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Expert tips for creating a mobile management strategy

A mobile platform must involve the operating system, end users, IT infrastructure, and the app environment. It is important to concern every one of these when creating a mobile platform strategy for your organization.

Access this expert e-guide to learn more about creating a fluid mobile platform strategy to manage mobile diversity and then managing the diversity of mobile platforms.

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  • Managing the iPad in the Enterprise

    Mobile strategies are becoming largely dictated by employees. The manageability, cost, and actual business benefits are being trumped by the employees pressuring their businesses to be allowed to work on consumer mobile devices, mainly for convenience.

    Access this Tech Guide to learn more about BYOD, analyzing a business process and figuring out how mobile devices provide a competitive edge vital to your enterprise strategy. Articles include:

    • In Building a Mobility Strategy, What the Employee Says Goes
    • CIOs Looking for Ways to Say Yes to the iPad in the Enterprise
    • Bringing BYOD to your Enterprise

  • Mobile Device Management Checklist

    Employee handheld use has greatly expanded in North American businesses, but most still lack a cohesive plan to handle this fast-growing tidal wave. This expert E-Guide highlights a mobile device management checklist to consider when developing your own mobile device management strategy. Additionally, uncover why it’s crucial you create a fluid mobile platform strategy to manage mobile diversity and key recommendations to get started.

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