here.


  • Why CFOs are prime phishing fraud targets

    Today's hackers and cybercriminals are doubling-down to heavily target finance department employees and execs with fraudulent phishing emails. Why? To get the whole story on this fast-growing phishing threat and to view several new strategies for fighting back, join this webinar.


  • The state of app modernization and hybrid cloud

    After a study of over 300 organizations about application and cloud trends, challenges, and opportunities, the key findings are here. In this report, learn why hybrid cloud is at the top, how organizations are adopting consistent operations practices, and the other ways IT organizations are modernizing workloads and architectures alike.


  • Keeping up with ERP systems

    In this e-guide, read about how APAC enterprises are benefiting from cloud ERP offerings, the state of the ERP market in the region, and what ERP suppliers are doing to help enterprises maximise their ERP investments.


  • Evolving threat vectors, emerging security tools & perimeter shifts

    As successful breaches continue to plague organizations, it’s more important than ever to evaluate common risk areas and address them accordingly. In this webcast, join the SVP of Security at Alert Logic as he highlights key areas of vulnerabilities and how threats are evolving with organizational infrastructure.


  • 6 experts share advice on leading successful transformation in education

    As the education sector begins to more widely explore digital transformation, universities are discovering they are faced with similar conundrums. Read this e-book to find out firsthand from IT experts how top universities are fueling their transformation success, how you can get started too, where to focus—and more.


  • Enterprise Mobile Security by the Numbers

    This expert guide examines the current state of enterprise mobile security, discussing what vulnerabilities are being exploited, what kinds of attacks are being perpetrated, and much more.


  • 5 drivers of productive work-from-home experiences

    In today’s world, business continuity measures are centered around enabling work from home capabilities to protect against productivity losses. Dive inside this guide to learn about the five principles responsible for driving a digitally-savvy employee experience – even if employees are clocking in from home.


  • Healthcare Data Access Compliance

    Concurrent logins, manual logoffs, password sharing and the lack of unique logins are putting patient records at risk, according to this research paper by IS Decisions.


  • CW+: KPMG: Dynamic technologies for smarter government

    The demands being placed on government in the 21st century are being driven by forces of change that are in many cases beyond its control.


  • How embedded analytics can help ISVs succeed

    Analytics and data visualizations are pervasive in modern society, and ISVs are beginning to realize how essential embedded analytics are for competitive offerings. Read on to learn how embedded analytics can affect a wide swath of your offerings, improving everything from perceived value to time spent in the application.


  • How to stay secure during multi-cloud deployments

    In this Forrester Opportunity Snapshot, discover findings from organizations' approaches to the security implications of multi-cloud environments, as well as the benefits they saw with their approaches.


  • What are your options for web application security?

    How confident are you in your web application security? Many organizations are turning to cloud-based SaaS security platforms. These solutions are scalable, assess vulnerabilities, and scan continuously. With a SaaS security platform in your toolkit, your organization can face risks with confidence. Read this datasheet now to learn how.


  • The true impact of working anywhere: 4 strategies to keep up

    Inside, uncover the four strategic considerations your organization should be prioritizing to ensure your workforce has the means to work securely and productively wherever they are.


  • PortSys total access control: Risk-based access protection and more

    While all companies are concerned about security, those in the financial services industry are especially so. In this case study, learn how a financial services firm was provided risk-based security with PortSys Total Access Control.


  • WSUS vs. alternative patch management options

    Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) has its advantages over patching, but there are many alternative patching platforms on the market today that are designed to meet the needs of the modern workplace. Access this guide to learn if you should consider a WSUS alternative for your organization.


  • Protecting against modern password cracking

    This article in our Royal Holloway Security Thesis series explains just how insecure passwords are and offers advice on alternative methods of security.


  • Backup deduplication: a complete guide

    There are many elements to consider in picking the backup deduplication technology that fits best. How do zone-level and block-level deduplication compare? What about inline versus post-processing deduplication? What are the differences between deduplication and compression? Check out this complete e-guide to backup deduplication.


