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Cloud Computing Cost-Saving with a Hybrid Model

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How industry specialists are tackling the challenges of cloud migration

Migrating to the cloud poses many potential benefits to modern enterprises, but many are hesitant to pull the trigger. The roadblocks to hybrid IT can seem complicated, or even insurmountable, when an organization first starts down their path towards migration.

Fortunately, streamlining your organization's transition towards true hybrid IT is easier with the help of specialists. In this webinar, industry experts discuss the essentials of hybrid IT, as well as analyzing the most common roadblocks modern businesses face.

Check out this webinar for expert insight and advice on your organization's path toward true hybrid IT.

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  • Destination IaaS open hybrid cloud

    Red Hat provides enterprises with the software they need to deliver these types of capabilities in a rapid deployment. Although Red Hat offers simple packaged software for IaaS private clouds in Cloud Forms and Red Hat OpenStack, behind those products lies a complex suite of technologies which make it unique. This website reviews the technologies and capabilities Red Hat uses for delivering IaaS across the physical, virtual, private cloud, and hybrid cloud layers of cloud.

  • How the cloud and legacy systems are fusing in the insurance sector

    Many insurers find themselves racing to the cloud in an attempt to modernize their services, comply with regulation, and shift IT from an additional cost to a valuable business role. Yet many of these companies have an extensive amount on-prem mainframe assets that represent years of investment and IT efforts.

    Most business aren’t abandoning these resources, however. Instead, they are shifting them to augment their cloud capabilities and create a hybrid cloud system that is optimized for their business model.

    Read this white paper to learn about the state of cloud computing in the insurance sector, and how it might evolve in the coming year.

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    Too often, hybrid cloud environments are also known for creating complexity and operational friction. This white paper will help you understand how HPE’s GreenLake platform helps you to break through the challenges of hybrid cloud services across the edge, colocation facilities, and data centre. Read on to learn what HPE’s hybrid cloud looks like.


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    Digital transformation can have massive impacts on all parts of your organization, but many transformation attempts fail to address manual workflows, re-platforming and the challenge of shifting company culture. To address these critical elements, explore the benefits of a unified hybrid multicloud management platform like Nutanix in this e-book.


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    As business requirements change, IT managers need a way to leverage the cloud and offer reliable resources that get the job done. Introducing VMware Horizon, a scalable, flexible platform that offers the resiliency needed to meet change head-on.Learn more about VMware Horizon through key business cases in this white paper.