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Advancing Healthcare through the Application of Predictive Knowledge Management

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3 predictions for the digital future of healthcare

For organizations in the healthcare space, the journey towards the next normal presents emerging opportunities, challenges and use cases. While the future of healthcare is uncertain, some shorter-term changes are more predictable.

This e-book provides an outlook for the healthcare industry powered by 3 IDC FutureScape 2021 predictions pertaining to:

  • Supply chain
  • Digital experiences; and
  • AI

It also provides guidance for IT teams to make good on these predictions.

These are also closely related to: "Advancing Healthcare through the Application of Predictive Knowledge Management"

  • How healthcare organizations can use data science tools to improve PX

    How do you improve patient experience and health outcomes? The journey is significantly easier to navigate with data science tools—like Fractal's Automated insights for digital evolution (AIDE).

    Watch this brief video to learn how their solution can help you become more agile and save time while providing high-quality patient insights.

  • Use data analytics to improve your business every step of the way

    Integrating analytics across all levels of your business, from development to customer engagement, can help you accelerate positive outcomes and improve the customer experience.

    Goya Foods and Desigual boosted customer satisfaction, improved internal data access, and revamped inefficient processes with TIBCO.

    Read on to learn how TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence platform and other solutions helped these organizations control and use their data for omnichannel success.

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  • Machine learning: Real-world use cases

    Using a machine learning algorithm, University of Chicago Medicine reduced cardiac arrests in their hospital by 15%. Listen to this webcast to hear how several businesses are applying machine learning and data analytics to improve outcomes.


  • How a state government in India is using data management to improve COVID-19 care

    Read on to learn how the Government of Karnataka employed Fractal to intelligently manage their COVID-19 patient care in real-time, including patient admission and treatment, ensuring the appropriate resources were set aside for current and future high-risk patients, focusing testing efforts on high-risk patient contacts, and more.


  • Predictive analytics: Empower business users

    This resource discusses how interactive data discovery and predictive analytics technologies can empower business users to make smarter, data-driven business decisions faster.


  • How a fortune 100 healthcare company built an innovative customer data platform

    Healthcare companies are using patient data, AI, analytics, and other tools to create predictive, personalized care solutions that create better patient outcomes faster. Read on to learn how a large healthcare provider partnered with Fractal to build and deploy a cloud healthcare management platform that supports integrated care for customers.


  • Introducing Now® Intelligence

    ServiceNow has embedded analytics and AI directly into their Now Platform, removing the complexity associated with building and deploying these tools while making them widely accessible to organizations that want to take advantage of performance analytics, predictive intelligence, and virtual agents. Read on to learn more.


  • How AI and blockchain are transforming healthcare

    This guide shines a light on what's changing in the healthcare industry and why digital technology is forming the cornerstone of healthcare evolution. Also inside, learn about emerging healthcare use cases for AI and blockchain.


  • Addressing issues like fraud detection with advanced analytics

    The applications of advanced analytics like predictive analytics and real-time analytics go far beyond the basic use cases. Download this e-guide to learn how you can best use advanced analytics to address a range of issues, from fraud detection to customer service quality.


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    Apache Kafka is a widely used event streaming platform that unifies access to disparate data streams—meaning that it’s a wealth of data for real-time analytics, monitoring, and optimization purposes. Read this short white paper to learn how Apache Kafka data can be easily tamed and put to work with Swim’s continuous intelligence expert solutions.


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  • Examining the efficacy of ML and AI models in insurance

    Machine learning-powered analytics models are allowing insurers to anticipate market trends and create personalized, dynamically priced offerings. Read on to discover what insurance experts think about advanced analytics and machine learning in the industry and learn how these solutions might impact your bottom line.


  • Patient experience in the face of COVID-19

    The pandemic has transformed the patient experience, with a heightened emphasis on safety and a massive expansion in telehealth services. Yet it hasn’t altered the importance of patients’ relationships with their providers. This report offers insights that provider organizations can use to meet their patients’ needs now and in the coming years.


  • How to combine classic statistical models with AI, machine learning

    It's time to get innovative with how your company analyzes data, before your competitors do. In this webcast, hear data pros explain the latest analytical techniques to achieve advanced analytics success.