  • Vulnerability management: Expert analyst reveals misunderstandings

    There are 2 major misconceptions about vulnerability management. Learn what they are (and much more) in this Q&A with IDC Research Director Chris Kissel.


  • Demystify analytics in higher education

    Read this white paper to learn how data and analytics can change the way higher education institutions function, providing the overhaul these aging architectures are due for.


  • 4 industries at a heightened risk of cyber-attacks

    This webinar identifies 4 industries that are at a heightened risk of cyber-attacks, dissects the anatomy of an attack, and demonstrates how to defend your firm and your customers using AI.


  • The limitations of remote access VPNs

    Remote access VPN has been an enterprise network staple for years; however, enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud applications that are changing the requirements for security and networking. In this white paper, learn about the limitations of VPNs and how Prisma Access can help provide secure access to all applications.


  • Infographic: 2019 Europe IT Priorities - Digital Transformation

    In this infographic, we take a look at what stage of digital transformation companies across Europe are at, what the main drivers behind digital transformation are and which IT activities are being directly impacted by it. Survey results taken from the 2019 IT Priorities survey carried out by, and


  • Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to DevOps

    In this 15-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the control needed for continuous delivery, the challenges of DevOps adoption, and the barriers enterprises must clear


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to big data

    Companies are switching on to the advantages of big data. In this 13-pagebuyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at data analytics, how to get value out it and the benefits of process mining.


  • Security and Compliance Challenges in 2019

    There are an increasing number of people, devices and sensors that generate, communicate and share data via the internet. However, there are security and compliance concerns about the way that the data is being used. In this white paper, explore the challenges of using big data in ways that are secure, compliant and ethical.


  • Securing end of life Windows platforms

    Certain Windows platforms are expected to reach end of life (EOL) some time in 2020. When support ends, cyberattackers will look to expose vulnerabilities within these platforms. So, how can organizations ensure security of their windows platforms? Read on to find out.


  • Improve Digital Forensics and eDiscovery Efficiencies

    Learn how your security team can become more cost effective with digital forensics and eDiscovery.


  • Web Browser Security Features Make Attacks Harder

    This e-guide from explores the features Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome are developing that are making the job of the attacker much harder.


  • Office 365 security risks: 40-page e-book

    Although Microsoft has more control over Office 365 because it's hosted in their cloud, there are still gaps. There are risks. And these reside primarily in the areas of security, data assurance, continuity and backup/recovery. In this e-book, learn more about these risks and discover ways to mitigate them.


  • Why digital transformation is influencing storage decisions

    How are organizations meeting their storage availability goals in this DX era? Download this IDC report to find out. Inside, the third-party firm investigates how storage & data availability requirements are changing, how to set realistic availability targets, and more.


  • Why sales CRM tools are gaining traction

    For small businesses, aligning sales processes and training sales reps are business imperatives from the get-go. To take it one step further, small businesses are using sales CRM tools to shorten sales cycles, cut costs, and integrate sales, support, and messaging. Learn which CRM tools are at the forefront in this article.


  • Networking & Digital Transformation: ANZ

    What are the digital transformation trends driving major changes in enterprise networking strategy? In this guide, we look at the IoT and smart city initiatives currently taking off in Australia/New Zealand, look at how hyper-converged infrastructure can enhance networking capabilities and why more businesses are refreshing aging infrastructure.


  • Next Generation Data centre Index – Cycle III

    Organisations that are investing in key areas of IT and changing their mindset in the way they approach IT are well ahead of those just trying to save money,  say analysts Clive Longbottom and Bob Tarzey.


  • CW ASEAN: Trend Watch – Security

    Artificial intelligence tools are becoming a vital part of the security arsenal for organizations and cyber criminals alike. In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how ASEAN firms are using AI to combat cyber threats and experts discuss the latest smart cyber security tools.