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Building BI Dashboards: What to Do - and Not Do

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Deploying cloud analytics: 5 top benefits explained

There are significant advantages to deploying cloud-based analytics, including:

  • Shorter time to value
  • Cost savings from cloud migration
  • Flexibility
  • Elasticity

That’s why it’s no surprise that 78% of organizations are planning to increase the use of cloud for business intelligence and data management in the next 12 months, according to a survey by BARC.

Learn more about cloud analytics and explore the value of transitioning your platform to the cloud in this white paper.

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  • How to build and integrate analytics into your apps

    In this increasingly data-driven business world, the most competitive companies are those that have insight into their data – leading to a spike in demand for delivering pre-packaged analytical apps.

    This e-book acts as a guide for software vendors looking to embed analytics into their apps and deliver new insights to their customers.

    Learn how to integrate and launch your own unique analytic app and find out how you can:

    • Set goals and objectives for building your analytics offering
    • Fill in critical skills gaps
    • Select the right analytics tools and integrate them into your platform
    • Perform prototype and beta testing
    • And more 

  • 4 problems with today’s traditional dashboard analytics

    It can’t be expected that the average worker regularly break away from their workflow to seek out separate business intelligence tools for the data insights they need.

    Instead, imagine a free-form dashboard that can be customized with the actionable data that users need—without any additional report building.

    Read this white paper to find out how modern business intelligence dashboards deliver user-tailored insights and automated, actionable insights.

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  • Self-service analytics: How IT can enable users

    This white paper explores how to move towards modern, self-service analytics. Find out how to balance user demands for access to relevant data with IT control so that you can create a collaborative partnership between IT and LOB users that accelerates analytic workflows.


  • How to make better, faster business decisions

    Relying on dashboard analytics could be slowing down your BI initiatives. Dashboards are limited in the insights they find—they can only deliver what they’ve been asked to look for. Imagine, instead, if you could automatically analyze all your business data and avoid dashboards completely—read this white paper to learn more.


  • How to choose the best embedded analytics solution

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    Transitioning to a self-service BI model requires IT to adopt a collaborative approach. In this evaluation guide, review 5 key areas for evaluating BI and analytics platforms and how each one of these areas impacts IT/BI professionals vs. information consumers vs. content creators.


  • Your guide to self-service BI and analytics

    Self-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics empowers non-technical users throughout an organization to autonomously access, interact with, share, and operationalize insights. Discover how Information Builders has had success in self-service BI and analytics in this ebook.


  • Why choose operational BI?

    Dive into this ebook to learn about operational BI, what it does and how it works, along with Information Builders success with it.


  • Why you should democratize your data analytics

    In the case of GE Aviation, they were able to boast innovative new products and huge efficiency boosts by implementing a self-service analytics solution—ensuring that all business efforts could be quantified at scale. Read this case study to learn how.


  • Enable better data & better analytics with embedded BI

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  • Report: 30-page guide to embedded analytics

    For decades, business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools have failed to penetrate more than 25% of an organization, but embedded analytics is changing that figure. In this 30-page report on embedded analytics, learn the steps to defining an analytics project, selecting an embedded product, and building and sustaining the application.


  • Benefits of using Tableau for your modern BI needs

    The demand for data is growing, which means an increasingly competitive business intelligence and analytics market. However, with so many different business intelligence and analytics products out there, choosing one is difficult. Read this product overview to learn more about Tableau.


  • DataOps: Use cases, implementation, and pitfalls to avoid

    DataOps isn’t something that can be rolled out overnight. On the contrary, it is a journey that requires teams to continuously search for new ways to cut wasted effort, streamline steps, automate processes, and increase output. Read the analyst report to learn more about DataOps, from origins and challenges to implementation.


  • Self-service analytics: 8 things you need to know before starting

    This white paper gives you 8 essential criteria for implementing self-service analytics in your organization. Discover how you can empower your business end users to tap into in-depth insights, driving more informed business moves and increasing visibility into valuable datasets.


