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Using ICD-10 Codes and Electronic Health Records to Achieve Value

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3 critical areas impacting your employee population during the pandemic

Watson Health understands that the 2020 pandemic brings employers unique challenges – like safely returning your employees to the workplace and maintaining business continuity – and new nuances to existing challenges like understanding and addressing the diverse needs across your employee population.  

Understanding the needs of specific segments of your employee population in this moment and moving forward as we weather COVID-19 is more critical than ever. Employees with existing chronic health conditions are not only at higher risk from COVID-19 but may also fall behind on needed treatment and screenings. Others with work-life challenges or mental health concerns may need special accommodations or unique benefits to remain engaged and productive.  Sociodemographic variables, such as geographical economic burden or racial/ethnic disparities, should be considered to ensure equitable services and solutions.  

In this session, IBM Watson Health will showcase market data and highlight key analytics and solution areas which support critical business decisions and operations in managing benefits strategy for diverse workforces.

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    Every healthcare organization—providers, insurers, and life sciences companies—are struggling to keep ahead of the forces reshaping the healthcare landscape.

    Among the key challenges facing these organizations include aging populations, chronic diseases, a shortage of skilled workers, and rising costs.

    Inside this eBook, learn how real-world healthcare organizations are finding better ways to engage with consumers and leverage their enormous pools of data—key capabilities for keeping up with modern challenges.

  • EHR selection: Playbook for practices

    An effective EHR solution can impact many aspects of your practice and create positive outcomes for your quality of care.

    This is why it is critical to invest time in researching EHR vendors.

    This guide walks you through the EHR evaluative process to uncover what you need, key requirements, and how to negotiate to get the right solution for you. Open now to get started.

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  • Frost Radar: 2020 Growth, Innovation & Leadership Awards

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  • TriHealth Journey: Improving clinicians' access to 8+ million imaging studies

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  • How mobile image scanning is saving NHRS money

    Read this short white paper to learn how Normal Regional Health System (NHRS) implemented a secure mobile image scan solution that allows them to remarkably reduce the number of pressure ulcers, commonly known as bedsores, that their patients develop—something that costs NRHS over $40,000 per ulcer.


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  • Real-world healthcare orgs recount their digitalization challenges during COVID

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  • The evolution of patient engagement and eConsent in the COVID-19 era

    Like every aspect of the drug development process, clinical trials are rife with potholes that can slowly chip away at progress and delay timelines. Thousands of dollars go into recruitment, engagement, and retention efforts, yet inevitably participants still drop out.


  • Imaging in healthcare: Q&A

    In this Q&A with Sandra Lillie, Director of Enterprise Imaging Sales at Hyland Healthcare, she explains why she thinks an imaging information paradigm shift is inevitable. Open now to see her answers to all the FAQs about the evolution of imaging, the challenges healthcare systems will face, and more.


  • Exploring health IT interoperability in the new normal

    Download this white paper to explore how the pandemic has affected the journey to connected healthcare, and get insight into what health IT interoperability will look like in the new normal.


  • How SaaS can help you gain control of medical imaging

    Healthcare systems around the world are facing a unique challenge. While medical imaging technology innovations are rapidly evolving, so, too, is the need for adequate medical imaging storage and system maintenance. Read this eBook to see how SaaS solutions can help mitigate modern imaging challenges, and better manage the content being produced.


  • How one company built digital healthcare infrastructure to adapt to changing times

    With more users accessing their healthcare and pharmacy benefits remotely, leaders in the healthcare industry realized they needed to develop better ways to guarantee access to critical services. Open up this case study to see how PharmPix was able to build a digital healthcare infrastructure, and learn how you can do the same in your organization.


  • Solution summary: Exploring Nilread for patient portals

    Studies show that patient portals increase patient engagement and loyalty to providers. Learn about Hyland Healthcare’s portal, and how it help you replace outdated CD workflows with digital alternatives, and much more, in this white paper.


  • Enhancing healthcare outcomes with integrated content services

    Access this white paper to learn how healthcare providers can accelerate their patient care via Hyland’s healthcare content services and enterprise imaging, seamlessly paired with industry-leading electronic medical records solutions to allow doctors instant access to critical information as soon as it enters their system.


  • 4-phase approach to unstructured content management for healthcare providers

    Must-have client content is often difficult for healthcare providers to manage, as it takes the form of unstructured data, unusual image formats, or any other sort of problematic data schema. Download this Signify Research white paper to learn how you can embrace a 4-phase plan to implement better client content management and access.


  • COVID-19 and the acceleration of healthcare IT

    Explore how COVID-19 has affected healthcare IT, and predictions for the new normal, in this white paper.


  • High-quality, audit-ready clinical research driven by digital data management, a case study with ProTrials Research, Inc.

    As a CRO focused on quality, ProTrials needed to thoroughly document clinical studies. Now, with a cloud-based, unified IBM® Clinical Development CDMS platform, ProTrials can quickly create accurate digital records of every action taken, including granting users access and updating study protocols. See how it is possible in this case study.


  • Is your EMR ready for the next crisis?

    As healthcare gets a firmer grasp on our new normal, the industry is gaining a new perspective on what constitutes a truly optimized electronic medical record (EMR). In this exclusive Hyland Healthcare guide, explore how to fortify your EMR for crisis management. Download the guide here.


  • How Sentara Healthcare automated clinical processes

    A key challenge for healthcare providers is processing and assimilating unstructured, clinical data for patient care and billing. In this guide, learn how Sentara Healthcare automated labor-intensive clinical, administrative, and financial processes with OnBase Express Scanning, Forms Management and Workflow. Open the guide here.


  • Image management that creates agile, optimized health systems

    Read this white paper to learn how successful enterprise imaging strategies incorporate image acquisition and connectivity tools, vendor-neutral archiving, and universal viewing capabilities that operate alongside existing PACS infrastructure to create flexible, secure image sharing ideal for all healthcare professionals.