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Maintain your competitive advantage with new workflow transformations

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Accounts payable automation provides key visibility into operational controls

51% of accounts payable (AP) professionals anticipate that their department’s business processes will become more complex over the next 3 years, according to the Institute of Finance and Management (IOFM) research.

“The Future of Accounts Payable” research data suggests that AP departments need to improve control in 4 areas:

  • Operations
  • Working capital
  • Compliance
  • Security

In this IOFM white paper, dive in to discover how automation is poised to drive operational improvement for AP departments.

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  • Why you should begin digital transformation at the document level

    According to IDC, companies already embracing digital transformation are 26% more profitable than their peers—but for businesses just beginning their digital transformation journey, where’s the best place to start?

    In this white paper, discover why digitally transforming your document workflow is the best place for businesses looking to begin their transformation, and uncover how smarter document workflows can help your business:

    • Improve security and compliance
    • Reduce costs
    • Increase revenue
    • Improve CX
    • And more

  • How to transform the customer service experience in health IT

    Automated workflows are connected to improved patient care. Nearly 8 out of 10 hospitals and acute care facilities place a high priority on process automation and creating efficient workflows, citing positive impact on collaboration, the patient experience, and cost.

    Download this infographic to uncover the roadmap to transforming the customer service experience in health IT.

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  • Break down the barriers to app integration

    In this whitepaper, find three winning strategies to effectively integrate the apps used in your organization, as well as an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) tool that can assist in management as you scale across your portfolio.


  • 5 signs you've outgrown email and checklists to close the books

    Read this white paper for 5 signs that you may have outgrown email and checklists for closing the books—and how to modernize these workflows for faster results and less manual effort.


  • Neutralize threats with security-integrated storage

    Download this datasheet to discover a solution that integrates security and compliance, data management workflows, and high-performance storage to neutralize threats in every area of the infrastructure.


  • 4 best practices for financial planning and analysis teams

    In this white paper, discover how to improve the quality of your financial planning and analysis team through the employment of 4 key best practices. Explore the value of an enterprise performance management (EPM) software for finance, and decide if an EPM system is right for your financial planning and analysis goals.


  • 8 considerations for network architecture with a mobile workforce

    The modern workforce is now more distributed than ever, with mobile employees using multiple devices. Download this resource for 8 aspects you'll want to look for in a network architecture for a mobile-centric workforce.


  • Automating HR functions with RPA

    Learn how one global financial institution integrated RPA bots into its human resources and data collection workflows, buying themselves a 70% reduction in process times, $1 million in annual cost savings, and more. Plus, find out the role machine learning played throughout the process.


  • The evolution of digital data ecosystems in fintech

    Inside this report from ComputerWeekly, dive deeper into the emerging world of interconnection and data interconnectivity as it relates to the fintech world – and get a glimpse at how real financial services companies are utilizing data exchange ecosystems to drive digital transformation strategies forward.


  • Why you should adopt a cloud collaboration strategy

    Explore research on how enterprises are choosing a cloud strategy to facilitate effective collaborative workflows and support today's growing complex networks.


  • Is your asset management strategy actually futureproof?

    Read this ebook to learn how to approach asset management in a way that connects people, assets and data through a single digital view of all assets and workflows.


  • How to stay on top of the rapidly evolving communications landscape: Risk guide

    How can firms improve their supervision workflows to better reveal risk? In this guide, examine some strategies for staying on top of the rapidly evolving communications landscape, and the new vectors for risk it offers.


  • Intelligent info management: How can it give your company a competitive edge?

    Like most vertical markets, today's banks and financial institutions are dealing with the data deluge brought on by digital transformation. In this white paper, learn how intelligent information management (IIM) can help banks and financial institutions overcome the challenges of digital transformation, and give them a competitive edge.


  • Leveraging enterprise content to transform business: A best practice guidebook

    Analyst firm Frost & Sullivan explain the evolution of the ECM industry as it shifts to content services.


  • Melding automation into the IT service desk

    Since its inception, the IT service desk has provided an intuitive portal designed to make it easier for users to get technical help – and for IT associates to keep on top of support workflows. So what happens when automation is thrown into the mix? Dive into this E-Guide to take a closer look.


