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FAQ: VMware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID vGPU

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VDI for graphics-intensive workloads: A closer look

VDI and thin-client platforms have long offered a streamlined alternative for providing a quality user experience without incurring overbearing costs. However, limited graphical performance and client capabilities have historically hindered the scope of potential workloads – until now.

Inside this analyst report, take a closer look at the organizational benefits of thin client and VDI deployments across roles with varied graphics performance demands – and learn how vGPU technology can help spark workforce transformation.

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  • How to deliver secure, graphics accelerated workspaces

    Jump into this infographic to discover how Citrix’s Workspace Solution, coupled with NVIDIA GRID Virtual PCs and GPUs, can provide a secure modern workspace with accelerated graphics capabilities – meeting growing employee demand for increasingly dynamic and visually-intensive workstations.

  • Cloud Client-Computing options: An interactive overview

    Dell Cloud Client-Computing is comprised of an integrated portfolio of end-to-end client virtualization components including: endpoint devices, software and more.

    This interactive resource is designed to help you sort through the options and determine the best route for your organization with outlined use cases, benefits, features, integration options, and more.

    Click inside to explore your options and complete any virtualized or web-based infrastructure with optimal thin client endpoints that meet your budget and performance requirements.

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  • Top 10 reasons to upgrade to vSphere 6.7

    Building on the innovative features of its previous editions, VMware's vSphere 6.7 brings a renewed focus on scalability – be it in customer experience, operational efficiency, or time to market. Inside, take a closer look at the top ten reasons for upgrading to vSphere 6.7.


  • Guide: How to troubleshoot Citrix ICA/HDX

    Dive into this technical guide on Citrix ICA/HDX to learn about the components it’s built on, how it works, and how to effectively troubleshoot it. Based on firsthand experience and knowledge gained through thousands of hours of interaction, this guide will provide a useful reference point for navigating ICA/HDX architecture.


  • How to make use of AI-ready solutions for your AI or machine learning initiatives

    Read this white paper to learn how Dell EMC engineers can work with you to create AI-ready solutions that dramatically accelerate results for AI, machine and deep learning environments.


  • Build an infrastructure stack that's AI ready: Here's how

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  • 40-page guide to vSphere 6.7 upgrades

    In this 40-page eBook, find out everything you'll need to know when considering an upgrade to vSphere 6.7, including the three phases that comprise the upgrade process: pre-upgrade activities, mapping the upgrade, and upgrade completion.


  • Key requirements for a hybrid cloud strategy

    Download this whitepaper to learn some of the key requirements your organization must address when implementing a hybrid cloud strategy.


  • Supercomputers: prestige objects or crucial tools for science and industry ?

    Professor Hans Werner Meuer, co-founder of the Top500 supercomputer list, presents a critical assessment of high performance computing technology and applications.


  • Unleash your AI initiatives with the right infrastructure

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  • Under the hood of Dell’s OptiPlex 3070 micro series

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  • Make endpoint devise selection a breeze for healthcare

    In this CIO's guide to endpoint device selection in healthcare, discover how endpoint devises are uniquely suited to address specific healthcare needs and use cases. Review device requirements for 4 specific healthcare roles, and explore your software options with Lenovo.


  • Enhance VDI with hyperconverged infrastructure

    Download this solution brief to learn how you can transform your VDI with a hyperconverged platform with features like distributed scale-out architecture, advanced policy-based QoS and NVMe storage tier, and more, allowing you to build a cost-effective VDI solution that is simple to manage and scale.


  • Practical Deep Learning for Cloud & Mobile

    You may be surprised to discover just how graspable machine learning and deep learning algorithms really can be. Read this e-book preview for a glimpse into the deep learning universe using Keras—a powerful, easy-to-use framework with predictive analytics capabilities.


  • Complying with ISO 26262 in the automotive industry

    ISO 26262 is a functional safety standard used in the automotive industry that includes requirements for software development and design. In this whitepaper, learn how using a coding standard and a static code analyzer help organizations comply with ISO 26262 requirements.


  • How to meet coding requirements in the automotive industry

    For the automotive industry, it can be nearly impossible to properly test code. That’s why coding standards are so imperative to enforce the safety, reliability, and security of vehicles. Perforce examines how a static code analyzer can help organizations stay compliant with ISO 26262 requirements. Read more now.


  • CW ANZ: Keeping pace

    More Australian organisations are turning to business intelligence and analytics to simplify reporting requirements, even as adoption of such tools varies across the Asia-Pacific region. In this month's edition of CW ANZ, we take a look at areas where BI and analytics tools can have the most impact on business growth in Australia.


  • How to execute workplace transformation: A buyer’s guide

    By 2025, millennials and Gen Z workers will comprise over 75% of the workforce. Inside this booklet, learn why workplace transformation matters, not only to your current workforce, but to the generation of workers still to come – and what technology choices will make the biggest splash.


  • CW Issue: Innovation in the digital era

    This issue of Computer Weekly explores innovation in the digital era – from the role of software-defined networking in the datacentre, to quantum computing, and much more.


