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Cloud Security 101: Best Practices & Self-Assessment

As organizations big and small ramp up their use of cloud services and resources, cyberattackers are taking notice. With your business in the crosshairs, the need for effective, reliable cloud security has never been greater.

Take a minute to answer a few questions on your cloud security pain points and receive immediate access to our new eBook, Cloud Security 101: Best Practices & Self-Assessment. Highlights inside include:

  • Single cloud vs. multi-cloud security challenges, compared
  • 5 tools that enhance your cloud threat protection
  • Cloud security quizzes: Put your knowledge to the test

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  • Context-Driven Security: How Graph-Based Technology Builds Context in the Cloud

    Cloud security is a critical concern for businesses today. As enterprises adopt cloud-native technologies and deploy to the cloud, they encounter countless new security challenges. The traditional security methods that once protected their applications are now inadequate for protecting complex cloud environments.

    In this white paper, you'll learn a new approach to cloud security: using graph-based technology to provide the context that your security stack can use to determine potential attack paths.

  • Leveraging the Google Cloud Platform for secure digital transformation

    As cloud services enable organizations to scale to efficiently deliver applications and services to customers, partners, and employees, security teams need to ensure they can protect their business-critical applications across cloud environments.

    So, what do you do when your team needs effective solutions in place to meet the challenges of faster development cycles, the dynamic and ephemeral nature of cloud workloads and their associated resources, the expanding attack surface, and a rapidly evolving threat landscape?

    Download this e-book to explore how to modernize security for digital transformation using the rich capabilities of Google Cloud and its ecosystem of partners.

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  • How to integrate SaaS with CASB

    Today, organizations rely on the cloud for core business applications and data, but a layered approach has also increased complexity and brings new challenges. This ESG report digs into how integrating CASB with SaaS security providers aims to address these challenges by delivering key capabilities. Read on to get started.


  • Confidential computing solution: Intel Trust Authority

    In this 6-minute video, you’ll discover how you can leverage Intel Trust Authority to define enclaves where sensitive data can be stored and executed in isolation from the rest of your systems. Tune in now to learn how you can better protect your sensitive data across its entire lifecycle.


  • Palo Alto’s Prisma with CASB: Expert analysis of features & benefits

    This Forrester TEI report analyzes investment drivers for, benefits of, and real success stories with organizations utilizing Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access with CASB, so you can weigh the advantages of deploying Prisma in your organization. View the TEI impact analysis.


  • Overcoming Enterprise Data Protection Challenges

    Data usage and dependence has evolved rapidly in recent years – which has led to a rise in the necessity for effective data loss prevention (DLP), especially as organization migrate their data to the cloud. Access this exclusive e-book for a closer look at modern data protection challenges and requirements and an intro to cloud-based DLP.


  • Own your data across any cloud

    92% of businesses operate with hybrid cloud infrastructure. While hybrid cloud delivers a multitude of benefits for business, it also comes with its share of challenges for backup. In this webcast, Veeam hybrid cloud backup experts Sam Nicholls and David Hill discuss key topics surrounding the state of hybrid cloud data. Watch now to learn more.


  • Introducing Intel Trust Authority

    Intel Trust Authority is Intel’s latest suite of security software and services that is designed to give customers assurance that their workloads and data are secured correctly on whichever platform they choose to leverage. Tune in now to learn how you can ensure stronger security for your workloads, wherever they reside.


  • Enterprise Buyer’s Guide for Data Protection

    Read through this e-book to learn why modern data protection tools must evolve in multiple dimensions to keep pace, and the goals your organization should be setting to meet DR and continuity requirements.


  • Cloud native security: Best practices, tools & technologies

    As more and more applications are migrated into the cloud, and organizations focus less on their own on-premises hardware, countless cloud and app security questions have arisen. This State of Cloud Native Security Report delves into the current market landscape for cloud and cloud-native security.


  • Cortex: Unlock Proactive Security Operations from End-to- End

    View in this datasheet, Cortex Xpanse, an end-to-end solution that provides an inventory of an organization’s global, internet-facing cloud assets and exposures to continuously discover, evaluate, and mitigate attacks.


  • CASB, CSPM, CWPP Emerge as Future of Cloud Security

    In this eguide, learn about the emergence and the future of Cloud security tools that will help bring successful and securely protected cloud environments.