  • Helping a health sector BI specialist grow its share of the market

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  • BI and analytics: 5 ways to increase participation across your business

    In this white paper, discover 5 ways to promote the adoption of BI and analytics across your organization. Plus, learn about some of the potential benefits of doing so.


  • The top 5 worst practices in business intelligence

    When it comes to implementing BI tools, even the best-run businesses in the world can make common missteps that lead to lukewarm BI performance. This paper explores the 5 "worst practices" that contribute to poor BI deployments. Discover negative impacts from a technology and a business perspective, and learn how to avoid them.


  • Debunking 7 common BI & analytics myths

    Many businesses hesitate to make the switch to modern BI platforms due to several common misconceptions. This resource attempts to debunk 6 common BI and analytics myths and highlights important criteria for selecting a modern BI platform.


  • How GE Aviation restructured for self-service analytics

    Read this white paper to learn the story of GE Aviation, a company that has been able to implement data at a large enough scale to empower the entire organization in its day-to-day processes—delivering huge ROI and efficiency improvements.


  • Governed self-service analytics: Create and share insights securely

    How do you meet the need for self-service analytics while also ensuring a high standard of data governance, trust, security, and monitoring? Download this white paper to learn the 4 key steps to successfully deploying governed self-service analytics across your whole organization.


  • Data visualization: 101

    To create meaningful data visualizations, there are some important basics you need to know. Read this white paper to find out what they are.


  • The Power of a Data to Everything Platform

    Read this white paper for 3 key questions to ask before devising a strategy to conquer your data, and then advice to gain unprecedented visibility into your successfully designed data flows—future-proofing your organizational architecture.


  • Embedded analytics in healthcare: Insights to improve patient care

    Embedded analytics in healthcare systems can bring insights to clinical, financial and operational departments that lead to reduced costs, optimized processes and high-quality care. Read this white paper for more information on Qlik embedded analytics to discover if it could be the analytics solution for you.


  • 2 key components of a data-driven business

    Gartner says self-service analytics and BI users will produce more analysis than data scientists will by 2019. Read this extensive guide for all the pitfalls, how-tos and whys in perfecting a data-powered business.


  • Benefits of embedded analytics: Quick reports, innovative features

    As a global fintech organization, UnderwriteMen needed to be able to provide detailed data insights to insurers as part of their reinsurance process. Download this case study to explore the numerous capabilities UnderwriteMe gained when they decided to use an embedded analytics platoform.


  • A brief guide to innovating tax with analytics

    With the tax function sitting as one of the largest consumers of data in most organizations—processes need to scale for growth. Read this white paper to learn how to build an analytics competency in tax by use of visualized workflows and self-service analytics.


  • How to deliver a real-time view of data to your entire organization

    Read this case study to learn about Trainline, Europe's leading independent train travel platform, and how they opened up their entire organization to self-service analytics—vastly improving marketing knowledge and acquisition.


  • 30 ways to use Splunk in financial services

    Read this white paper for 30 ways to use Splunk's real-time analytics capabilities to protect your financial services from revenue-threatening disruption.


  • IoT and Big Data in the real world

    IoT and Big Data are having substantial effects on "Smart Cities". Read this white paper to learn how these technologies are helping to develop urban environments.


  • Kodak enhances visibility with BI platform

    With BI and embedded analytics technology, Kodak is able to craft beautiful dashboards that are easily understood by technical and non-technical operators for full production and performance visibility. Find out more by downloading this case study.


  • Build production-ready predictive analytics

    After analyzing results from a recently done survey, Dataiku isolated four different ways companies are dealing with data science production today, and compiled a series of recommendations on how to build production-ready data science projects. Read on for more details.


  • How 8 businesses make insights out their machine data

    Progressive organizations are turning mountains of machine data into unique business insights—in real-time. Read this white paper to learn how several big names in business are turning their machine data and analytics strategies into huge profit.


