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Lenovo ThinkPad T Series Packs Power. Not Pounds

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Smarter, faster experiences for your entire workforce

Today’s workers are on the go, working in multiple locations with the need to stay always connected. They need to have access to information and collaborative tools that are quick and easy – otherwise, your organization cedes an important competitive advantage.

Inside, learn about the latest portfolio of Latitude laptops and devices from Dell, designed to match the needs of the modern worker.

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  • Why you need MELT for better software observability

    To achieve observability in software environments, which are now more complex than they’ve ever been, you need to be able to store and view all of your data in one place. This includes your metrics, events, logs, and traces, or MELT, according to New Relic.

    Take a look at this article to get an introductory view at collecting and analyzing MELT data, and the impact it will have on your observability.

  • A dynamic assessment approach that supports enterprises and third parties

    How does your organization assess compliance?

    CyberGRX assessments apply a dynamic and comprehensive approach to risk management, using advanced analytics, threat intelligence and sophisticated risk models, to provide an in-depth view of how a vendor’s security controls will protect against potential threats.

    Download this white paper to learn how you can have an up to date view of your third-party portfolio, and spend less time filling in redundant spreadsheets.

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    There is very little data that exists on the maturity of testing practices throughout the software quality life cycle in the Industry and lots of people refer to the maturity with a level of certainty not backed up by any real data. In 2009 Experimentus established a survey for this very purpose.


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    In this webinar, explore how you can better control access to sensitive data at scale in your data lake with Okera Active Data Access Platform. Discover how Okera can help resolve the longstanding friction between access and governance, and decide if Okera is right for your organization.


  • z/OS Logstreams at a glance

    Maintaining critical z/OS mainframe environments is a hefty responsibility – especially as downtimes grow more and more costly. Inside, learn about a z/OS log stream tool that simplifies viewing, troubleshooting, and archiving processes.


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    This E-Guide offers expert insight on how to address next-generation cyber-attacks. View now to learn how network visibility can help you mitigate advanced threats, and much more!


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    View this case study to learn how the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANTSO) used SAP Concur to provide its staff with the full mobility to manage their travel and expenses, increase visibility into overall spend, and improve compliance and control.


  • How can an IoT strategy benefit your organization?

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought tremendous opportunity to gather data from various devices connected to the internet. Therefore, IoT analytics strategies have become important to CIOs. View this resource to discover the top 5 IoT analytics trends and how they can benefit your organization.


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    Big data architecture is increasingly proving its worth in business. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the storage needs that come with artificial intelligence, how to get the most out of data and what it can do to enhance a company's performance.


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    Journey mapping is an exercise that can give organizations a comprehensive view of their customer’s experience—and, it’s the latest buzzword spouting from the mouths of CX professionals. Read this white paper to learn the role that journey mapping can play in the larger picture of CX, and how you can master it.


  • CCPA and GDPR: Explore the similarities and differences

    As privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR continue to proliferate, organizations need to become proactive and avoid a free-for-all approach that can leave them vulnerable to massive fines. In this webcast, Mark Donsky, Head of Product at Okera discusses CCPA and how to best protect your customers' sensitive information to avoid costly penalties.


  • The future of software development: Energized Work

    Gus Power, CTO  at Energized Work, gives his views on the future of software development, in this presentation for Computer Weekly's 500 Club.


  • How Priority Engine helped Veeam evolve their ABM sales motions

    In this video series from TechTarget's Worldwide ROI Summit London 2019, Jonathan Ridley, Enterprise Marketing Manager UKI at Veeam Software, describes how Veeam Software uses purchase intent insight to identify and prioritize their most active accounts.


  • Automation and AI: The key to streamlined expense reporting

    View this video to discover how AppZen's AI-based Expense Audit software helped one Minnesota-based construction company save time, money, and resources on audit expense reporting.


  • How 2 different security professional personas view digital transformation

    A survey conducted by Market Strategies Internal showed that 78% of ITDMs believe that the success of their digital transformation relies heavily on strong IT security and data protection. In this research report, explore 2 different security professional personas and explore how they view digital transformation, security and data protection.


  • How to determine if a SIEM solution is right for your organization

    In short, a SIEM is a security platform that ingests event logs and offers a single view of this data with additional insights—but as with all growing tech offerings right now, its current capabilities may be far more than you are aware. Read this white paper to learn about the evolution of SIEM, and 9 technical capabilities of a modern SIEM.


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    View case studies for 7 of the Inc. 5000 companies here to learn how Oracle Netsuite helped them achieve landmark results.


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    Author and IT consultant, Terry Critchley, looks at potential solutions to the apparent skills crisis facing the IT industry, in this special guide for Computer Weekly.


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    Whether it’s a new business quote, a billing inquiry, or a claim, insurers are transforming the way they deliver customer service with the help of automation, AI and other emerging technologies. Download this product sheet to learn about one contact center offering that utilizes all those technologies and more to offer the ultimate CX.


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    The concept of return on experience (ROX) provides a gauge to assess the impact of a given experience on a business’ KPIs. Read this e-book for a deep dive into just how ROX can do this, how to calculate it and grow it, and—most of all—the real benefits its use has had on some major brands.


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    Identity will be far different in the years ahead than in all the years before. What’s changing? For better? For worse? In this white paper, discover Mitek’s point of view about today’s state of identity and how to steer toward a more advantageous future of identity.


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    The ideal governance architecture should help reduce cost, eliminate duplication of effort, and promote agile practice without sacrificing security or privacy. Read this white paper to learn how to make this a reality.


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    This major global C-level survey from IBM examines the changing role of the CIO and makes recommendations for CIOs who want to move from the back office to the front line of the business.


  • Computer Weekly – 12 March 2019: How a 144-year-old retailer is moving into the digital age

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to the CIO of Liberty, one of London's oldest and most traditional retailers, about moving into the digital, omnichannel age. Our latest buyer's guide looks at best practice in threat management. And we examine the results of our exclusive reader research on 2019 IT buying priorities. Read the issue now.


  • 6 Point SIEM Solution Evaluation Checklist

    This E-Guide from explores the top six evaluation criteria you should keep in mind when investing in a security information and event management (SIEM) solution. View now to learn more!


  • Watch now: Best practices for data protection and vulnerability management

    In this webinar, join industry experts as they share best practices and use cases of data protection and vulnerability management for maintaining compliance in their Linux-based systems. Continue to view the webinar.


  • 5 pillars of well-architected cloud infrastructure

    Unfortunately, migrating to the cloud doesn't automatically make your IT operations more efficient; the wrong cloud infrastructure can compromise your promised benefits. View this AWS blog that outlines the 5 pillars to building and owning a high-performing cloud architecture that actually makes the cloud investment worth it.