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Datenverschlüsselung im und außerhalb des Unternehmens

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Meeting the demands of modern data management

Today’s organizations are in possession of more data than ever before, necessitating new means of storing, organizing, and utilizing data.

This product overview looks at Panzura CloudFS, a global file system purpose-built to meet the challenges of modern data management.

Download now to learn how Cloud FS transforms complex, multicomponent, and often multi-vendor environments into a singular, scalable, and efficient approach to data management.

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  • Jargon Buster Guide to Post Quantum Cryptography

    Post-quantum cryptography is appearing on a growing number of security-related conference agendas as a range of different countries invest in quantum computing and report progress in this regard because viable quantum computers pose a direct threat to most of the encryption systems currently used to protect the most sensitive information by governments and military and commercial organisations.

    The problem lies in the fact that most public key cryptography is based on asymmetric encryption systems that are based on complex mathematical problems that would even take a super computer a long time to solve. However, computers based on quantum mechanics will theoretically be able to able to carry out integer factorisation of very large prime numbers and compute discrete logarithms very quickly, allowing attackers to be able to discover the encryption keys for targeted systems.

    To ensure that extremely sensitive data held by governments and military and commercial organisations is still secure in a post-quantum era, when attackers will be able to access quantum computers, many experts in the field believe that organisations that rely on encryption to keep data safe should be investigating post-quantum alternatives already so that they are ready to switch to these systems as soon as they are necessary.

    The definitions and articles in this e-guide Jargon Buster will help you understand the key concepts of quantum computing and why businesses should be acting now to ensure they are able to encrypt sensitive data in a secure way in a post-quantum era.

  • DSP report: Top vendors, guidance & recommendations

    In the face of increasing threats to data security – phishing and malware attacks, poor data lifecycle management and inadequate auditing, to name a few – many organizations have employed a data security platform.

    Is your company considering doing the same? To guide your selection process, this KuppingerCole report:

    • Highlights 8 essential capabilities of such a platform
    • Compares leading vendors
    • And more

    Dig into the report to begin your evaluation journey.

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  • The exploitation of flaws in the HTTPS protocol

    For both technical and non-technical users, the presence of "HTTPS" in a website URL will provide confidence to consider entering sensitive information such as bank or credit card details. However, even websites owned by the most reputable organisations may be exposed to attack if HTTPS is not properly implemented.


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  • An introduction to quantum computing

    Quantum computing promises to revolutionise the capabilities of IT and take it to the next level beyond Moore's Law. But we're not there yet, and there is much to do before it reaches the mainstream. In this guide, we examine the challenges and opportunities of quantum computing.


  • Computer Weekly – 12 September 2023: The dangers of breaking encryption

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we detail the concerns of IT experts about the UK's Online Safety Bill's proposals to weaken end-to-end message encryption. Our buyer's guide continues to look at the issues around integrating SaaS applications, with a particular eye to the proliferation of SaaS during the Covid pandemic. Read the issue now.


  • A strategic approach to maintaining PCI DSS 4.0 compliance

    As PCI DSS 4.0 brings new compliance requirements, organizations need a streamlined approach to address them. This whitepaper outlines how Cloudflare's connectivity cloud can help you meet PCI DSS 4.0 with security, visibility, and automation. Read the full whitepaper to learn more.


  • Focus: Securing for the future

    2016 saw the rapid increase in the use of ransomware and a resurgence of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks using hijacked devices making up the internet of things (IoT) against a background of new and newly-reported breaches of personal information involving an ever-increasing number of online user accounts.


  • Preventing identity theft in a data breach

    In this e-guide, we will explore the links between ransomware attacks, data breaches and identity theft. First, Nicholas Fearn investigates the phenomenon of the double extortion attack, and shares some insider advice on how to stop them, while we'll explore the top five ways data backups can protect against ransomware in the first place.


  • A Security Assessment of Android Full-disk Encryption

    This article in our Royal Holloway Security Series describes an attack on Android 5.0 full disk encryption and discusses potential countermeasures.


  • Examining the Healthcare Industry's Potential for Confidential Computing

    Confidential computing will become key to protecting patient data as healthcare organizations seek to leverage cloud computing environments.


