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Building an Android App using MobileData Cloud

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A Mobile Application Management Primer for IT

While allowing your users to bring their own devices into the workplace, they are getting harder than ever to control and manage. In this E-Guide from, uncover why it might be time to upgrade from mobile device management (MDM) to Mobile Application Management (MAM) to ensure that your users, their devices, and corporate applications and data remain safe.

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    In a B2B or B2C context, mobile application development is no longer focused on creating apps for isolated devices. Instead, development is shifting to favor fully integrated platforms for multi-channel app development.

    With a flexible, customer-based approach, Mendix’s platform offers multiple paths for mobile app development, including a bi-directional exchange of data, and a scalable infrastructure to help your business’ development and delivery.

    To learn more about how to use the Mendix App Platform for mobile app development, read the white paper now.

  • Webcast: Rapid, reusable mobile app development

    Companies need to develop applications faster than ever. In turn, developers are inundated with code writing and have little time to focus on more strategic business initiatives.

    Rapid, reusable application development can help ease this burden on developers, allowing IT to get apps up and running quickly, and easily – without writing code.

    Tune into this demo to learn how a fully reusable mobile application development platform uses automated workflows, feature-rich forms, integration and analytics to help get mobile apps up to speed quickly.

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