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The Information Paradigm Shift: Redefine Your Competitive Advantage

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10 reasons you should implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has certainly arrived, and the decision to adopt the technology is becoming paramount for all business leaders in order to automate redundant business processes. Organizations striving to remain competitive simply cannot ignore it.

Check out this whitepaper to learn the top 10 reasons your organization should implement RPA.

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  • 8 areas business process automation should cover

    Business process automation seems beneficial enough for everyone who wants to adopt it. But when it comes to determining which of many vendor offerings is right for you, it can feel like comparing apples to oranges.

    In this white paper, explore a range of frequently asked questions about business process automation across 8 key areas, including:

    • Workflow tools and features
    • Integration and data security
    • Mobile
    • And many more

  • Moving on From Lotus Notes

    According to recent Harvard Business Review data, 81% of organizations rate process automation as important to their future success.

    This webcast explores how to automate business processes easily using a single platform designed to help you:

    • Integrate processes and data across departments
    • Make apps open to mobile compatibility
    • Create rich forms and automated workflows
    • Update Lotus Notes technology
    • And more

    Find out how to reduce your reliance on manual business processes, and discover how to easily connect workflows – regardless of whether they stem from CRM, ERP, Salesforce, SharePoint, HR, or even legacy systems. 

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  • CW+: Analyst's take: The benefits of third-party SAP and Oracle support

    Organizations running mature SAP or Oracle applications experience significant ongoing savings from third-party support.  Nucleus found Rimini Street customers can reduce their annual license maintenance fees by at least 50 percent and avoid upgrade costs while extending the value of their software investment.


  • 4 perks of an SAP data migration

    Download this white paper to learn about the SAP Advanced Data Migration (ADM) application by Syniti, which is designed to reduce the costs, complexity, and risk of migrating your data to SAP S/4HANA.


  • 5 takeaways from the SAP ECC6 2025 deadline

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  • The role orchestration plays in DevOps automation

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  • Which software automation testing tools is right for you?

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  • Analyst: 6 takeaways on intelligent monitoring

    To achieve your digital transformation project with speed and success, you need to do one thing: understand your data and know how to use it. Download this Forrester Analyst report that gets into six key takeaways on how intelligent monitoring and analytics is foundational during transformation.


  • How much faster can serverless infrastructure make your development process?

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  • Analyst's take: Siemens PLM software cuts costs and boosts innovation for packaged goods industry

    Siemens product lifecycle management (PLM) software for the consumer packaged goods and food and beverage industries enables companies to optimize package design and accelerate innovation while reducing costs.


  • Webinar: IT’s overdue DevSecOps pit stop

    When DevOps came to the IT scene, organizations rushed toward adoption. Now, we’re realizing that in that rush, IT overlooked some crucial security measures. In this webinar, Forrester and WhiteHat experts explore how to hit the brakes and assess your DevOps security strategy. Watch the webinar here.


  • Robotic Process Automation: APAC and ANZ 2019 Market Report

    Inside this report, discover how APAC and ANZ organizations like your own are staying ahead of RPA trends, including a look into the tools they're using, the challenges they're facing, and how they're tackling shifts in the digital workforce as a result.


  • Can low-code help with insurance regulations?

    In insurance, applications must be adaptable and fast – ready for any regulation change, customer need, or business innovation. In this guide, find out how a low-code development platform speeds up the application development process so that both customer and developer demands are met. Read the guide now to learn more.


  • 6 ways manufacturers can get ahead of competitors

    IDC forecasts that by 2020, to increase speed, agility, efficiency, and innovation, 80% of manufacturers will need to extensively restructure, placing data at the center of their processes. Download this guide to review the 6 areas of process manufacturing to prioritize as you plan your strategy for the future.


  • 3 roadblocks that are slowing your testing process

    To help speed your apps through the testing process, you may want to consider continuous testing. Learn how you can automate your testing process in this whitepaper, as well as three of the most common roadblocks to achieving continuous testing and how to overcome them.


  • 3 steps to personalized selling in the age of the buyer

    Download this white paper to help you understand: Your business developers' data needs. Best practices for integrating intent data sources into existing sales workflows. Steps for proving the value of personalization


  • Getting AWS cloud costs down by 18%, explained

    High-capacity data usage puts strain on your infrastructure, which can cripple your data access speeds for slower project completion. Open up this case study and hear from Yewno’s head of infrastructure/DevOps to see how they were able to get cloud costs down 18%.


