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Case Study: IBM Blue Insight: Turning big data into actionable business insight - fast and at low cost

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Getting data analytics right

Data analytics has become a must-have for organisations across industries, and is being integrated into both operational and business sides of companies. This includes analysing transaction data to make sense of customer buying patterns or to detect fraud, machine data to predict and prevent equipment breakdowns and social media streams to ascertain customer sentiment. In this e-guide, read more about how organisations are moving beyond descriptive analytics, the importance of organizational culture in data analytics initiatives and the top features you should look out for in analytics tools.

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  • The New Leadership Mindset for Data & Analytics

    Creating a data strategy and becoming data-driven has become a top priority for organizations. That’s because to accelerate any major initiative—from creating new customer experiences to building new revenue streams—organizations must be able to quickly gather insights, get to the truth, and leverage it to predict what’s next so they can act on opportunities.

    Read the New Leadership Mindset for Data & Analytics from MIT Sloan Management Review to learn about insights, research, and strategies to put your organization on the path to becoming data-driven and empower a data-driven culture from the inside out.

  • Launching a cloud-based analytics campaign: The peaks and pitfalls

    While the trend towards large-scale adoption of business analytics is growing, there are still many problems to be faced. Chief among these, are the inability of organizations to gain actionable insights from their data, and issues regarding the security and privacy of cloud-based solutions.

    In this expert e-guide, learn about some of the major issues facing modern analytics programs, as well as how new cloud technologies attempt to soothe these worries.

    Read about the initial struggle of launching an operational analytics program, and how integration with cloud solutions can help alleviate these pains. In addition, read about a travel-booking company’s success story of BI cloud integration.

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  • How to restore confidence in your data

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  • How to Build a Culture of Analytics with Alteryx

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  • How to Architect a Self-Service Strategy to Power Business Intelligence at Scale

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