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TOPS-HP Video Case Study: IT Infrastructure Migration

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Case Study: M&A in action - How Majestic Wine paired with Naked Wines to fuel cloud-led digital transformation

Find out how the acquisition of online-only wine retailer Naked Wines in 2015 has shaped the digital transformation plans of its parent company Majestic Wine

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  • 6 retail connectivity journeys: Subway, T-Mobile & more

    Retail organizations can face unique networking obstacles, such as ensuring reliable and secure connectivity at pop-up stores and stores-within-a-store.

    Along with unpacking 7 main obstacles, this e-book by Cradlepoint explores how retailers like Subway, T-Mobile and MainGate addressed those challenges.

    Tap into the 17-page book to follow the connectivity journeys and hear from IT leaders at the retailers.

  • How to retain your retail employees and enhance CX

    While the Great Resignation is affecting all businesses, no industry is feeling it more than retail. With the quit rate in U.S. retail outpacing the economy-wide quit rate by 70%, retail organizations must develop ways to retain their employees and ensure positive experiences for their customers.

    However, this can’t be done without the proper tools and strategies. So, what can companies to do match the expectations of their workforces and meet customer standards?

    Access this guide to gain insight into:

    • Top trends for retail workforces and how retailers should respond
    • Ways modern retailers can create wins for stores, employees, and customers
    • And more

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  • Reimagine the in-store experience

    The power of Smart Stores. Physical stores still represent 80 percent of retail sales, making exceptional in-store service a modern imperative. With AWS Smart Store capabilities, you can: Update digital technologies in physical stores, empower advanced in-store operations, and provide a seamless checkout experience for customers.


  • How PANDORA (& other retailers) achieved networking success

    What unique networking challenges do retailers encounter? Along with unpacking 7 of them, including connectivity for pop-up stores and out-of-band management for branch continuity, this 17-page e-book explores retailers’ stories of networking success. Download the book to learn about the journeys of PANDORA, T-Mobile and more.


  • The 4 types of Artificial Intelligence

    Nowadays, retail organizations can integrate their CMS and e-commerce platform to manage product catalogues and streamline the checkout process with product-specific content. In this infographic, we put together the top e-commerce platforms for the enterprise.


  • Coles leading the way as APAC retailers warm to AI

    At Coles, one of Australia's largest retailers, automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics are being used to optimise everything from its supply chain through to picking and pricing efficiencies.


  • Shortlist your refrigeration options via an eco-centric analysis tool

    Watch this video, designed for food retailers, to demystify the refrigeration technology purchasing process and to view Honeywell’s eco-efficiency simulation model that assists retailers in making their shortlist.


  • Top 10 retail technology stories of 2019

    Computer Weekly looks at what 2019 had in store for the retail industry – what technologies were retailers rushing to adopt and how is customer behaviour changing?


  • How T-Mobile prevents network downtime in stores

    Tap into this case study to find out how T-Mobile retail stores prevent network downtime.


  • Why Retail Stores Rely on LTE & 5G First

    In brick-and-mortar stores, wired connectivity isn’t agile enough to accommodate retail technology trends. Today’s retailers are embracing a cellular-driven approach to maximize connection reliability and flexibility. View this infographic to discover how the wireless WAN branch helps these retailers puts LTE and 5G first.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to retail technology

    The retail industry is evolving alongside the emergence of new technologies. In this 15-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how retailers are using AI, the importance of good digital customer experience and how mobiles have transformed the purchasing process.


  • Tesco's journey to edge computing with automation

    This case study explores how Tesco, a leading retailer, leveraged Chef's enterprise automation solution to securely upgrade store systems, maintain operations, and streamline management across its vast IT estate. Learn how Chef helped Tesco achieve resilience, compliance, and scale in its edge computing initiatives.


  • Retailer’s Journey to 5G: A Case Study

    A major retailer in Australia, Coles handles approximately 17 million transactions each week in its stores and on its digital platforms – and each of these transactions demands smooth connectivity. To avoid network downtime, the retailer turned to 5G. Learn how in this case study.


  • Turn Retail Data into a Competitive Advantage

    The right data strategy can enable your retail business to optimize processes, reduce costs, delight customers—and gain a critical advantage over your competitors. Unfortunately, most retailers today aren’t leveraging the full business value of their data. Access this e-book to learn more.


  • Retailers' tech response to consumers' increasingly online habits

    The past few years has seen an increase in online shopping as the pandemic shifted more consumers into the realm of e-commerce to purchase goods during lockdowns. In return, retailers have been investing in technology to meet the e-commerce demands of customers, and now as predictions suggest pandemic shopping habits are set continue.