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    Embedded analytics integrates data from disparate sources and puts it inside websites and business apps. Discover how you can apply this in your business to deliver new revenue streams and grow customer loyalty.


  • Unleash organizational insight with embedded analytics

    In this webinar from Qlik, get a comprehensive overview of embedded analytics from VP and Research Director at Ventana Research, David Menniger, and Qlik's Director of Global Product Marketing, Catherine Frye.


  • How streaming analytics offers business value

    This resource explains streaming analytics and describes how it can enable real-time decision-making based on current evidence. Learn how you can resolve business problems more quickly and make data-driven decisions.


  • From 12 months to 30-90 days to Deploy AI: Efficiently Implementing MLOps in the Enterprise

    To deal with the complexity of scaling ML projects, Ecolab teamed up with Iguazio to accelerate their cloud data science projects without incurring exorbitant costs. Prior to implementing this solution, model deployment times exceeded 12 months. Learn how, thanks to Iguazio and Microsoft Azure, these had been reduced to between 30 and 90 days.


  • Thingalytics

    Thingalytics by Dr John Bates is one of the most powerful books written to date about the internet of things (IoT), showing businesses how to take advantage of the fast big data that flows from the digital planet.


  • The importance of analytics orchestration in financial services

    Read this white paper to learn how data analytics orchestration, a process defined by automation and high-quality data management, is equipping organizations with the tools needed to properly understand and utilize the wealth of data they have on hand—and discover how an analytics platform fits into this picture.


  • COVID-19 and the acceleration of healthcare IT

    Explore how COVID-19 has affected healthcare IT, and predictions for the new normal, in this white paper.


  • Embedded analytics are evolving: find out how and why

    As data management platforms become more all-inclusive, embedded analytics has become the latest “necessary” feature. But with so many vendors now including these services, how will they evolve in the future? Read this analyst report to answer that question and learn how embedded analytics are being used, as well as what to look for as a buyer.


  • 3 steps to meet today's data challenges

    This resource lays out the 3 steps to transform your organization in order to meet today's data challenges. Learn how to awaken your data, discover hidden value, and deploy your data-driven insights into processes or products.


  • Review the benefits of the data catalog

    View this comprehensive video to discover how a data catalog can improve your organization's analytic capabilities and increase user satisfaction. Explore the essential features of a successful data catalog, and decide if a data catalog is right for your organization.


  • Age of AI: What is a data fabric?

    The concept of a data fabric has emerged to describe a new approach to support agile development of data-driven applications, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). But what, exactly, is a data fabric? This resource cuts through the confusion to help you understand this strategy and counts down 12 rules for a data fabric.


  • The benefits of SaaS for Electronic Health Records (EHR)

    Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have become a critical asset to healthcare providers everywhere over the past few years. In this white paper, learn how Software-as-a-Service solutions, such as the Epic as a Service platform powered by HPE GreenLake, can improve patient care by keeping your EHR in top working order. Learn more here.


  • Physician’s guide to stress-free telehealth visits

    Telehealth visits are just as new to physicians as they are to patients. Now, as healthcare workers and patients both adjust to the “new normal,” the struggle to provide excellent patient care while juggling new technologies can drag experiences down. Learn how you can reduce the stress of telehealth visits with this guide.


  • Security with HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

    In most high profile attacks, a common thread is that business and consumer data was compromised—consumers' credit card number, social security number, banking information, and such—which highlights the importance of data protection.


  • Enhancing healthcare outcomes with integrated content services

    Access this white paper to learn how healthcare providers can accelerate their patient care via Hyland’s healthcare content services and enterprise imaging, seamlessly paired with industry-leading electronic medical records solutions to allow doctors instant access to critical information as soon as it enters their system.


  • AI in the Enterprise: Challenges vs. Opportunities

    While AI's potential for competitive advantage is immense, many companies are struggling to properly implement this technology trend. This guide examines the challenges and opportunities presented by AI.


  • For Dummies: AI, analytics, & chatbot platform

    Access this 49-page For Dummies e-book to learn how ServiceNow’s Now Intelligence platform is democratizing AI and analytics access with a cloud-native, intuitive platform designed to enhance the customer and employee experience.


  • What an actual marketing transformation really looks like

    Download this TechTarget case study to learn how TIBCO achieved true marketing transformation through the use of TechTarget marketing technology.