  • 6 tips for maximizing Agile speed

    Download this white paper to get 6 tips for maximizing your Agile KPIs, and identify some bottlenecks in your Agile process that you can improve today.


  • How to drive DX with smart data migration in the cloud

    Data-driven business models support critical processes—and data migrations are essential for your journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise. With a cloud-based solution featuring powerful machine learning integration, businesses can improve and speed up data migration initiatives and ensure data quality.


  • Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) buyer's guide

    Read this whitepaper to learn why integration platform as a service (iPaaS) may work for your organization, and speed integration between your disparate data and applications.


  • Appian vs. IBM vs. Pega: Process automation analysis

    In this research report from BPM, explore business process management vendor costs, benefits, and differences. Gain a better understanding of leading vendors including Appian, IBM, and Pega, and decide which business process management vendor is right for your organization.


  • "Why invest in HCI?" and 19 other questions answered

    This e-book will answer the top 20 questions people like you have posed about HCI, so download it here for the answers to all of your queries and to see for yourself if HCI is a good fit for your enterprise.


  • Automating GRC processes to improve business growth

    Learn about ServiceNow's GRC process transformation. Discover how they've moved from a time-consuming, siloed manual work approach, to a connected and automated process that supports their growth.


  • Why your documents are stuck in the 90s

    The bad news is that your competitors have already modernized their document creation process, and there is no more time to waste. Read this white paper to find out how you can get started on your document digital transformation today—and why you should.


  • 5 reasons to consider low-code development

    With the emergence of low-code some development teams carry skepticism about its ability to fit their methods. Use this webcast to see 5 reasons your development teams could benefits from low-code tools, whether you’re running an Agile or DevOps development process.


  • 100 IT procurement managers reveal their secrets

    Jump inside this 28-page report to learn about the challenges 100 real-world IT procurement managers have identified throughout their procurement processes – and how they’re solving them.


  • How Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is being used in the real world

    Many organizations frustrated with the lack of agility in their operational processes have begun to look to robotic process automation (RPA). But how exactly does RPA work and how can you get started using it? Read this case study interview to learn more.


  • Color in your Cybersecurity Framework using Expel

    The NIST Cybersecurity Framework can be very useful to help companies understand where they are and where they are going as they grow their broader cyber risk management program. In this white paper, Expel shares how using their Expel service has helped their CSF scores. Also learn how Expel can help you on the road to CSF nirvana.


  • How IT and HR can Partner to Deliver a Better Employee Experience

    Learn why strengthening the partnership between IT and HR teams is the key to support rising workforce technology demands – and can help attract and retain elusive talent.


  • Important steps for building security into DevOps

    It's important to build security into your DevOps process. This is easier said than done, but take a look through this DevOps security guide to uncover how to shift security left, who should be responsible for security, and how to quickly improve the quality of the applications you are developing.


  • Achieving continuous testing in your DevOps process

    Testing no longer belongs at the end of your development process. Check out this whitepaper to find out how to reconfigure your DevOps process and implement testing automation to achieve continuous testing.


  • 3 steps to pricing your IT services

    In this e-book, you'll learn how to calculate your full hourly overhead in 3 steps–so you can set the right price for your IT services. View it here to get started.


  • AI and analytics: 10 predictions for the future

    AI and other analytics technologies are driving incredible innovations and advancements that business leaders only dreamed of a short time ago. Download this blog post to explore the top 10 predictions for the next decade of analytics and the impacts they’re expected to have on business processes.


  • 7-step approach for capturing new clients

    Download this white paper to discover a 7-step approach for capturing new clients as an MSP and learn how to use them in your enterprise to win new customers and to streamline the onboarding process.


  • UCaaS: Is a cloud-based deployment right for you?

    Watch this video to hear from Ira Weinstein, founder of Recon Research, as he provides first-hand insight into the pros and cons of cloud-based UC.


  • 50% operational cost savings with low-code development

    Dive into this whitepaper to learn how a low-code application development platform can lead to 50% operational cost savings, a 64% increase in customer satisfaction, and greatly increased application production.


