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Enterprise File Sync and Sharing Solutions: An In-Depth Comparison of Key Market Players

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Social, mobile, analytics, and cloud: IT challenges in Asean nations

An increasingly tech-savvy Asean population, especially among the younger, more urban demographics, is driving IT teams to look at challenges in a new way so they can keep up with the demand.

Changes will have to be made to how IT approaches all things social, mobile, analytics and cloud (known collectively as SMAC). IT goals should be oriented towards smarter products, faster deployments, better testing, automation and more.

In this e-zine, explore the challenges facing IT in Asean nations and markets. Find out how some companies are already speeding up product launches, adapting to the modern startup ecosystem, and creating new data center designs.

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  • How IT leaders are approaching workload distributions

    The malleability and scalability of the cloud can be perfect for some applications – but not all. The critical, sensitive workloads that run core business operations require the security and management capabilities that only physical data centers can provide.  But how can you know where to draw the line?

    Read more to learn about the steps IT leaders are taking to optimize their workload distributions and the tactical drivers behind their decisions. Plus, get insights into the cost and efficiency benefits that consumption-based IT services can bring data centers searching for a way to replicate a cloud experience.   

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  • Office 365 data protection: What does it take?

    According to Microsoft, Office 365 is gaining 2.5 million active users a month. With this rapid growth comes key questions from your peers – namely, what, exactly, does Office 365 offer and how do you properly protect this new environment?

    This e-book is designed to help you explore the tools and features of Office 365 from both a user and administrator perspective. Then, read on to learn how you can mitigate the risk to your platform by:

    • Discovering the 4 key areas for security concern
    • Understanding the importance of adopting a secondary data archiving system
    • Learning how a backup or disaster recovery service can help
    • And more

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