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E-guide: How to evaluate and deploy flash storage technology

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E-Guide: Expert Advice for Evaluating SSD Sharing Options

The ability to share storage has prompted the demand to share embedded-server SSDs with more than one server. Until recently, this capability didn't exist—now not one but two solutions are available.

This e-guide examines the benefits and tradeoffs of each approach and offers expert advice for choosing between them. Find out which option is particularly well suited for virtualized ecosystems and learn about the latest innovations in the server-based flash marketplace. Read on now to learn more.

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    Solid-state storage in arrays has changed from an impractical, high-end feature to a performance-boosting option that's widely available. As such, there are more options on the market - so, more opportunities for confusion or a misinformed purchase.

    Check out this exclusive Essential Guide to get an expert, hype-free explanation of solid-state storage arrays - including key purchasing considerations, architectures and deployment options, and a buyer's feature checklist.


  • Best Practices for Deploying SSD

    Solid state is making a name for itself throughout today's storage market - with emerging SSD solutions enabling organizations to realize better price/performance ratios than ever before, SSD adoption is on the rise.

    Check out this E-Brief for best practices and key considerations regarding SSD purchase and deployment. Learn the basics of solid state storage, determine if SSD is a good fit for your company and learn the keys to success before implementing. Read to learn:

    • Differences between SSD and hard disk drives
    • The introduction of 3D NAND flash
    • SSDs impact on deduplication
    • Key considerations for rice/performance

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