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E-Guide: Key Considerations for Creating a Hybrid Cloud

The goal of hybrid clouds is that as you run out of capacity in the private cloud, you can quickly reach out to the public cloud to get the resources that you need to operate your business, providing a balance between private and public clouds. In this e-guide from, discover key considerations for creating a hybrid cloud for your organization. Learn why it is important to keep in mind data security, hypervisor usage, and cloud management. Also, find out how to identify applications that can be moved to the public cloud to optimize capacity in the private cloud.

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  • e-Guide: Cloud computing myths and tips

    Many organisations are making plans to leverage private cloud computing but are unsure where to begin and the right steps to take. Luckily, this expert e-guide reviews the essential building blocks for this advanced model so you can ensure a successful transition.  Discover how to leverage cloud computing alongside virtualisation and learn about the various options you have. Also, explore the most common cloud misconceptions and uncover the truth about this technology.

  • Private Cloud Computing E-Zine Vol. 2, No. 3: Consumerization and the Cloud; Cloud Management

    Though making the cloud work for your organization involves jumping multiple hurdles and coordinating strategies across multiple departments, the eventual payoff of cloud computing is well-worth the effort.

    This expert e-zine explores technical and human challenges that your organization may encounter while implementing the cloud, and offers advice for overcoming them. Discover the best way to pick and choose your cloud management tools, 10 steps to preparing and building a private cloud, and how to leverage the cloud for identity management.  

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    The first edition of Cloud Computing Review tackles the big questions about cloud computing, such as does the cloud really save you money? Find out about the hidden costs of cloud, as well as what you should pay attention to in cloud contracts. Plus, explore the link between enterprise applications and the cloud through a detailed case study.


  • AWS certification: Worth the effort?

    AWS certifications may be very in right now, but will having one really benefit your career search or your role in your organization? And if you do decide to pursue one, which certification types have the most street cred? Complete a survey on your organization's cloud infrastructure and our brand new guide on AWS Certifications will be all yours!


  • How should our team manage data stored in the cloud?

    This informative e-guide reveals expert tips for cloud managers to ensure that the provider's management tools mesh well with your enterprise's needs. Learn why you should look for management features beyond security controls for effective cloud storage.


  • Begin your cloud journey with an end-to-end transformation solution

    CIOs and IT Directors are responsible for driving business objectives by spearheading digital transformation and other key initiatives, like adopting and leveraging cloud technologies. Ensono helps make that adoption easier, with their end-to-end cloud transformation solution. Learn how you can get started in this product brief.


  • Ovum: Cloud Computing - 10 tips for IT departments and suppliers

    10 tips for successful cloud computing provided by Ovum.


  • What to do about today’s cloud skills shortage

    Tune into this webcast to look at the top reasons more companies are leveraging managed service providers to fill the cloud skills shortage and examine the top benefits an MSP can bring to a rapidly changing IT environment.


  • Trends to watch: Reimagine a cloud-based CSP

    CSPs are accelerating their digital transformation across all segments of their business—and cloud is critical. But what trends are top of mind? How do you find opportunities to simplify and reduce complexity? How can you respond to get ahead? Find out in 2021 Trends to Watch: Telecoms Operations and IT report and build the CSP of the future now.


  • Virtual Data Center E-Zine Volume 32: Public vs. Private: Comparing Cloud Architectures

    Before committing to a public or private cloud architecture, evaluate the benefits and especially the tradeoffs associated with each. Also in this issue, determine what needs are most important when planning your virtual applications, and find out how to monitor the performance of applications in the cloud.


  • How to measure and cut AWS costs

    This expert e-guide explores different cost management tools for Amazon Web Services (AWS) so that you can track, manage, and cut costs effectively.


  • CW+: The Open Group: Strengthening your business case for using cloud

    With the rapid emergence of technologies, it is important for business executives and stakeholders to focus on the real business challenges and the needs of the enterprise. This White Paper provides a high-level depiction of real-world business problems that were addressed using Cloud computing.


  • CW+: The Open Group: Cloud buyers’ requirements questionnaire

    This White Paper describes a questionnaire that will help you identify your requirements for Cloud computing in a structured way, so that you can more easily reach the best solution.


  • CW+: The Open Group: Building return on investment from cloud computing

    This White Paper presents the initial conclusions from The Open Group on how to build and measure Return on Investment (ROI) from Cloud Computing. It was produced by the Cloud Business Artifacts (CBA) project of The Open Group Cloud Computing Work Group.


  • CW+: Study: The economic benefits of cloud to business and the economy (part II)

    This is a summary of  Part Two  of Cebr’s report, The Cloud Dividend. The research involved an independent study to quantify the economic benefits of cloud computing to business and to Europe’s five largest economies’ (in alphabetical order, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK).


  • Container adoption considerations for your organization

    Read Multi-cloud management: Necessity or vendor hype? to see how your competitors are getting the easiest monitoring and management out of their multi-cloud strategies, and see if a multi-cloud management tool makes sense for you.


  • The 6 cloud cost optimization strategies you need

    In this guide, explore 6 key strategies for cloud cost optimization in your organization, so your team can benefit from long-term planning in the short-term. Access this guide by taking our quick survey here.


  • Explore top hybrid cloud management tools

    Hybrid cloud management tools are still young, and it can be difficult to break through the vendor hype surrounding each of them to uncover which will fit best with your unique workloads. In this guide, sort through our experts' analysis of hybrid cloud management tools from AWS, Azure, VMware, and more, and find the top tool for your needs.


  • The business value of VMware Cloud on AWS

    By the end of 2021, most enterprises will put a mechanism in place to accelerate their shift to cloud-centric digital infrastructure—shifting twice as fast as before the pandemic. Find how to best prepare for this speed in this IDC report, which explores the business value of running applications on VMware Cloud on AWS. Read the report here.


  • Overview of Office 365

    This exclusive webcast details the key features of Microsoft Office 365 and will help you work through the implementation process.


  • Cloud cost management and optimization vendors

    Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals should download this Forrester Wave report from Q4 2020 to evaluate 8 cloud cost management and optimization (CCMO) vendors. Read now to see how each provider measures up so that you can select the right solution for your needs.