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Use Analytics to Innovate and Lead in Today's Banking Environment

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Preparing a database strategy for Big Data

Turning big data from a curse into a blessing for your organization requires a strategic approach – but just what are the database challenges and opportunities introduced by big data?

In this expert e-guide, find key insights and tactics to help you prepare a database strategy for big data, and learn about the potential value of massively parallel processing (MPP). Read on to learn more today.

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  • Navigating The Twists and Turns of The Hadoop Landscape

    The landscape of IT is always changing, and with recent pursuits pinning analytics and big data. Hadoop-based products are transforming, so many IT businesses are wondering what that means for future expansions to Hadoop use cases.

    Consult this expert e-guide to look into the recent changes and their impact on IT. It explores a snapshot of market transitions and what that means for your business.

  • 39-page e-book: 5 key takeaways on data analytics

    No one needs to tell you data is important, but how you leverage your data for analytics is critical in maximizing its value within your IT and business operations.

    Use this 39-page e-book to learn the best practices when it comes to applying data analytics within your organization, and learn about topics like:

    • Data exploration and visual analytics
    • Data science and machine learning
    • Embedded and streaming analytics
    • And more

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  • How to avoid vendor lock-in with an open data lake

    One of the advantages of building a data lake is that your organization has the potential to keep your basic data architecture the same, even as you switch BI and analytics tools around. Read on to learn how to avoid data lake vendor lock-in and ensure your data lake can serve your organization for years using its open architecture.


  • Big Data Analytics Best Practices

    "Big data" has become one of the most talked about trends within the business intelligence (BI), analytics and data management markets. With vendors marketing a wide variety of technology offerings aimed at addressing the challenges of big data analytics projects, it can be hard to discover the best solution.


  • How to take advantage of AWS and analytics with an instant data lake

    Data lakes are essential for businesses that want to take advantage of their cloud and analytics investments, but they can be difficult and expensive to deploy. Read this post to learn how Cazena is now offering their Instant AWS Data Lake—allow you to deploy an analytics-ready data lake in minutes, with little expertise or resources required.


  • Hadoop Data Management and Use Cases

    In this expert e-guide, hear from pros in the analytics space, including Wayne Eckerson, explore how organizations are beginning to integrate Hadoop deeper into operational workflows, expanding the possible use cases.


  • FAQ: Hadoop for BI and Analytics

    Because it's a relatively new technology, Hadoop is surrounded by many myths and most IT professionals have little to no experience with the big data platform. This expert E-Guide aims to dispel common Hadoop misconceptions and offers advice for how to utilize it to drive big data analytics success.


  • Review the benefits of the data catalog

    View this comprehensive video to discover how a data catalog can improve your organization's analytic capabilities and increase user satisfaction. Explore the essential features of a successful data catalog, and decide if a data catalog is right for your organization.


  • How to make the most out of your data lake architecture

    Most organizations deposit their raw data in data lakes, where it can be stored easily. But it can require a complex series of programs, tasks, and pipelines to leverage this data into analytics insights.Read this guide to learn how Dremio can use your data lake and allow your business to derive analytics insights directly from your data.


  • How to leverage the data assets in your company

    Data catalogs are becoming essential to data-driven organizations. Machine learning, combined with human curation, is crucial to making data both discoverable and actionable to a wide range of data users. Watch this webinar to learn how a data catalog can maximize your existing investments in data and analytics and deliver notable results.


  • How to accelerate innovation with data management

    Earning a competitive advantage from the data you have requires a holistic approach; proper data management creates the right setting for AI or machine learning, these tools empower automation and analytics to work better than ever before, and so on. Watch this TIBCO webinar to learn how data is powering innovation in the insurance industry.


  • Data democratization: How to spread the power of data science

    While businesses try to hire data scientists and other specialists to analyze all their data, there are too few data scientists and too much data for this to be a cost-effective strategy. Read this white paper to learn how successful businesses are democratizing data and empowering all their employees to make successful use of their company’s data.


  • Increasing your business value with data integration

    Companies have so much data, and so little time to use it, that their employees are getting data sick from spending so much time processing it. So how do you navigate a world full of “data-driven” promises and actually use all that data you have on hand? Watch this video explaining Qlik’s approach—accelerating business value with data.


  • Extracting the hidden value in your organization’s data

    Businesses know their data is a hugely valuable asset, and they take steps to store it and protect it accordingly. But using it is a whole other issue. Read this white paper to learn how you can use a data integration platform to compliment existing IT investments, better integrate analytics into your decisions, and do more with your data.