  • Cloud computing storage key management

    Jagat Paudel addresses key management in cloud computing storage in this thesis from our Royal Holloway security series.


  • 7 NAS encryption best practices to protect data

    NAS encryption helps organisations prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to confidential data. However, the process is complex and, if done incorrectly, can put sensitive data at risk. Here are seven NAS encryption best practices to protect your data.


  • 2 types of endpoint encryption to protect data

    Endpoint encryption can ensure data remains safe from unauthorized access when it is stored and transmitted to another endpoint. Two main approaches to endpoint encryption that companies can implement to protect data are full-disk encryption and file encryption.


  • Royal Holloway: Secure connected and autonomous vehicles - the long road ahead

    Advances in technology have led to  safety and comfort features being added to vehicles, with ambitious plans for driverless cars and other connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) systems being developed. This article looks at some of the requirements, constraints and challenges, including two areas of uncertainty: data and software updates.


  • Bolster signature-based malware detection with machine learning

    Discover how to enhance malicious code and behavior detection by combining signature-based detection with machine learning. Hear from experts Michael Cobb and Karen Scarfone about how to improve malware threat detection and 10 questions to ask endpoint security vendors.


  • Views from the c-suite: why endpoint management is more critical than ever before

    What were once your successful defense strategies have been outpaced by advancements in cyberthreats, leaving your endpoints vulnerable to attacks. So, how can you strengthen your endpoint security? By setting in motion 10 strategies for endpoint management. Dig into this white paper to unlock them.


  • 5-Step Ransomware Defense eBook

    Ransomware, once simply a nuisance strain of malware used by bad actors to restrict access to files and data through encryption, has morphed into an attack method of epic proportions. Read this e-book to find out what happens in your network when malware hits it, and how to build a ransomware defense strategy in 5 steps.


  • Managing 80 million user’s keys and data

    Managing the data of over 80 million users presents JAPAN with a number of challenges. By adopting HashiCorp Vault, JAPAN developed a high-availability system that incorporates the latest cryptographic technologies that Vault offers, while maintaining the functionality of the existing key management system. Read on to learn more.


  • Confidential computing: What it is and why it matters

    Today, with increased compliance and regulation, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive data throughout its lifecycle has never been more crucial. In this report, IDC explores the core concepts of confidential computing, and explores the important role it has to play in the future of data security. Read on to learn more.


  • Computer Weekly – 30 January 2024: Tech companies warn EU over encryption plans

    In this week's Computer Weekly, tech companies are calling on the European Commission to rethink plans to weaken internet encryption – we explore the issues. We talk to credit rating agency Moody's about why it thinks now is the time to invest in quantum computing. Read the issue now.


  • CW Nordics August 2018

    In April 2017, the Swedish capital Stockholm was the scene of a terrorist attack which saw a truck used as a weapon on a pedestrianised street. It left five people dead and 14 seriously injured.


  • Computer Weekly - 1 February 2022: How Ocado pushes technological boundaries

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to Ocado's CTO about how the e-commerce company pushes technological boundaries. Our latest buyer's guide looks at the importance and technical challenges of data integration. There's a growing dispute over the use of end-to-end encryption – we look at the differing perspectives. Read the issue now.


  • 5-Step Ransomware Defense Ebook

    To augment your ransomware defenses, download this e-book to learn about preparing for, preventing, detecting, remediating and recovering from ransomware attacks.


  • A guide to where mainframes fit in the cloud

    Far from being legacy IT, the mainframe is a driving force in modern computing. In this e-guide we look at its place in cloud computing.


  • Cyber Liability Insurance

    Like health insurance, cyber insurance is a line of coverage designed to mitigate losses from cyber incidents. This white paper looks at how cyber insurance can help in the case of a cyber incident, highlighting how security controls such as MFA and endpoint security can bolster the effects of insurance, and lower rates. Read on to learn more.


  • Print security: An imperative in the IoT era

    Analyst group Quocirca gives the perspective on the risks and best practices of print security.


