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Cloud APIs can greatly ease many cloud computing processes; however, they can also expose your critical data and applications to threats. Insecure interfaces and APIs have been listed as one of the top security threats to cloud computing. So what can you do to keep these APIs secure? This expert guide from takes an in-depth look at API security, answering critical questions and providing helpful tips for securing your cloud APIs.

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  • Cloud Security 101: Best Practices & Self-Assessment

    As organizations big and small ramp up their use of cloud services and resources, cyberattackers are taking notice. With your business in the crosshairs, the need for effective, reliable cloud security has never been greater.

    Take a minute to answer a few questions on your cloud security pain points and receive immediate access to our new eBook, Cloud Security 101: Best Practices & Self-Assessment. Highlights inside include:

    • Single cloud vs. multi-cloud security challenges, compared
    • 5 tools that enhance your cloud threat protection
    • Cloud security quizzes: Put your knowledge to the test

    Unlock all this and more by taking our quick Cloud Security survey now!

  • Addressing Data Security In The Cloud And Low Cost Large File Transfer

    This expert resource helps you discover how to properly store data in the cloud. (Learning that ignoring the physical loca­tion of cloud data is one of the major mis­takes made all too often.) This E-Guide also addresses how to transfer large files safely without having to pay the typical hefty price tag it typically takes to do so.

    For example, download and discover the top security issues usually associated with large file transfers and the little-known low-cost options (e.g., cloud services, SSH FTP and the like) that are now available to ensure file transfer activity isn't a data breach waiting to happen. In short, you get a soup-to-nuts understanding of the of the best options to consider when securing the file transfer needs of a business, and gain valuable insights as to why failing to address insecure file transfer activity is such a major mistake that could cause sensitive data to leak out of a network at alarming rates. If you’re focused on storage, networking, security or related topics, this resource is a must read.

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  • Enhance your public cloud threat protection

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  • The golden path to cloud security

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    This expert guide from examines highlights of the PCI SSC's guidelines to help your business achieve PCI compliance in the cloud. Read on to learn how you can easily secure your applications and your customers' trust.


  • How to integrate SaaS with CASB

    Today, organizations rely on the cloud for core business applications and data, but a layered approach has also increased complexity and brings new challenges. This ESG report digs into how integrating CASB with SaaS security providers aims to address these challenges by delivering key capabilities. Read on to get started.


  • Understanding DLP in the cloud

    In this tip, uncover how data loss prevention (DLP) for the cloud works and how it can actually enhance security and compliance beyond traditional DLP solutions for physical environments.


  • Protect your Microsoft 365 data with cloud backup

    Although your data is stored by the cloud provider, it is your responsibility to make sure your data is secure. Access this product overview to learn why Microsoft 365 Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is critical for preventing data loss and how it can reduce time and effort required to recover exactly what you need.


  • Protecting and Recovering Data in the Cloud Era, 2022–23

    As organizations continue to face an evolving and complex cybersecurity threat landscape, the protection and recovery of their data remains a top priority. In this report, analysts from Omdia’s data center storage, data management, and cloud and data center groups evaluate the leading backup and recovery vendors. Read on to learn more.


  • Comforte data protection for snowflake

    Moving data from on-premises stores and applications to the cloud leads to many challenges due to security and regulatory compliance concerns. Comforte Data Protection for Snowflake helps organizations protect sensitive data, in order to meet regulatory obligations while keeping it available for business processes. Read on to learn more.


  • ESG infographic: How to secure your IaaS data & migration

    Over the past few years, the rise in use of public infrastructure as a service (IaaS) has risen tremendously, but one aspect many organizations forget to address is making sure this investment is secured properly. Up to now, security and cloud teams had to choose between ease of use or tight security. Read on to see why that is no longer an issue.


  • 55-pg. e-book: A complete guide to modern data protection

    Read this 55-page e-book for a complete guide to modern data protection and to learn about how flash devices change the backup and recovery game, the critical importance of cloud-based platforms & tech for modern IT, key industry trends driving modernization & adoption of flash-based storage tech and more.


  • All eyes on cloud: Why the cloud surface attracts attacks

    Cloud migration is at the forefront of many organizations’ strategies, catching the attention of cybercriminals. This e-book outlines why the hackers have targeted the cloud so heavily, as well as what strategies, tools, and practices, organizations can implement to safeguard their cloud investments. Read on to learn more.


  • The state of cloud protection

    Protecting the cloud that your organization has invested in is a critical component of any modern security strategy. Veeam surveyed 1,700 IT leaders to understand their perspectives, methodologies, and responsibilities in protecting, securing and managing cloud-hosted data. Join experts from Veeam as they discuss the results of this study.


  • Hybrid cloud data management: 3 key takeaways

    Take a look through this white paper to access 3 notable takeaways about hybrid cloud data management.


  • The Value of Protecting Cloud-Based Data Analytics

    Access this data sheet to learn how you can leverage the comforte Data Security Platform to enable self-service access and use of modern tools available only in the cloud, mitigate compliance risks by operating on protected data while privacy is preserved, simplify security management with a more efficient, cost-effective approach and more.


  • Nixing Cloud Data Protection Pain Points 101

    This expert E-Guide covers the pain points of cloud data protection and evaluates one vendor's response to the challenges of cloud data protection.


  • Let’s Talk About Data Security for Cloud & PII

    Comforte’s data security platform can help secure your sensitive data and information intended for applications using standard protocols, especially useful for SaaS applications. Access this PDF to learn more about data-centric security and the benefits of Comforte’s data security platform.


  • Overcoming Enterprise Data Protection Challenges

    Data usage and dependence has evolved rapidly in recent years – which has led to a rise in the necessity for effective data loss prevention (DLP), especially as organization migrate their data to the cloud. Access this exclusive e-book for a closer look at modern data protection challenges and requirements and an intro to cloud-based DLP.


  • Hybrid cloud data backup: What experts have to say

    92% of businesses operate with hybrid cloud infrastructure. While hybrid cloud delivers a multitude of benefits for business, it also comes with its share of challenges for backup. In this webcast, Veeam hybrid cloud backup experts Sam Nicholls and David Hill discuss key topics surrounding the state of hybrid cloud data. Watch now to learn more.


  • Analyst report: Comparing hybrid cloud data protection solutions

    Large enterprises are under scrutiny to better manage their growing volumes of data. With that goal in mind, this analyst report aims to assess how well solutions for hybrid cloud data protection are positioned to serve specific market segments and deployment models. Read on to learn how different vendors stack up.


  • Comprehensive data protection: Why evolution is key to survival

    Read through this e-book to learn why modern data protection tools must evolve in multiple dimensions to keep pace, and the goals your organization should be setting to meet DR and continuity requirements.


  • Data protection: Kasten K10 vs. open-source alternatives

    Evaluator Group was commissioned to compare the critical protection capabilities, performance metrics, and features of Kasten K10 against a commonly used open-source data protection toolset for protecting Kubernetes applications. Read on to learn their findings and determine which strategy is best fit for your organization.