  • How to keep your multi-cloud big data project profitable

    To keep big data multi-cloud projects flowing efficiently, consider implementing an automated workflow management and data integration platform—so more time is spent on utilizing actionable insights than tired operational processes. Read more information here.


  • How to build a data science pipeline that lasts

    Read this e-guide to learn more about the important distinctions between data science development workflows and traditional app development workflows and how CIOs can protect model degradation with a data science pipeline that stands the test of time.


  • How a digital perimeter enables IT to secure their digital workspace

    Digital transformation is the rocket fuel that helps companies boost productivity, engage consumers, and empower their people. However, the new application infrastructure is also posing new workflow challenges and security risks. In this white paper, learn how a secure digital perimeter enables IT to combat these security risks.


  • How to secure digital documents and automate workflows

    Find out how Adobe e-signatures, combined with the Nintex Workflow Platform, can help you deliver positive digital experiences for your employees, partners, and customers alike.


  • Making the business case for hybrid cloud

    Jump into this article to learn about the critical business use cases of hybrid cloud, including heightened IT service delivery, streamlined development workflows, and more.


  • Achieve transparency and streamlined processes with M-Files

    View this case study to learn how Mitani, an Australian food products provider, overcame the challenges of their manual, paper-based workflows with M-Files.


  • Business process automation: How to choose the right tool

    Business process automation is a useful and efficient strategy for optimizing critical workflows but it can be difficult to find the right vendor offering for your company's specific needs. Explore a plethora frequently asked questions about business process automation and uncover 8 key areas for evaluation.


  • Transform your manual workflows: M-Files case study

    How did Transport Refrigeration Services (TRS) overcome the burdens of their manual, handwritten forms and processes? View this case study from M-Files to find out.


  • Financial services firms moving to the cloud

    In this e-guide, we'll take a look at how some of the world's biggest financial brands are moving to the cloud, and share a cautionary tale or two about the mistakes some have made while trying to get there.


  • Digital transformation: bridging the paper and digital gap

    Enterprises are increasingly turning to traditional managed print service providers to improve process efficiency across both paper and digital information, says this report from analyst group, Quocirca.


  • AI and machine learning: Automate key processes and workflows

    Find out how to take a low-code approach to automating key business processes built on the power of AI and machine learning algorithms.


  • How to use Trello to optimize your sales deals

    In this white paper, explore how to build a process that supports your sales team with Trello. Discover the workflows your sales team can use to optimize processes and deals, and learn how Trello can help your organization move leads along the funnel, organization communications, and more.


  • How SDN and SD-WAN help accelerate financial services' DX

    Financial services companies face multiple challenges when it comes to achieving digital transformation, but one of the hardest—and most important—tasks is updating the network infrastructure. So, what should financial firms consider when planning their 21st century network support for DX? Find out in this white paper.


  • How to establish effective network security for financial institutions

    In this white paper, learn about the Gigamon Visibility Platform and how it enables financial services firms to build an effective network security infrastructure, maximize tool efficiency without compromising network resiliency, and ensure compliance with strict industry mandates.


  • How to harness the value of your data capital to drive business success

    To test if digital capital has become a prerequisite for modern business success, as experts are speculating, Forrester conducted a global survey of 516 IT decision-makers and asked them about their perspectives on data capital and its importance—read what they had to say here.


  • 4 ways to power digital initiatives within your organization

    In this e-book, learn how digital technologies can help those in the energy industry improve operations. Discover the 4 ways in which energy organizations can realize their digital ambitions, and explore how those already embracing digital technologies can drive business value and deliver tangible results.


  • The Digital Transformation Agenda

    This survey of business leaders by the Economist Intelligence Unit for Pegasystems finds that businesses are mostly confident they will reach their digital transformation agendas, but senior business leaders need to be more closely involved.


  • Chart the course for a flawless ECM implementation project

    An ECM implementation project, when done correctly, can change business processes, workflows, and increase employee satisfaction. In this ECM implementation guide, learn how to chart the course for flawless ECM implementation, and uncover how to maximize results by asking yourself 3 simple questions.