  • 5 ways a data catalog can drive self-service analytics

    In this white paper, discover how a data catalog can help your organization better manage its data, improve data productivity, and drive self-service analytics. Additionally, explore 5 data catalog features sure to improve time-to-decision, and review how a data catalog can benefit your organization.


  • Reaping the Benefits of Big Data and Real-time Analytics

    In this expert e-guide, explore strategies for embracing the big data challenge and discover how real-time analytics can help you improve business performance and leverage your high-volume data to get an edge on competitors.


  • Unlock the value of your Azure data with Azure Databricks

    Whether you’re a data scientist, engineer, or analyst, you want to be able to easily get value from big data on your Azure cloud environments. Watch this video to see how Azure Databricks allows you to build AI solutions and take advantage of flexible, integrated cloud tools as you use analytics to pull more value than ever from your data.


  • How the current era of data science is unlike any other

    Instead of preparing static reports for marketers or salesmen, data engineers are finding that their job is changing. Analytics has become a dynamic conversation, and this conversation increasingly involves the cloud, data lakes, and more. Read on to learn more about the new role of the data engineer—and where it’s heading next.


  • How to improve your data processing abilities

    Data processing is a complex series of tasks – data of different kinds and formats need to be aggregated into a single database that easily accessible to users across your organization. Read this tutorial to learn how Dremio can unify data from disparate sources into a single dataset, ready to be utilized by an analytics or data science program.


  • Hadoop Data Management Platforms and Appliances

    This expert Technology Guide provides an introduction to Hadoop and suggests criteria for selecting a Hadoop data management platform. Also included are reviews of leading Hadoop systems from a variety of vendors.


  • Generating business value from Big Data

    For high-end, challenging applications integrating business intelligence (BI) data with other information such as Internet clickstream and social networking data, the trend is shifting toward build in the buy vs. build data warehousing debate. Access this expert resource today to learn the drivers that are creating this new trend.


  • Understand and monetize your data with digital twins

    While companies capture data for later use, siloed data and bad architectures are often holding them back from achieving real success with it. Read the results of this Forrester report to learn how digital twins can be used in a variety of digital transformation and analytics use cases, ranging from monitoring to supply chain optimization.


  • How to manage your data as it continues to grow

    Data is growing at an astounding rate; by 2025, IDC predicts global data will grow 61%, from 33 zettabytes now to 175 zettabytes. This rapid growth presents business with a huge challenge as they try to organize that data and turn it into actionable insight. Read on to learn what considerations you should be making as your data continues to grow.


  • Improve data management ROI with Syniti

    While your existing data management solutions may leave your systems and data “validated,” there’s still significant room for error. This data can be full of duplicates, incomplete sets and obsolete items. Check out this data sheet for information on how Syniti can provide you with more accurate data management—and a 303% 3-year ROI.


  • Rethink data integration for the age of big data

    This expert e-guide explores the need for new thinking around data integration in a big data world, and highlights key tools that can deliver the value you're looking for.


  • How to harness the power of previously unknown and unusable data

    IT decision makers estimate that 55% of their data is dark data, meaning that over half of the data your company generates is likely going unnoticed or unused—not ideal in today’s data-centric world. Read on to learn how Splunk can help you better harness infrastructure data in a variety of crucial use cases, from AWS data to medical device data.


  • Taking your data to market: Creating value from your company’s data

    As companies fully embrace digital transformation, companies are increasingly beginning to realize the value of taking their data to market. But it’s not a simple process to bring your data insights out of your company and create profit. Read on to learn how you can properly set up your data and company to profit from the data you have on hand.


  • How executives are approaching the data on-demand era

    As data continues to proliferate in society and in businesses, companies are looking to capitalize on its growth to facilitate business growth. But the way that each business will approach these challenges will be unique. Explore the results of this MIT Technology Review Insights survey to see how executives have been approaching these challenges.


  • How to maximize value from Google Cloud Platform

    The future of most companies rests in the cloud. Yet many struggle to migrate to the cloud, and they struggle even more to establish well-integrated and cost-efficient cloud architectures. Access this white paper to learn how Silk’s Cloud Data Platform can provide your company with the vision, ability, and tools you need to find cloud success.


