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"Bring Your Own Self" and the Workplace of the Future

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Modern Infrastructure e-zine CIO edition: Managing the next-generation data center

Forward thinking CIOs are establishing flexible data centers for the enterprise of the future, letting cloud computing, mobile devices, and infrastructure lead the way. 

This special CIO edition of Modern Infrastructure e-zine demonstrates how today's data center technologies are fully intertwined with business strategies. Read now to uncover why CIOs should be considering cloud computing and data center transformation as a business issue first, and a technology issue second. 

  • Confronting the data center question
  • Infrastructure and the cloud: the new strategic frontier
  • Deliberating data center investments
  • And more

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  • Data Center Facilities for IT E-Book, Chapter 4: Data Center Design and Build Out

    Planning a data center construction process takes careful consideration and should be strategically planned out in order to go as smoothly as possible.

    In this expert e-book from our editors, learn how to visualize each phase of your data center construction project and its energy usage. Use this guide to help ensure that your data center renovation project will go as smoothly as it can. Download now and discover strategic topics such as:

    • The true cost of construction
    • Design firm selection criteria
    • Data center renovation and collocation
    • And much more

  • Future-proof your data center: Helpful precautions

    An effective data center requires attention to utility and connectivity availability, safety and security concerns, access to quality staff, and local government incentives. Avoiding facilities that may be close to airports or nuclear power plants - which could force you to shut down or evacuate the facility in the event of an emergency – can be a helpful precaution.  

    This expert handbook offers information to help you properly prepare for the most critical decisions in your data center construction project. Download now to uncover ways that help you future-proof your investments and avoid costly construction mistakes such as:

    • Data center conceptualization and cost analysis
    • Site selection 
    • Negotiating with contractors
    • Wrapping up your construction project
    • and more

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  • Webinar: How to unlock the power of IT infrastructure with circular economic models

    As tech innovation is pushing for rapid evolution, each new generation produces massive streams of e-waste. Tune into this webinar to hear an industry expert's take on e-waste and circular economic models. Plus, learn how to use them to drive meaningful change in your organization.


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  • Circular data centers, explained

    Traditionally, when data center assets exceed their lifecycle, they are disposed of and replaced. Not the case in a circular data center model. Tune into this quick video to get an executive overview of emerging circular data center models and how it impacts asset lifecycles.


  • 26 page guide: The circular data center model, examined

    Inside this report, learn about a new approach to determining the economic and environmental value of data center infrastructure. Based on firsthand research, this report explores a circular data center model designed to maximize the lifespan of data center hardware.


  • Why rack-scale choices matter

    Inside, take a closer look at rack-scale solutions designed to offer a more cost-efficient data center infrastructure choice.


  • Building a flexible data center: Prepare for future growth

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  • IT Handbook: Energy Efficient Cooling

    This expert handbook explains how to set up a data center cooling monitoring system, while looking at how increasing server inlet temperatures can optimize cooling efficiency and outlines methods for building hot-aisle/cold-aisle containment systems. Lastly, explore detailed criteria for selecting and implementing economizers in your data center.


  • 3 data center challenges (and how to solve them)

    Data volume records are being broken every day. IT leaders can overcome these daunting complexities by removing legacy systems and adopting new data centers. Open up this white paper to take a look at three of the biggest challenges faced by data center operators today and how new data center models can help solve them.


  • The death of the mainframe, or a new beginning?

    Surprisingly, 53% of organizations still support an on-site mainframe estate. Open this whitepaper to learn why there's more contention around the utility of a mainframe server than you might think, and which option would work best for you.


  • Data Management Strategies for the CIO

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