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A New Model for Healthcare Transformation

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The journey to digital healthcare

The need for technological solutions in healthcare has never been greater as the NHS deals with unprecedented pressure. From personalised medicine made a reality through genome sequencing, to sharing health data and giving patients access to their own records, the government is ramping up its work on a digital NHS.

In this e-guide we look at how the NHS shared care records projects are progressing, and the European Commission's plans to share health data across borders. We also look at how one NHS trust has created a social media platform to help mental health service users, and examine Scotland's digital health and care strategy.

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  • Healthcare Book of Knowledge

    Improving the experience of users at all stages of healthcare organizations, from patient onboarding to complex medical record transfers, is a key differentiator in today’s competitive health industry.

    Access this white paper to explore real-world examples of how ServiceNow is improving medical record management, boosting compliance and security efforts, and personalizing healthcare and life sciences experiences.

  • Telehealth: 4 ways an INFRAM assessment guides your strategy

    It’s estimated that up to $250 billion of US healthcare spend has the potential to be virtualized. So how does your company prepare for the continued rise of telehealth?

    An INFRAM assessment lets you determine how ready your organization is to support virtual operations and can help you create a cohesive telehealth program.

    View this article to learn 5 key ways an INFRAM assessment guides your telehealth strategy by looking at the readiness of your:

    • Network transport
    • Wireless mobility
    • Security
    • And more

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  • Secure texting: The next great healthcare communications frontier

    In this expert e-guide, learn why the first step to secure communications technology (like texting) is convincing leaders and clinicians to recognize the risks to health data.


  • 3 strategies to reduce costly healthcare system outages

    The cost of outages in healthcare can be calculated in medical staff downtime and IT hours expended. Instead of improving preparation for planned and unplanned downtime, organizations can reduce the cost of downtime by limiting how often and for how long outages occur. Open up this white paper to explore 3 strategies to help.


  • Your guide to providing quality rural telehealth

    Rural populations stand to benefit greatly from telemedicine, but businesses need to make sure they have the ability to provide the telehealth services they plan on promoting. Access this short guide to discover how you can best organize and offer quality telehealth services in rural America.


  • Customer Operations in HealthCare: Building Blocks to Transform Patient Experiences And Minimize Operational Complexity

    Healthcare organizations must create omnichannel, consistent experiences while remaining compliant and reducing costs. Read on to explore how top performing healthcare organizations are achieving a 23.6x greater annual increase in customer satisfaction rates compared to the competition.


  • Improve your physicians’ EMR experience

    The burdens of dealing with EMR and other complex medical systems contribute to physician burnout and poor patient satisfaction. But you can make it easier to resolve EMR issues. Read on to learn how one automation platform automation can be used to improve the workflow of both clinicians and IT workers.


  • Case study: Healthcare data discovery & protection

    Across healthcare facilities, protecting safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) is a massive yet crucial responsibility – but how can you protect data if you don’t know where it resides? Read this case study to discover how United HealthCare boosted their data discover and protection capabilities thanks to a partnership with PKWare.


  • CW+: Analyst's take: Benefits of Siemens product lifecycle management software for life sciences

    Siemens product lifecycle management (PLM) Software for life sciences can help medical device manufacturers manage compliance requirements while supporting greater collaboration, ultimately reducing costs while improving patient outcomes.


  • Reliable networking for telemedical technology

    Visio Health is a telemedicine company that creates technology such as conferencing carts and software that communicates with ‘smart’ medical devices. To support their carts, Visio Health needed reliable, secure networking, and for devices, they needed automated IoT monitoring. See this case study to learn how CradlePoint was able to help.


  • Why virtual care is the future of healthcare

    In 2020, healthcare organizations were forced to take on digital transformation at a frenetic pace. Many reached for virtual tools to establish a new line of care for their patients. Take a quick survey to access this E-Guide and discover why virtual care is paving the way for the future of healthcare


  • Your expert guide to digital tools for health services

    At a time when the NHS is faced with unprecedented pressure, new technological solutions can help ease some of the strain. From apps to electronic records and artificial intelligence, technology is playing an increasingly important part in transforming the health service.


  • Healthcare sector to shed pounds with mobile health applications

    If the worldwide health system is not in crisis, it is under intense pressure and cost cutting trends in the light of the global downturn are only set to continue. For most hospitals and medical establishments budget allocations for IT were expected to be smaller in 2009 than in 2008.


  • Physician’s guide to stress-free telehealth visits

    Telehealth visits are just as new to physicians as they are to patients. Now, as healthcare workers and patients both adjust to the “new normal,” the struggle to provide excellent patient care while juggling new technologies can drag experiences down. Learn how you can reduce the stress of telehealth visits with this guide.