  • CIO Trends #7: Nordics

    This e-guide features articles outlining how Norway's tax office is fighting economic crime through the use of the latest IT, why Nokia has been at the centre of an investigation following a blackmail scandal and what caused Visa's global payment system to go offline in June 2018.


  • The vulnerability of backup in a predominantly remote + cloud world

    Backup is fundamental to IT, but things have changed a lot recently. The pandemic has had a key impact in this. In this e-guide we look at the effects of the pandemic on backup, including the increased prevalence of remote working and use of the cloud.


  • Essential Guide: Securing hybrid IT infrastructure

    In this essential guide, we examine the key security considerations for infrastructure, networks, data and hybrid cloud.


  • Logi Bolt wireless technology at a glance

    Download this e-book to gain access to best practices and recommendations for optimizing the performance of Logi Bolt wireless products in your workplace environment.


  • $265 billion: The projected cost of ransomware in 2031

    According to McKinsey, ransomware costs are projected to reach a staggering $265 billion by 2031. This white paper will show you how Panzura Detect compliments the robust passive protections inherent in Panzura CloudFS. Read on to learn more.


  • CW Europe – September 2018: Costs stack up for Dutch government IT projects

    In this issue of CW Europe, we look at analysis by a Dutch newspaper which discovered that government-controlled IT projects in the Netherlands go over budget by 40%, on average. We also find out how Berlin's Digital Career Institute is building web skills among refugees and the unemployed across Germany.


  • 4 types of server hardware and their pros and cons

    Servers host applications, manage files and perform analytics. Any organization can benefit from the power and versatility that servers provide, but it can be difficult to know which types of server hardware to choose. In this infographic, we take a look into the major types of servers, their advantages and disadvantages.


  • MicroScope – October 2020: Get in touch with remote network security

    In this issue, find out how the security channel has been working to ensure the network safety of remote workers during the pandemic. Also read about how flash-based storage is being enhanced to include ground-breaking technology using helium and DNA, and discover how data is the key to encryption


  • Do cloud right with a unified platform for your entire digital estate

    According to a recent study, only 10% of organizations consider themselves to be truly cloud powered. So how can you get the most out of their cloud, and achieve a unified platform for your entire digital estate? Download this white paper to realize the full benefits of your cloud investments and access a blueprint for doing cloud right.


  • Quantum computing in action

    In this e-guide, we look at Finland and how state investment is being used in a milestone project involving public and private sector organisations to understand the applications of the technology. And we hear how Spanish bank BBVA is examining the complex financial problems that could be solved by quantum computing.


  • Accelerate machine learning innovation through security

    Read the Accelerate Machine Learning Through Security eBook to learn how security features from Amazon SageMaker and the AWS Cloud can help you go from idea to production faster.


  • Computer Weekly – 26 September 2023: Preparing for post-quantum cryptography

    In this week's Computer Weekly, our latest buyer's guide assesses the challenges for cryptography in the emerging era of quantum computing. Google Cloud experts explain how the internet giant is preparing its datacentres for a world of AI. And we examine the privacy, compliance and backup issues from generative AI. Read the issue now.


  • GDPR: Risk, opportunity and what it means for security professionals

    This article in our Royal Holloway information security series explains why GDPR is necessary, what it means for security professionals, and how they can approach GDPR in a positive way.


  • Data protection modernization strategies for healthcare

    Healthcare payers must safeguard data amidst rising costs and member demands. This report details security-first storage solutions for rapid data recovery, including ransomware recovery guarantees and container-level protection for cloud apps. Discover data protection modernization strategies.


  • Digital secure remote payment: How Apple Pay can change the future of remote payments

    Apple Pay introduces EMV cryptographic strength to remote payments for in-app payments on the iPhone and interconnected Apple devices. It has the potential to reduce card-not-present (CNP) fraud.


  • Buyer’s guide to ransomware resilience

    On average it takes 3.5 weeks for an organization to recover their operations after a ransomware attack. Can your organization afford such a setback? This white paper presents an in-depth buyer’s guide to ransomware resilience, highlighting the key criteria you need to look for in a potential offering. Read on to learn more.