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PowerEdge VRTX – Simplicity, Efficiency and Versatility for ROBO and Small Office IT.

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Choosing the Right Hardware Ingredients

Choosing the right hardware for your data center requires a careful examination of the various infrastructure approaches. Whether a simple, yet expensive rollout of converged hardware or a more flexible approach with multiple vendors works best for your organization will depend on size, technical requirements, staff expertise, and, of course, budget.

In this exclusive handbook, experts explore the various options, from choosing a single hardware source to opting to customize through multiple vendors and offer insights on how to approach such decisions and how to think about simplicity versus flexibility.

Read on and you’ll also examine the idea of vendor lock-in in the context of availability and server architectures.

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  • Definitive Guide to Business-Critical Apps and Databases on Nutanix Cloud Platform

    Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is emerging as the best choice to address enterprise application challenges. A survey from 451 Research noted that 62% of respondents use or plan to use HCI, with database and data warehousing as the number one workload.

    This e-book presents a guide to hosting business-critical applications and data on Nutanix Cloud Platform, analyzing its many benefits through a series of case studies, including organizations such as:

    • Sakra World Hospital
    • RBL Bank
    • The Lenoir City Utilities Board (LCUB)
    • And more

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  • What you need to know about DCIM tools

    The definition of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools varies, but the nature of these tools is to give you deeper insight into your IT infrastructure and facilities. Do not fall for the hype that DCIM tools are only for large enterprises that need to automate their operations.

    It doesn't depend on your size, but on how your admins run their operations, concerns about reliability, and whether your operations can be more efficient.

    This e-guide gives you an understanding of:

    • DCIM overall
    • How to incorporate the tools into your organization
    • Their impact on modern data centers
    • And more

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