  • Expert guide: Streaming analytics FAQ

    This expert e-guide provides answers to frequently asked questions about streaming analytics. Learn how streaming analytics complements traditional analytics, whether your enterprise can benefit from streaming analytics, and more.


  • How to successfully deploy flexible AI insurance pricing models

    Read this solution brief to learn how TIBCO Model Ops helped an auto insurance unit develop, deploy, and operationalize a successful AI-powered dynamic pricing system.


  • Operationalize Machine Learning with HPE GreenLake

    No business wants their data science projects held up for months waiting for the hardware, software and tools needed to run machine learning (ML) models. Operationalized ML pipelines allow the business to rapidly turn data into business intelligence, generating new opportunities and value for the organization.


  • 10 Reasons to Choose HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

    From massive scalability and global namespace to multi-tenancy and security - HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric is radically simple, requires less specialized skill set to setup, configure, and manage; thereby reducing the operation complexity and cost. Learn more about HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric inside.


  • The Business Value of the MapR Data Platform (IDC)

    This IDC research report describes the business value of the MapR Data Platform resulting in increased revenues, improved ROI (567%), higher productivity, as well as analytics improvements and team efficiencies.


  • A practical guide to using machine learning

    While 98% of IT leaders believe MLOps delivers a competitive advantage, only 6% of companies feel that their MLOps capabilities are mature. In this report, the experts at Forrester provide a practical roadmap for operationalizing machine learning.


  • Unify legacy and cloud-native apps with Kubernetes

    HPE Container Platform will leverage two of Hewlett Packard Enterprise's recent acquisitions, BlueData and MapR, along with Kubernetes to unify the deployment and management of legacy and cloud-native apps on-premises, in the cloud and at the edge.


  • NVIDIA Guide to Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

    In this guide, explore a high-level view of AI and deep learning in terms of how it's being used and what technological advances have made it possible. Also, examine the difference between AI, machine learning and deep learning, as well as the intersection of AI and HPC.


  • Solve the top challenges to AI adoption

    Did you know that spending on cognitive and AI systems will reach $79.2 billion in 2022? This infographic provides a quick look at the AI statistics and figures you need to know, as well as potential AI roadblocks and steps to take to succeed with this strategy.


  • AI, by the numbers

    This resource presents a snapshot of the present and future of AI, told in 11 statistics – including numbers related to AI's global economic impact by 2030, net job creation by 2022 as a result of AI usage, and more.


  • Analytics at the edge helps CenterPoint Energy deliver power to millions

    Delivering electricity to 2.5 million customers means monitoring thousands of miles of power lines. Learn how CenterPoint is using drones to collect Lidar, infrared and HD video data and processing it in the field with HPE Edgeline servers.


  • HPE Ezmeral ML Ops - Dev Ops speed & agility for machine learning

    The ability to apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to unlock insights from data through operational machine learning models is a key competitive advantage for businesses today.


  • HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric for Edge & IoT

    HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric helps organizations realize the full potential of their IoT investmentby addressing these challenges and more. It allows customers to deploy an architecture inwhich they act locally, learn globally.


  • How AI can benefit insurance companies

    The insurance industry is rapidly transforming; with the advent of AI and machine learning, much of the risk assessment and day-to-day business process can be automated. Read this white paper to learn how TIBCO’s data science and AI platform can integrate with a variety of existing features improve your data science initiatives.


  • Roadmap for IT Operations and managing EHR

    Access this white paper to learn how service visibility can improve hospital IT operations.


  • Improving Outcomes And Capabilitiesin Healthcare With Document Scanning

    In an industry as heavily regulated and dependent on split-second decision-making as healthcare, there’s an expensive liability that no one can seem to get rid of: Paper.Dive into this paper to discover how document scanning is transforming the shape of digitization in the world of healthcare, reducing costs, and enhancing patient care quality.


  • Exploring health IT interoperability in the new normal

    Download this white paper to explore how the pandemic has affected the journey to connected healthcare, and get insight into what health IT interoperability will look like in the new normal.


  • 5 ways a data catalog can drive self-service analytics

    In this white paper, discover how a data catalog can help your organization better manage its data, improve data productivity, and drive self-service analytics. Additionally, explore 5 data catalog features sure to improve time-to-decision, and review how a data catalog can benefit your organization.