  • A Guide to Maximum Data Lake Value

    In this whitepaper, Eckerson Group discusses how to get maximum value from data lakes and how Qlik’s Data Integration Platform helps businesses get the most value out of their data lakes quickly, accurately, and with the agility to respond to shifting business needs. Read this whitepaper to learn how to create data lake value.


  • What does the data science team of the future look like?

    As companies shift their data architectures to the cloud, and SaaS solutions accommodate more data types, they’re finding their old data teams aren’t quite ready for today’s challenges. Review this white paper to learn how data science teams are changing their makeup, and how your business can reshape yours for the future.


  • Extracting hidden value from your data

    Many businesses realize that their data has hidden value, but struggle to actually see it. Read on to learn how you can center your digital transformation efforts around a single solution to simplify and amplify your efforts to extract value from your data even as you better organize and govern it, all at once.


  • The Evolution of the ‘Big Data’ Concept

    Access this exclusive guide to analyze the evolution of the big data concept. Examine how many analysts are coming to believe that the 3-V definition falls short. Continue on to delve further into the big data discussion and discover how Gartner, who originally introduced the 3-V concept, has begun to build on this rudimentary interpretation.


  • Expert guide: The challenges and pitfalls of Big Data

    This expert e-guide examines the key challenges and potential pitfalls of big data and offers real-world strategies and advice for achieving big data success.


  • Capitalizing on Big Data

    This expert e-guide from explores the need for data-driven decision-making skills in the age of big data, and reveals Gartner's basic business rules for driving big data success. Read on to learn more.


  • Demystifying Big Data: Facts vs. Hype

    What is "big data" and why is the IT industry talking about it so much? In this expert e-guide, discover what Gartner Inc. says about the emergence of a big data hype cycle.


  • What are you looking for in your data migration platform?

    When a large enterprise is looking to move data around, they don’t want to just invest in a system that can do that and nothing else. Companies instead seek solutions that address current problems and leave room to fix future ones too. Check out this Syniti product sheet to see how their products fulfill this need.


  • Big data security management embraces governance, privacy

    Cyberattacks, GDPR and CCPA compliance, and the COVID-19 pandemic present serious challenges to big data security management practices. Data managers look to a combination of governance policies and evolving data security tools to protect the quality and integrity of their data stores.


  • Your guide to successful NoSQL database modernization

    NoSQL databases are a key part of modern database infrastructure, yet businesses would be remiss to ignore and neglect their existing relational database investments. Access this guide to learn how you can best evaluate the different factors that dictate whether or not an investment in NoSQL is the right move for your company.


  • See examples of data-driven success across industries

    Data is already being generated at an unprecedented rate, one that will continue to increase. So how are successful companies using so much data without getting lost in it? Download this e-book to learn how Splunk’s data platform is able to help its users turn an unnavigable sea of data into a path to success.


  • Optimize your data lake usage

    Scalability, query speed and quality, and cross-database search abilities are all essential features of any data integration software. Efficient data management allows your business to use your existing data storage in a more effective way.Read more about how Dremio’s data lake engine allows your business to start optimizing your data lake usage.


  • Find digital transformation success in cloud data management

    By now, all businesses realize that adopting the right technologies and staying on top of the tech curve is a key component of success. But digital transformation is a process that is fraught with difficulties, and figuring out how to navigate that process is key. Read on to learn what cloud data management and solutions you should be considering.


  • How to create value from your data lake

    Many organizations stumbled into having data lakes, erecting them in response to an overload of data and a lack of time to organize it instead of deliberately building a data lake with a specific use case in mind. Read this e-book, Operationalizing the Data Lake, to learn how you can take your data lake and start generating value with it.


  • Most companies aren’t ready for the data age—are you?

    Many organizations are realizing their legacy data infrastructure isn’t ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Read this survey of over 2,000 data-focused IT and business leaders to learn what challenges businesses are handling well, where companies are failing to meet their own expectations, and ways for you to conquer these same challenges.


  • Tips to better understand and use digital twins

    Digital twins have emerged as powerful tools, yet they can quickly become too complex and confused to provide accurate insight. Read on to learn how you can best organize digital twins to function as powerful tools, taking advantage of machine learning and data proliferation to create a mirror of data to be better analyzed and understood.


  • Linking Master Data Management to Big Data

    How does Master Data Management (MDM) impact big data, and vice versa? In this e-guide, Gartner Research vice presidents Andrew White and John Radcliffe, and founder and chief research officer with the MDM Institute, Aaron Zornes, share their insights and advice on leveraging MDM tools and strategies to combat big data and other trends.