  • The future of grocery stores: Micro-fulfillment centers for online orders

    In today’s rapidly changing retail landscape, grocery stores must find ways to remain competitive. Micro-fulfillment centers can provide a cost-effective solution to managing online orders and curbside pickup, taking grocery into the future of digital technology, and satisfying the complex demands of the modern customer. Read on to learn more.


  • Enhancing EX in retail: 3 leaders’ discussion

    To retain their employees, and to attract new employees, many retailers are prioritizing boosting employee experiences. So, what technology can support retail organizations on that journey? Watch this webcast for guidance from 3 subject-matter experts.


  • Why a leading retailer adopted a remote connectivity platform

    To ensure smooth operations, a leading clothing retailer in Germany, Ernsting’s family, set out to find a remote support platform that could support tablets and workstation PCs. In this case study, chart the retailer’s journey to success.


  • New tech on the block: Planning for blockchain in the retail and consumer packaged goods industries

    This research from Deloitte identifies the areas with the biggest immediate opportunity for retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses looking to invest in blockchain technology.


  • Computer Weekly – 7 June 2022: Using technology to reinvent shopping

    In this week's Computer Weekly, after the pandemic led to a boom in e-commerce, we look at how retailers are turning to tech to revitalise their stores. We examine the issues around using algorithmic automation to manage employees. And we find out how data science is supporting drug discovery at Novartis. Read the issue now.


  • Computer Weekly - 1 December 2020: How retailers are using technology to survive

    In this week's Computer Weekly, with high-street retailers struggling to survive, we look at how technology can keep stores relevant. Everyone is focusing on flash storage, but hard disk drives are still an essential part of the IT toolkit. And we examine the latest developments in the ongoing Post Office Horizon IT scandal. Read the issue now.


  • Secure wireless connectivity for retail with managed SASE

    Secure wireless connectivity is crucial for retail environments. Download this overview to learn how retail organizations can deliver such connectivity by adopting managed SASE.


  • 6 ways to mitigate security threats in retail

    $2.9 million: This is the average cost of a data breach in the retail industry. Retailers, are you prepared to pay that massive price? To help you avoid doing so, in this webcast a security expert from Trustwave SpiderLabs’ Threat Intelligence Team is here to equip you with the insights you need to defend against attacks. Tune in now.


  • Computer Weekly – 20 July 2021: Ripe for change – mixing digital innovation with traditional winemaking

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how global winemaker Concha y Toro uses the latest tech to enhance 150-year old traditional processes. Pharma giant GSK explains how an API strategy is changing its business model. And we talk to retailers using video technology to bridge the gap between in-store and online selling. Read the issue now.


  • Best practices to ensure retail app resiliency during surges

    Want to learn strategies to ensure resiliency for retail applications and products affected by usage surges over the shopping season? Tune into this webinar with AWS experts to learn how you can cope with spikes in customer demand, optimize application performance, and become resilient.


  • Compute infrastructure that can power retailers’ video analytics

    Along with providing security data, cameras in retail environments offer insights about how to optimally place products. Palexy’s mission is to help retailers harness those advanced video analytics capabilities. Check out this case study to learn about the powerful compute infrastructure that supports Palexy’s mission.


  • Transform digital commerce with AWS for Retail

    More than ever, customers are demanding seamless and compelling digital shopping experiences. To meet new and evolving expectations, retail organizations are migrating to AWS to create agile and cost-effective digital commerce platforms to modernize their applications. Read on to learn why.


  • Computer Weekly – 18 September 2018: The importance of smartphone sustainability

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the considerable environmental footprint of the mobile phone industry and ask what can be done to improve it. We find out how disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is being used and when it's an option for businesses. And we look at some of the UK's emerging fintech success stories. Read the issue now.


  • February ezine: Look to the future

    An issue with plenty of predictions about what the year ahead holds for the channel


  • 6 retail transformations that wireless makes possible

    How can wireless networking transform retail? In 6 key ways. This overview outlines the retail transformations that LTE and 5G make possible – and how they can improve operations and customer experiences. Read on to access the insights.


  • ESG: AWS sustainability solutions for retail and CPG

    This ebook explores how technology and data are driving the future of sustainability in retail and how to develop measurable, eco-friendly processes to build a better business future. Read the e-book to understand how AWS helps retail and consumer goods companies to reach sustainability goals.


  • Computer Weekly – 7 March 2023: Can the UK keep its fintech crown?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, two years after the Kalifa report laid out a roadmap for continued fintech sector growth, UK entrepreneurs and startups are worried about the lack of progress. We look at the top tech trends in retail and find out which companies are leading the way. And we examine six ways to slash IT emissions. Read the issue now.