  • Computer Weekly – 19 April 2016: The hunters who prey on cyber criminals

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to the hunters – a new breed of security expert that proactively hunts down cyber attackers. We visit Silicon Valley to meet some of the up-and-coming startups in data analytics. And we hear from IT leaders about the people, process and cultural aspects of managing digital transformation. Read the issue now.


  • How to build revenue-generating data projects from the ground up

    Data should not be viewed as something that flows into the company only for the sake of drawing insights. Read this case study to learn how LINK Mobility Group, a leading provider of mobile communications, turned their massive data streams into a product.


  • What you want in embedded CRM analytics

    Read this white paper to learn what you should be looking for in an embedded analytics solution—and why.


  • How self-service analytics and machine learning bring you closer to enterprise AI

    Read this white paper to learn about a centralized data platform that can help expedite data analytics journeys by delivering self-service opportunities and machine learning intelligence at scale.


  • How to discover hidden value in organizational data

    Read this white paper to find out how—by partnering with Domo—you can embrace a data architecture that compliments pre-existing IT investments, while still delivering all the benefits that come with widely accessible data.


  • Innovative business technologies in a converging world

    This independently researched report investigates converging business technologies, including cloud computing, big data analytics and business intelligence.


  • 5 considerations for evaluating an embedded approach to analytics

    Taking an embedded dashboard (or citizen data scientist) approach to analytics can be hugely beneficial to organizations seeking to get the biggest ROI from their analytics investments. Read this checklist for 5 considerations when evaluating an embedded approach to analytics


  • 8 areas business process automation should cover

    In this white paper, explore plethora frequently asked questions about business process automation across 8 key areas, including: workflow tools and features, integration and data security, mobile, and 5 more.


  • 9 top enterprise insight providers and how they stack up

    In this 21-criterion evaluation of enterprise insight platforms (EIPs), which combine data management, analytics, and insight application development tooling, Forrester identifies the 9 most significant players in the market and scores them. Use this research paper for help deciding which EIP provider can best meet your own unique needs.


  • Use cases for predictive analytics and ML across several industries

    Splunk has prepared a massive collection of case studies to show how a singular dashboard with built-in machine learning (ML) technologies can have a positive effect on any company in any industry. View these case studies now if you have any reservations at all regarding ML and data analytics effectiveness in your industry.


  • Get inspired by these 9 analytics stars who are rocking the world with insights

    Although we live and work in a world with an overabundance of data—quick access to information and insights can be impossible if you struggle with a lack of resources, budget, and basic data prep and blend. Read this e-book for help becoming a data disruptor in your field—with advice from 9 data analytics stars.


  • The 5 Forces Building the Next Data Wave

    View this white paper to explore the 5 forces building the next data wave. Review how these 5 forces can help unite your organization's data and business goals, and learn what you can do to catch the next big wave in business transformation.


  • How Gatwick Airport improved the passenger experience

    A particular airport with the single busiest runway in the world was in dire need of increased efficiency to improve passenger experiences. Read this case study to find out how a new cloud-based data platform helped them predict passenger flow and keep flights on time.


  • How Yelp improved CX with Splunk for business

    Well-known business-rating website Yelp needed to ensure a great customer experience by improving website uptime, quickly delivering application features to customers, and providing better real-time customer insights for actions. Learn how they deployed Splunk to help with their challenges, and discover the benefits they've realized.


  • IoT in APAC

    In this e-guide, read more about Schneider Electric's experience with IoT in Indonesia, how Australia's Citic Pacific Mining is using the technology to track vehicles, and what the industry is doing to address IoT challenges in area such as security.


  • BI solution comparison sheet: Yellowfin BI vs Tableau Server and more

    3rd parties like G2 Crowd can help you compare top BI solutions (such as Yellowfin BI, Microsoft Power BI, and more) via unbiased reviews and user-based ROI projections—read this user satisfaction ratings sheet now for just that.