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Using ICD-10 Codes and Electronic Health Records to Achieve Value

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Enhancing the Customer Experience through Digital Implementation

Employees value health coverage now more than ever, and leading health insurance provider, MetLife, sought to simplify their application process to help individuals get considered for the coverage they needed for their families.

They identified that their paper-process Statement of Health (SOH) form completion rates were low due to the inconvenience of the paper processes, but after partnering with Airkit, Metlife digitized their SOH options, which boosted completion, user satisfaction, and ultimately, health coverage.

Explore this case study to learn how this digital implementation helped MetLife meet user needs and scale their solution to broaden their reach.

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    For healthcare organizations such as Johns Hopkins, improving the patient call center experience can be difficult.

    So, when they began to struggle with their legacy systems and siloed data, it became clear that they needed to revamp their processes.

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  • Collaboration & health-plan member experiences

    Between clinician burnout and the increasing costs of care, health-plan executives are on the hunt for strategies that can help them navigate the challenging landscape.

    This Wakefield Research study, commissioned by HealthSparq, explores the top priorities and challenges reported by 200 surveyed health-plan executives.

    What are some of their priorities? They include collaboration and enhanced member experiences.

    Continue on to learn more.

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