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Improve Customer Experience through Personalization

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5 CEM tips from Walter White

Differentiating yourself from the crowd and enticing customers to engage and interact with your organization is one of the latest marketing goals to come out of new interactive technologies. But how can companies work to manage customer experience to yield better customer loyalty and increased satisfaction?

Access this expert e-guide to learn more about customer experience management through the experiences of fictional character Walter White from the popular television series “Breaking Bad.” Read on to learn how Director of enterprise content management (ECM) Kimberly Samuelson of Laserfiche, draws parallels between marketing strategies and the illegal drug business, and see how you can use these tips to improve your customer’s experience.  Topics covered include:

  • Having a great product
  • Providing flexible customer service
  • And 3 more

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  • Marketing strategies to improve customer understanding

    In our customer-centric market, the voice of the consumer is having a major effect on day-to-day business decisions. Using highly interactive outlets such as social media and mobile devices, companies have more access to customers and their feedback than ever before, allowing them greater opportunity for improving customer experience management (CEM).  

    But the varied nature of these channels also means they require a different marketing approach in order to successfully drive customer engagement.

    This expert e-guide reveals tips and advice to help readers utilize marketing strategies to best improve the customer experience and understanding.

  • Integrating multiple channels to build a single view of the customer

    With so many ways for customers to interact with companies, it’s imperative to create a single view of the customer from multiple channels in the contact center. And while customer experience management (CEM) technology is important, CEM is about so much more.

    It’s also important to focus on implementing the right processes to facilitate collaboration across different departments and multiple applications.

    This expert resource describes proven strategies to optimize resources for CEM and integrate multiple channels to build a single, cohesive view of the customer.

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