  • How healthcare organizations can use data science tools to improve PX

    How do you improve patient experience and health outcomes? The journey is significantly easier to navigate with data science tools—like Fractal's Automated insights for digital evolution (AIDE). Watch this brief video to learn how their solution can help you become more agile and save time while providing high-quality patient insights.


  • Personalized healthcare: Better connect & understand patients

    Watch this brief video to learn how personalized healthcare experiences can help you connect with your consumers and understand what they truly want.


  • How healthcare organizations can respond to ransomware

    The revolution in medical devices, software, and mobile technology is making it possible to deliver more efficient and effective patient care. But these technologies have generated new opportunities for cyberattackers. In this e-book, learn how to gain the visibility, control and protection you need to secure your users and data.


  • Digital transformation in healthcare

    This webinar takes an in-depth look at a real-world case study of using scanning hardware and software to take advantage of paper-based patient records without forcing clinicians to lose their focus on patient care.


  • Evidence of the Effects of Healthcare IT on Healthcare Outcomes

    This study by HIMSS Analytics highlights, for the first time, a correlation between the maturity of IT within NHS hospitals and improvements to patient outcomes.


  • The benefits of SaaS for Electronic Health Records (EHR)

    Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have become a critical asset to healthcare providers everywhere over the past few years. In this white paper, learn how Software-as-a-Service solutions, such as the Epic as a Service platform powered by HPE GreenLake, can improve patient care by keeping your EHR in top working order. Learn more here.


  • Computer Weekly – 5 February 2019: Technologies to support deep learning

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at the technologies needed to support deep learning and AI applications in your organisation. We hear about Southern Water's data management overhaul and the benefits achieved from centralising its data team. And we examine best practice in managing large-scale Docker implementations. Read the issue now.


  • How Arcserve protects over 200 TB of hospital data

    Checkout this case study to learn more about the results that the Burton NHS Trust experienced with Arcserve, including faster data recovery, reduced backup times, minimized downtime, and instant access to systems and data at a secondary location, all of which helped to safeguard patient care.


  • How cloud collaboration tools can boost your healthcare organizations effectiveness

    Many healthcare organizations use technology that ends up holding them back—increasing care complexity, limiting collaboration, and reducing doctor effectiveness. Check out this white paper to learn how a cloud-based collaboration solution is helping healthcare leaders overcome these challenges, all while keeping data secure and compliant.


  • Why you should move healthcare content services to the cloud

    When the pandemic first hit in 2020, healthcare organizations had to make sudden big adjustments to enable a larger remote workforce and find entirely new ways to provide flexible, remote patient care. Now, there’s no turning back. Access this resource after a brief survey to learn the value of moving content services in the cloud .


  • Computer Weekly – 30 October 2018: A row is brewing over EU plans to curb datacentre energy use

    In this week's Computer Weekly, a row is brewing over an EU plan to curb datacentre energy use, and the leading server suppliers are not happy. Health secretary Matt Hancock tells us about his new technology vision for the NHS. And we examine the growing popularity of short-term "gig" employment for IT professionals. Read the issue now.


  • Virtual Data Center: Health Care IT Edition, Sept. 2011

    Cloud computing holds a lot of promise for the healthcare industry, since infrastructure costs can hinder the adoption of EHR systems. However, many providers shy away from cloud services because of security concerns. Inside this e-zine, gain insight on how to utilize the cloud while still ensuring patient data security and HIPAA compliance.


  • CW APAC, Sep 2021: Buyer's guide to robotic process automation

    In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at the adoption of robotic process automation in APAC and where the technology fits in the wider automation landscape


  • Computer Weekly – 16 July 2019: Reaping the benefits of digital transformation at Defra

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we check out the digital transformation at Defra, and see how the government department is preparing for Brexit. The new technology chief for the NHS explains how he's going to bring the health service into the digital age. And we examine how to make a success of enterprise social media platforms. Read the issue now.


  • Why the time for telehealth is now

    COVID-19 provided a much-needed catalyst for widespread integration of telemedicine. Now, the time has come to use it against the biggest long-term health challenges. Study this white paper to learn why telehealth is more important than ever and discover a purpose-built telehealth platform for the present and the future.


  • How healthcare content services platforms are improving performance & outcomes

    Post-COVID-19, healthcare organizations are going through a lot of changes. This report from analyst firm Frost & Sullivan explains why the right infrastructure is needed for healthcare success, how to start your transformation, and more. Get your copy after a brief survey.


