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How to avoid storage management challenges that arise from VDI

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IT Handbook: Network Considerations for VDI

Many organizations are beginning the transition to virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) in optimizing virtualization technologies. However, before you begin your transition you must adequately prepare your network infrastructure for the dramatic increase in traffic. This expert handbook provides essential information on network resilience and redundancy along with key insights in the areas of support for rich media, bandwidth considerations, and network service and security to improve your transition to a VDI today.

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    Desktop virtualization is being adopted by more and more businesses that want to realize the benefits such as reduced support costs and centralized applications. Without the proper infrastructure, however, you risk increasing the time and money you’ll spend on your migration. Access this expert e-guide to learn how to assess your current IT infrastructure to ensure a streamlined VDI that won’t break your budget.

  • E-Guide: How to Determine if VDI is Right for your Company and Ways to Overcome Common Annoyances

    Even though the thought of virtual desktops has caught everyone's attention, the actual number of installations remains small. This expert e-guide from explains how organnzations can determine whether this technology is right for them by calculating the return on investment from VDI.

    Inside, find out how to overcome the most common VDI annoyances surrounding administration, failover, latency, and user profile management. And learn about one client hypervisor that stands out from the rest with its management features.

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    A remote desktop solution that manages multi-monitor high resolution graphics effectively can be difficult to find. Read on to learn how Penguin Computing’s Scyld Cloud Workstation does this and more, including offering hardware agnostic and expansive OS support, remote collaboration on shared desktops, and strong security features.


  • Top 8 reasons for edge vs. VDI

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  • VDI: Trinfinity vs. Citrix

    Creating a secure digital workspace as become essential with today’s remote workforce but finding a VDI vendor that addresses all of these necessities can seem daunting. Download this white paper to learn about a remote access technology features and capabilities.


  • Case study: How one leading HMO continued to support 1.4M members during lockdown

    During the COVID-19 lockdown in the Philippines, leading HMO Intellicare needed to empower its employees to continue providing service to its 1.4 million members. Download this case study to discover how they achieved those goals with VMware platforms.


  • E-Book: New Enterprise Desktop Chapter 3: Windows 7 Security: Strengths and Weaknesses

    Each new OS is touted as the “Holy Grail” of features that every IT pro has been waiting for. Windows 7 is no different. This chapter looks at the Windows 7 security features such as BitLocker and Action Center, and separates those that really count from those that sound better on paper.


  • Desktop virtualization: 3 reasons why

    Building and managing a secure, scalable infrastructure for employees working anywhere is a top-of-mind priority for desktop virtualization admins everywhere. View this infographic to learn 3 reasons why such a transformative move is necessary for success in the future of work.


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    Tap into this data sheet to learn about VMware Horizon and it how to can help meet your mission-critical desktop and app delivery needs.


  • How to Attain a Local-Like Experience For Remote GPU Applications

    Remote access doesn’t have to come at the expense of performance, and it also doesn’t mean you need to embrace a minimalist user experience. In this paper, see how you can attain fluid experience for your users, even for remaining heavyweight applications, no matter where the users are located. Open now to learn more.


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    The use of cloud infrastructure for apps and services of every type continues to grow. In fact, 92% of organizations are using the cloud and 55% are using multiple cloud services. Open up this blog post to learn more about how you can optimize digital workspaces, DaaS, and the employee experience by embracing the cloud.


  • Case study: How a digital workspace powered a future-ready workforce for air ambulance organization

    Air ambulance operations can’t be disrupted with unexpected challenges. In this case study, learn how VMware Workspace ONE enabled Angel MedFlight to continue transporting patients during the company-wide shift to remote work. Access it here.