  • 5 key attributes that define next-generation UCaaS

    Choosing the right next-generation UCaaS solution can have a meaningful impact on an organization's overall success. Learn the 5 attributes to look for when evaluating possible UCaaS products and why they're important in this white paper.


  • How real-time data can save time and money in IT purchasing

    Click inside to learn why using real-time, real-world infrastructure and workload data is crucial when making modern IT procurement decisions – and how your business can start following suit.


  • 4 steps to building a data catalog

    Data catalogs digest an input of data in order to accurately organize what it is and where it comes from. Effective catalogs enable organizations to automate policy, implement data security and maintain compliance. This white paper highlights a 4-step process designed to guide an organization in its catalog journey. Read on to learn more.


  • IT Hygiene: Easy to understand, hard to achieve

    Improving IT Hygiene means creating a process to continuously identify assets, risks, and vulnerabilities across an environment and fixing them with speed at scale. In this solution brief, uncover the fundamental aspects of better IT Hygiene and explore Tanium’s IT Hygiene Platform. Read on to learn more.


  • Automating AP: 4 ways shared services organizations can benefit

    Download this white paper to learn about 4 major ways shared services organizations can extend the value of ERP investments with accounts payable automation.


  • Employee annual reviews: Why they need a reboot

    The unfortunate reality of annual performance reviews is that they’re simply inefficient and are often unthorough, rushed, and long overdue. Download this performance review white paper that addresses the core issues with this age-old process, and how to modernize it for a more productive employee.


  • How document automation paves the way for year-end efficiency

    When it comes to preparing for the end of the fiscal year, one of the biggest hurdles is how much time sales reps waste on repetitive data entry. That’s where automation can help. Download this white paper to discover the ways document automation can help sales, procurement and legal teams.


  • E-Guide: Remediating IT vulnerabilities: Expert Tips

    This expert E-Guide uncovers 3 quick ways you can remediate IT vulnerabilities and discusses best practices for improved vulnerability management.


  • Can Red Hat save you 50% on your development time?

    Banking services who fail to transform with streamlined development process will be undermined by newer and more modern competitors. Read about how a traditional and established Taiwan bank, Cathay United, was able to enhance their competitive edge despite the rapid delivery and agility of emerging fintech startup competitors.


  • Use familiar tools to migrate VMs: Here’s how

    Dive into this technical white paper to learn how to shift your VMware ESXi-based virtualization environment into an AMD-based server architecture – all while using familiar vSphere migration tools, streamlined licensing processes, and several more convenient features.


  • CW Buyer's Guide: Big Data Infrastructure

    Computer Weekly looks at the mindset and technology infrastructure businesses need to analyse big data.


  • How to deploy secure applications across hybrid computing environments

    When businesses look to optimize and accelerate application development life cycles and deliver their applications in public clouds, security becomes a greater challenge. In this white paper, learn how to ensure the timely development and deployment of secure applications across hybrid computing environments.


  • How to keep your mainframes secure and up to date

    The death of mainframes has been predicted for decades – yet here they still stand, fifty years later. Download this white paper to find out how to adapt RACF administration challenges to today’s security standards – and keep your mainframes running smoothly.


  • 5 best practices vital to successful DevOps

    Establishing the necessary processes, tools, and culture can become a disruptive challenge when making the digital transformation into DevOps. Download this brief eBook to better understand which best practices can drive your teams through barriers, and achieve a successful DevOps digital transformation.


  • 8 step pathway to cloud-native applications

    The cloud-native approach lets enterprises quickly adopt disruptive technology, such as blockchain and machine learning, but requires a multidimensional shift in application strategy to execute. Learn more about the journey to cloud-native, broken down into an eight step path.


  • Enable data governance with Tableau and Alation's Data Catalog

    In this white paper, discover how to build efficient and effective data governance with Tableau and Alation. Explore why traditional data governance approaches are insufficient in meeting today's data governance needs, and uncover how Alation and Tableau can help your organization establish trust in data and streamline business processes.


  • Case Management and Smart Process Applications

    This report looks at the applicability of smart process applications, the drivers for improved case management, and the feature sets required of a modern case management system.


  • The problems facing Australian and New Zealand IT leaders

    Click inside to discover the challenges and opportunities that Australian and New Zealand IT leaders are tackling – and how they're enlisting the help of IPaaS and low-code.