  • Big data analytics & innovation in Australian healthcare

    In this e-guide, find out how healthcare providers in Australia and the rest of APAC have successfully tapped the power of data analytics and other related technologies to advance digital health and better position themselves to cope with the growing demand for healthcare.


  • ServiceNow’s Government Book of Knowledge

    See how your peers from Accenture, NZTE, and GSA are dealing with the shifts brought on by COVID-19 and the approaches used to handle them. These quick-read summaries of their Knowledge 2021 breakout presentations offer valuable insights into improving the citizen experience and bringing about digital transformation. Access it here.


  • CW Middle East Jan to Mar 2018

    The Middle East is investing heavily in IT to make life better for its population. Smart city developments are an example. But read in this issue how in the Middle East, where there is a growing population and a rise in lifestyle-related disease, IT is being used to support the healthcare system.


  • 3 strategies to ensure resiliency for critical healthcare IT services

    The tasks facing IT professionals have increased in just the past few years. The shift to more mobile technologies has created more systems to monitor, more points of access to sensitive information, and more workflows to maintain. Open up this white paper to explore 3 strategies you can adopt in your organization to improve your IT investments.


  • Computer Weekly – 22 May 2018: GDPR is here – are you ready?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, the EU's new GDPR rules come into force this week – we ask if companies are ready and look at what happens if you're not compliant. Our latest buyer's guide examines digital transformation and the role of the CIO. And we find out how technology is changing the traditional sport of cricket. Read the issue now.


  • AI and analytics help HCPs meet engagement expectations

    Access this white paper to learn how a new era of digital engagement stands to transform healthcare providers around the world and discover how AI and analytics are creating some of the most impactful change.


  • Supporting employee health with benefits tech solutions

    Today, only 17% of employees feel confident in benefit selection and use. To address rising (and costly) health care needs, employers must drive engagement using a confidential, customized platform. Download this white paper to learn how claims-based personalization can help employers keep their workforce healthy.


  • Computer Weekly – 9 October 2018: NHS app marks a new era for UK health service

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the long-awaited mobile app from the NHS and ask what it means for a digital health service. We hear from early experimenters of blockchain to find out what it will take for the technology to be enterprise-ready. And we analyse the impact of M&A on corporate networks. Read the issue now.


  • Best practices for healthcare data migration to the cloud

    SAP Cloud Platform is the key technology in SAP's plan to drive digital transformation by linking legacy applications and data with next-generation technology.


  • Improve patient care with data governance and content management

    Download this eBook—after completing a brief survey—to learn more about the transformational power of content services for healthcare.


  • CW Innovation Awards: NUHS taps RPA in Covid-19 swab tests

    In this case study, learn how Singapore's National University Health System deployed RPA bots to automate patient registration during Covid-19 swab tests as part of broader efforts to improve efficiency.


  • Analyst's take: Benefits of Alpha ImageWorks 9000 for healthcare providers

    Alpha ImageWorks 9000 centralizes patient records into a single, secure repository, providing easy access, accelerated processing time and billing, and significant time saving in reviewing patient records.


  • 3 mistakes that stand in the way of population health success

    Healthcare organizations increasingly turn to population health to deliver higher-quality care and curb today’s unsustainable healthcare spending, projected to reach $6 trillion by 2027. Learn how you can deliver better population health by avoiding 3 common mistakes, in this article.


  • Healthcare organizations: Securing your data in the cloud

    How can healthcare organizations embrace the benefits of the cloud while minimizing the impact of its risks? Download this guide for insights that define the scope of your responsibilities in cloud security and best practices to follow in your journey to the cloud.


  • How to improve threat detection & response in hospitals

    Access this use case guide to learn more about the cybersecurity struggles of healthcare security managers, how to improve threat detection and response in hospitals, and they key advantages and capabilities of Trend Micro’s Vision One offering.


  • Explore a new era of integrated care with intelligent automation

    The COVID-19 pandemic only reinforced the need for more coordination across all healthcare activities, a need only highlighted by the complex challenge of managing the vast range of healthcare systems. Open up this eBook to see how intelligent automation can help cross these barriers in your healthcare organization.


  • Balancing security, compliance & innovation: Healthcare e-guide

    In order to ensure they are meeting user demands, healthcare and life sciences organizations are rapidly embracing cloud capabilities. However, within this industry, security often goes hand in hand with HIPAA compliance. So, how can these organizations balance security, compliance and innovation? Download this e-guide to find out.


  • Reduce healthcare spending with AI-enabled care management

    Download this case study to see how HealthCatalyst has helped UnityPoint reduce spending by $32.2 million.


  • Arcadia Insights Suite - Healthcare Analytics For All