  • Benefits of SD-WAN: 3 real-world examples

    With today's dynamic workforce and expanding list of applications, enterprises are facing new network challenges at the branch. Explore 3 real-world examples of how SD-WAN is helping distributed businesses deliver secure, uninterrupted connectivity in this white paper.


  • How HCI is improving VDI deployments,

    Inside this white paper learn how a policy-based priority-aware hyperconverged infrastructure platform can help you achieve VDI success.


  • Why data science and IoT foster innovation in manufacturing

    Businesses will not be able to yield the full benefits of IoT integration without a better structure for their data and analytics—and this means mastering AI and ML too. Read this white paper to learn how to enable true innovation through data and IoT.


  • Red Hat OpenStack 101

    When considering an open source software, Red Hat OpenStack Platform a substantial toolbox of features, including automated update and upgrade capabilities, live migration, and access to Red Hat training and certification courses. Find out more in this Red Hat OpenStack Platform data sheet.


  • Computer Weekly – 31 July 2018: Learning digital government lessons from Estonia

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at one of the world's most digitally advanced nations, Estonia, and ask what the UK government can learn. We talk to Airbus about how aircraft manufacturers are prioritising cyber security. And we examine how AI and robots will augment – not replace – human productivity. Read the issue now.


  • Datacentre Management

    In this e-guide, we've pulled together some of the latest thinking on good datacentre management practice, while shining a light on the tools and technologies that are on the market (or in the pipeline) that can help enterprises run their facilities with greater ease and agility.


  • AI tools for software developers: Part Two

    The Computer Weekly Developer Network is in the engine room, covered in grease and looking for Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for software application developers to use. With so much AI power in development and so many new neural network brains to build for our applications, how should programmers 'kit out' their AI toolbox?


  • 29 pg. guide: Nutanix AHV cluster and scripting best practices

    Inside this 29-page eBook, learn best practices for running Oracle databases on Nutanix AHV clusters, as well as tips and ESXi settings recommendations for iSCSI, networking, Linux OS, and more.


  • In-depth examination of the AUTOSAR C++14 guidelines

    This paper delves into the AUTOSAR C++14 coding guidelines and examines how AUTOSAR differs from established coding standards. Access it here to learn if your team should adopt the AUTOSAR guidelines and how to transition from your existing coding standard.


  • How the automotive industry is improving software coding

    Vehicles now hold more electronic systems than ever before. The pace of development is accelerating, and so too is the need to integrate more functions and control units. Learn about the AUTOSAR coding guidelines in this whitepaper, which could make for a much smoother coding journey for your developers.


  • 6 HCI case studies and their outcomes

    Download this white paper which includes 6 case studies that demonstrate the varying ways businesses can architect hyper-converged infrastructure to meet their operational requirements.


  • Integrated Talent Management

    This Independent analyst perspective into the integrated talent management systems market from Elearnity assesses the leading talent management suppliers.


  • SOA Dos and Don’ts: Application Integration Tips For The CIO

    Gartner reports that markets aligned to data integration and data quality tools are on an upward swing, set to push IT spending to $38 trillion by 2014. In this E-Guide, learn tips for application integration strategies.


  • Precise capacity planning with GIB Planning

    Sales and Operations Planning is the cornerstone of supply chain.  Unfortunately, standard SAP lacks the tools and flexibility required. That’s where GIB Planning comes in. Learn about it in this brief product overview and find out how it can help you.


  • 21-page guide to using flash in the AI data pipeline

    This technical white paper describes a flash architecture that you can use as a centralized data hub for deep learning architectures, and that simplifies AI system building, scaling, and operating. Read on for the features that make this possible, system architecture and infrastructure components, and more.


  • Under the hood of the ThinkAgile HX series

    Jump into this white paper to learn how a new hyper-converged platform from Lenovo and Nutanix aims to streamline data center infrastructure, reducing TCO, increasing infrastructure reliability, and ultimately enabling ubiquitous virtualization across the entire infrastructure stack.


  • How AWS, Azure, and GCP are tackling hybrid cloud in 2019

    Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud all made hybrid cloud a priority in 2018 – so what's next? Jump into this E-Guide to see how each company's hybrid cloud strategies are expected to evolve over the course of 2019.


  • The hybrid cloud vendor landscape, explored

    The hybrid cloud has become the new normal for cloud methodologies, as it delivers better options for data storage than traditional solo-public cloud environments. Download this e-guide which walks-through the hybrid cloud landscape overviewing vendors options and more, giving you the necessary insights to start your hybrid cloud journey.


  • Running DevOps? You'll need these tips for automated web testing

    Anyone working in DevOps has undoubtedly heard of Selenium, a set of tools that allows you to automate web testing. Though Selenium is easy to get started with, many users run into trouble when the sheer volume of data produced is too much to keep up with. Access this whitepaper to learn 4 of the best tips for running Selenium for web testing.


  • Public safety's digital transformation journey: VR/AR, multi-cloud and more

    Click inside to take a closer look at the technology trends shaping public safety's digital transformation journey, including edge computing, multi-cloud, and even virtual and augmented reality.