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Business-critical real-time analytics—IBM DB2 11 for z/OS

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Unify your analytics and AI efforts with Cloud Pak

For companies like banks, they are often held back from introducing analytics platforms because of a lack of developed data infrastructure and uncertainty with regards to establishing seamless data integration processes.

Cloud Pak for Data System is an AI and data platform that allows you to scale out your new additions faster and utilize a single interface for end-to-end analytics.

Learn more about Cloud Pak from this white paper.

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  • CW ANZ September 2016

    Australia’s National Blood Authority (NBA leans heavily on data and mobile technology innovations to optimise a real-time supply chain that involves most of Australia’s more than 1,300 hospitals. The organisations IT strategy which is a combination of infrastructure modernisation, telecommunications service upgrades and a shift from conventional desktops to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has streamlined  operations and improved responsiveness to the point where reduced wastage means demand for blood products has dropped by 20%.

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  • CW ASEAN September 2016

    Why is the cloud so compelling? What is the profile of these Asean companies? And what are they choosing to shift to the cloud? Find out why some Asean companies have their heads in the clouds and what has driven them there.

    Also hear how Singapore’s DBS Bank is piloting Microsoft Office 365 with about 1,000 employees. It plans eventually to shift its entire workforce of 22,000, across 18 markets. It hopes the cloud-based productivity tools will help its staff become more responsive to customer needs.

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    • Oracle announces major cloud sales push in Asia-Pacific
    • Spreadsheets and ERP – 50 years of software coding business


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    This Jargon Buster e-guide to contemporary database management is an aid to stepping back and thinking afresh about an area of enterprise IT that has many decades of heritage. Or, as many sometimes (arguably rudely) put it, legacy.


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    What impact does virtualization have on database instances? Find out what VMware metrics matter with SolarWinds’ new whitepaper that provides a guide for DBAs to determine the impact, if any, of virtualization on database performance.


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    This article in our Royal Holloway Information Security series looks at the clues that can point digital forensics investigators to evidence of TrueCrypt data encryption.


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    This white paper provides recommendations to APRA regulated entities on implementing key APRA practice guidelines (CPG 234) to comply with the requirements of CPS 234. Read on to get started.


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    Network security depends not only on common communication protocols but also on the ability to decipher what’s actually in those packets. There’s a simple solution to this that provides visibility into networked traffic: network TAPs. Read the white paper to gain a full understanding of why TAPs are the most effective way to copy network traffic.


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    Due to regulations and compliance standards regarding data and private information, public clouds aren’t always a great option for some businesses. Use this private cloud whitepaper to review 5 reasons you should consider implementing a private cloud.


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    Learn how your organization could significantly improve security and decrease total cost of ownership with a micro-segmentation solution that employs machine learning.