  • Unified communications and digital transformation: Uniting to create a better CX

    Download this research report and explore how you can leverage digital transformation opportunities and initiatives to improve customer and employee experience.


  • Security fundamentals for clinical excellence & improved care outcomes

    Download this white paper to uncover 4 core areas healthcare providers should focus on to ensure they do not cause harm to patients or their workforce after a security or data breach.


  • Drive your business transformation with blockchain

    Read this white paper to learn the current state of blockchain, distributed ledger technology (DLT), and smart contracts; as well as suggested areas of investment for continued digital transformation success.


  • Digital transformation: Insights from C-suite executives

    How do CIOs achieve digital transformation? Read this white paper to learn how your organization can unlock its digital potential by gleaning expert insight from leading C-suite executives.


  • How TITUS Intelligence Protection can help your data security

    One of the primary reasons data security is less adopted than other security areas is that it can be complex, and often places a burden on users in terms of changes to workflows. In this white paper, learn how TITUS Intelligence Protection (TIP) with machine-learning-based classifications can greatly reduce the need for user involvement.


  • Roadmap for reducing data breaches

    As hackers ramp up their attacks and turn to advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, it is essential that cybersecurity teams keep pace, fending off attacks and keeping sensitive data secure. In this research report, find a pragmatic roadmap for reducing data breaches.


  • Enforce a Zero Trust Security Model in Today's Hostile Environment

    Companies are pursuing digital transformation to improve customer value, operate with greater efficiency & agility, & increase innovation. As companies leverage new workflows, security has not kept pace, & cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated. This white paper describes a security paradigm for today's environment: zero trust.


  • How to secure the human perimeter

    Humans are the new perimeter. What exactly does that mean for your organization? Tune into this webinar to hear Doug Cahill from ESG discuss what the human perimeter is and how Natural Language Understanding (NLU) can help secure it.


  • Real-world use cases for virtual ITSM agents

    While a sales-oriented chatbot has obvious use cases as a customer-facing tool, how does a virtual support agent align with IT service workflows? And perhaps more importantly, how does it alleviate ITSM congestion? Explore a collection of real-world use cases for ITSM virtual support agents to find out.


  • The 5 core areas of delivering a positive patient experience

    Healthcare providers are not immune to the customer experience revolution that has swept across many industries in the wake of technological advances. Download this white paper to uncover the 5 core areas of focus in delivering a positive patient experience and learn how ServiceNow can help strengthen patient engagement for improved care outcomes.


  • Zero-trust security case study: Application access for financial services firm

    A financial services firm needed to find a new access control solution that ensured only authorized users accessed their system. In this case study, learn how the firm was able to use PortSys Total Access Control (TAC) to do so.


  • Winning the Paper Wars

    This report from AIIM, a global community of IT professionals, assess the ROI of paper free projects, the drivers for eliminating paper, and the hurdles.


  • Evidence of the Effects of Healthcare IT on Healthcare Outcomes

    This study by HIMSS Analytics highlights, for the first time, a correlation between the maturity of IT within NHS hospitals and improvements to patient outcomes.


  • A Sustainable Print Agenda

    Analysts Louella Fernandes and Clive Longbottom recommend strategies for achieving a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable print infrastructure.


  • Zoom's video conferencing platform: What it can do for you

    The popularity of video communication has led organizations to look for video conferencing platforms that can boost productivity and improve workflows. Learn about 1 platform in this expert guide, and how it can help improve collaboration and save money.


  • Cloud management: Essential guide

    Organisations that are using cloud are increasingly looking to optimise hybrid workloads across on-premise and external cloud systems. This style of architecture raises issues around cloud management that demand a well thought-out strategy.


  • 5 steps to a successful financial transformation initiative

    In this white paper, examine 5 steps business leaders can take to ensure finance teams are in a position to lead successful financial transformation initiatives, and discover how a cloud-based enterprise performance management software can help finance react faster to ever-changing business landscapes and optimize business-wide transformations.