  • Your Blueprint to Cloud Adoption

    As workloads move across different environments and data is repatriated on-premises, maintaining cyber resilience becomes a major challenge. This complex hybrid world requires a clear blueprint for cloud data protection that extends to the edge of your environment. Get started with your own cloud blueprint by downloading this e-book now!


  • Cloud Security 101: Best Practices & Self-Assessment

    In this eguide, review best security practices in the age of cloud, and read through two cloud security quizzes from industry experts.


  • ServiceNow Finds the Smarter Way to Segment Using Illumio

    ServiceNow is a premier cloud platform for IT service management. When they identified the need to address a flat network and properly secure their domain controllers and core services, they knew it was time to refine their network segmentation strategy. Leverage this case study to see how Illumio’s Secure Cloud platform delivered value.


  • Hybrid cloud: How to create secure, digital experiences

    As hybrid cloud adoption continues to grow, security teams are struggling to scale security solutions across multiple environments. This is especially true at the enterprise level. However, there is a solution. Now, your teams can deliver visibility into your data so you can discover and respond to threats in real time. Read on to learn more.


  • 3-pronged approach for boosting security stance

    For an introduction to a three-pronged approach to securing your organization’s hybrid cloud environment, review this white paper.


  • Microsoft vs. Palo Alto Networks: Compare 10 CSPM vendors

    As threats evolve, cloud security evolves – and so does the cloud security posture management (CSPM) landscape. This 2023 GigaOm Radar report delves into the CSPM market, comparing the capabilities of ten top vendors, including Microsoft and Palo Alto Networks. To discover how the vendors stack up against each other, continue on.


  • Security leader’s guide to multi-cloud identity security

    Within today’s multi-cloud environments, identities serve the role traditionally performed by the perimeter, rendering your workforce as your key line of defense.Download this white paper to learn about the CyberArk Insight to Action framework and unlock 6 steps to achieve identity security in a multi-cloud environment.


  • Multi-Cloud: A Blessing or Curse? What Security Teams Need to Keep in Mind

    In this eguide, read through a glossary of terms related to multi-cloud security, discover the risks of single vs multi-cloud security, and gain insight into different multi-cloud security strategies.


  • Insights on the future of application security in 2024

    As application security risks rise, organizations must evolve their AppSec programs. This report examines the current state of AppSec, including alignment challenges, developer influence, and cloud deployment concerns. Learn how to improve your AppSec strategy and build #DevSecTrust. Read the full report.


  • How to protect your data, no matter where it is

    In most industries, the most important asset to an organization is data. The problem is that data is becoming more challenging to protect and secure, and this is no different in the cloud. If your data isn’t protected correctly, the cost of a breach can take down an entire organization. So, what are the challenges? Read on to find out more.


  • Secure Microsoft 365 with AppOmni's platform

    AppOmni's guide details how its SaaS security platform protects sensitive data in Microsoft 365. It outlines configuration risks, data storage, roles, customization, 3rd-party apps, logging, and threat detection. Read the guide to learn how AppOmni secures your M365 environment.


  • Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG): Google Cloud Security Ecosystem

    Recent findings show that 86% of organizations run production workloads on public cloud infrastructure/platforms, and organizations are increasingly adopting a cloud-first policy for new applications. This Technical Validation from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) evaluates the Google Cloud Security Ecosystem. Read on to learn more.


  • Boost hybrid cloud security and consistency with the right platform

    Organizations leveraging hybrid clouds for flexibility and innovation face security and consistency issues. Discover how Red Hat on Google Cloud boosts hybrid cloud security and consistency in this white paper.


  • Identity security for the next phase of cloud adoption

    With cloud adoption entering a new phase of maturity, enterprises are looking beyond the low-hanging fruits of cost and efficiency and setting their sights on the real promises of cloud. However, with accelerated engineering velocity, how can you ensure that your cloud security keeps pace? Read this e-book to answer this question.


  • Enterprise Strategy Group: Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks

    Recent findings show that 86% of organizations run production workloads on public cloud infrastructure. This Technical Validation from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) evaluates the Google Cloud Security Ecosystem. Download the full report now to unlock the full scope of insight provided by ESG’s expert analysts.


  • How a unified SASE approach improves security operations

    While many organizations have started their SASE journey with pilot projects and limited deployments, what has been learned is that on your way to improved collaboration and security, there is no one clear path. One thing that is known is that SASE offers cost reductions, better security, and easy deployment. Read this Omdia report to learn more.