  • Computer Weekly – 9 April 2019: Using data science at Sainsbury's

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to retailer Sainsbury's about its data science strategy and how it helps the firm better understand customers. We take a detailed look at the evolution of the business intelligence market. And we find out how simulated disaster management can tackle the security skills gap. Read the issue now.


  • New wave BI and analytics: turning modern data stores to account

    This e-guide looks at how companies and other organisations are doing BI and analytics on the newer data stores.


  • How Decathlon implemented scalable security with Trend Micro

    Decathlon faced an uphill battle when it came to implementing the security side of their company-wide digital expansion. Through an implementation of Trend Micro’s suite of security products, Decathlon is able to aggressively pursue its digital vision with confidence. Read on to learn the full story.


  • 6 strategies to speed up retail background checks

    Download this paper to obtain 6 strategies to accelerate your retail organization’s background checks, to ramp up onboarding and get peace of mind in the upcoming hiring seasons.


  • 4 obstacles of adopting new technology in retail

    To elevate customer experiences, many retailers are leveraging new technologies. Unfortunately, adoption does not come without challenges. To understand 4 common hurdles of leveraging new technology in retail, and to discover how to overcome those obstacles, check out this blog.


  • Taking the first step in the “retailization of healthcare”

    The “retailization” of healthcare is in full effect as more and more healthcare leaders are pushing to offer more localized services in distributed care settings. Learn how to take your first step towards retailization with a more efficient scheduling solution in this blog.


  • Retail personalization with AWS

    There’s no doubt that personalized recommendations in retail can accelerate growth and deliver meaningful customer experiences. In fact, retailers who leverage its power are seeing a 5–15 percent increase in revenue and a 10–30 percent increase in marketing spend efficiency. Read on to learn how you can boost personalization.


  • The impact of automation testing on leading vehicle retailer

    A leading vehicle retailer overcame testing challenges by deploying an automated regression testing solution, which freed up 6 weeks of manual testing for each release and reduced manual work by up to 30%. Read the full case study to learn how automation testing drove their modernization success.


  • How a sporting goods retailer strengthened network security

    A large sporting goods retailer set two goals: to enhance its application performance monitoring (APM) capabilities and to strengthen its network security. Download this case study to discover how the retailer achieved those goals with help from VMware and Hughes Managed Services.


  • How to use containers in an HCI environment

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine how the fashion world and clothing retailers are using technology to better understand customers. Brexit continues to dominate conversation in the UK tech sector – we find out the hopes and fears of the industry. And we look at how to use OpenStack in a hyper-converged infrastructure. Read the issue now.


  • Computer Weekly – 23 July 2019: How Apollo 11 influenced modern computing

    In this week's Computer Weekly, on the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings we look at the influence Apollo 11 had on modern hardware and software. Our latest buyer's guide examines data protection. And we find out how retailers with physical stores are using technology to respond to the rise of online shopping. Read the issue now.


  • Computer Weekly – 23 May 2023: How to secure your software supply chain

    In this week's Computer Weekly, our latest buyer's guide looks at secure coding and examines the challenges of securing your software supply chain. Cyber law enforcement leaders are calling on firms to end the secrecy around ransomware attacks. And we find out how facial recognition technology is being adopted by retailers. Read the issue now.


  • 6 ways to organize the chaos of retail technologies

    Retail is where groundbreaking technology and innovation converges with traditional storefronts, and experience-based customer experience. But how can you best implement the chaotic influx of retail technology? This blog explores 6 ways your organization can navigate emerging retail tech. Read on to learn more.


  • Review sustainable, F-Gas compliant refrigerant solutions from Honeywell

    With F-Gas compliant refrigerant solutions, like Solstice® L40X from Honeywell, better efficiency, minimal flammability, and contribution to an eco-efficient system is a reality. Access this product overview from Honeywell to obtain the features, functionality, and applications of these solutions.


  • Automate the retail process with Hitachi

    Hitachi is creating automated shops that can be easily set up by combining advanced technologies like AI and privacy-enabled sensors. Watch this short video to see how this next step in retail development is improving the lives of customers and retailers alike.


  • Why integration and automation are two sides of the same coin

    For a while now, organisations have been approaching integration and automation separately. But according to Allan Teng, Workato's managing director, that should not be the case. In this interview, learn about Workato's integration-led approach towards automation and why it makes sense for organisations.


  • 5 Steps to A World Class Supply Chain

    In special white paper by Retail Gazette and cloud-native consultancy, join Ensono Digital as it looks at how careful analysis of supply chain structures and reassessment of the basics can reap rich rewards, improving resilience, and flexibility while reducing costs.