  • Cybersecurity solutions built for today’s cloud-centricity

    According to Gartner, by 2025, 95% of new digital workloads will be on cloud-native platforms. With organization’s moving rapidly to the cloud there is a fresh demand for modern cybersecurity. Read this product overview to learn about Palo Alto’s Cloud Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), an offering designed to meet today’s cloud-centric demands.


  • Supercharging Your SOC Team’s Cloud Capabilities

    Enterprise tech stacks have shifted. Securing and responding to incidents that take place in these new environments is fundamentally different. So how do SOC teams make the shift? Read the latest guidance for answers.


  • Bridging the gap between IT and security to enable cyber resilience

    It is crucial for companies to understand the important factors they must consider for effectively protecting and securing hybrid cloud environments. In this solution brief, you’ll learn how you can deliver cyber resilience to achieve your digital transformation goals while mitigating the risks associated with data sprawl. Download now.


  • The Ransomware Solution your CISO will Love

    If you’re relying on traditional solutions that string together a patchwork of poorly integrated security tools, then your security teams will be at a disadvantage out of the gate as they try to mitigate attacks. Access this e-book to gain actionable insights on how to enhance your organization's overall security posture and ransomware resilience.


  • How the Pokémon Company ensures cloud compliance

    To discover how four businesses, including the Pokémon Company and Aramis Group, approach cloud compliance, check out this 12-page e-book.


  • Brivo’s approach to cloud security

    As digital innovation continues to eclipse the modern business world, the only tenable way to maintain security is by bringing it into the cloud. With Brivo, an integrated security plan starts with cloud-based access control that connects all the tools needed to create a secure living and learning environment. Read on to learn more.


  • What to look for in a cloud identity security solution

    Security teams need a holistic solution that provides access to a diverse set of systems, identities personas and use cases. In this white paper, CyberArk Cloud Security General Manager, Charles Chu, underlines what you need to look for in a cloud identity security solution. Read on to learn more.


  • Cloud and SaaS for access control

    While all access control systems do offer similar benefits and functions, the power of cloud computing allows for key advantages when you pick the right cloud-based system. This white paper explores how cloud and SaaS approaches to access management have found success. Read on to learn more.


  • The state of cloud identity security

    Currently, machine identities outweigh human ones by a factor of 45 to 1. But What does this mean for security teams? Download this e-book to learn more about the state of identity securities and learn to secure non-human identities and manage secrets in multi-cloud environments.


  • Achieving continuous monitoring in the hybrid cloud

    Your monitoring strategy is vital to keeping networks and data secure. Inside this guide, industry expert Dave Shackleford uncovers the latest on how to factor the hybrid cloud variable into the security equation.


  • Cloud PAM Buyer’s Guide

    Well-run PAM programs add enterprise-wide visibility and leverage identity intelligence and analytics to help leaders make better access decisions. You’re likely hunting for the right list of questions to ask and concerns to raise en route to this more secure reality. Read this guide to learn more.


  • Buyer’s guide to evaluating SASE clouds

    Broadband-Testing is an independent testing operation which provides vendor-neutral evaluations of tech solutions. This report presents a scorecard for comparing SASE clouds and acts as a first step in the vendor evaluation process. Read on to learn more.


  • Marriott Leads the Hospitality Industry in the Fight Against Online Child Exploitation

    Seeing value in Cisco Umbrella’s cloud-delivered DNS-layer security during a pilot, Marriott rapidly deployed Umbrella to nearly 5,000 properties throughout U.S. and Canada. Discover how Cisco has helped Marriott to take a stand against illegal online activity and to provide its guests with safer Wi-Fi connections.


  • How MSPs can overcome SaaS app security obstacles

    As their clients leverage more SaaS applications, MSPs can differentiate themselves by facilitating stronger SaaS security. So, how can you level up your MSP’s SaaS security capabilities? Find out in this overview.


  • Fueling key research with

    Argonne National Laboratory is a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center. Stringent security regulations and compliance demands force Argonne to manage assets at a granular level. With ServiceNow services, Argonne are able to continue their cutting-edge research without being hampered by security measures. Read on to learn more.


  • How can SSO checklists help you manage SaaS apps?

    As SaaS applications proliferate, how can IT professionals manage them securely and with ease? Dig into this overview to learn how leveraging a Single Sign-On Checklist feature can help in 3 key ways.