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Achieving Value in Healthcare Through Efficiency and Effectiveness

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Tips for COVID-19 vaccine management

While vaccine management in a typical year is business as usual, the COVID-19 vaccine is not.

The COVID-19 vaccines requires seamless execution across many organizations, and that execution needs to be fast, accessible, and help prevent even a single drop of the vaccine going to waste.

This white paper focuses on all aspects of vaccine management, offering up suggestions for connecting workflows from distribution to administration to monitoring. Open now to read up on key goals for the vaccine, challenges, how to approach vaccine management and more.

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  • How a healthcare provider implemented modern workflow management

    When employees don’t use a new technology solution as intended, it often leads to a sub-optimal ROI and ineffective workflow management.

    That’s what one major healthcare provider was dealing with—and what ultimately drove them to work with Advizex, who helped identify workflow management issues and make improvements that would not only tackle the day-to-day but also set them up for the future.

    Learn more about the healthcare organization’s experience with Advizex, and the benefits of using a modern workflow management solution in this eBook.

  • Are martech trends really worth watching?

    With all of the recent growth in the marketing tech space, an illusion has developed that a marketer’s job has somehow gotten easier. We may have more channels to work with and there are more and better technologies to leverage, but these advances can sometimes actually make our jobs more challenging.

    Open this white paper to learn how to keep up with trends in marketing communication and demand generation to continue moving buyers through your sales funnel.

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  • Analyst's take: IBM’s acquisition of SPSS is good news for SAS and SAP customers

    IBM’s SPSS acquisition gives SPSS users a broader support network, IBM Cognos users a predictive analytics platform, and more enterprise users one-stop shopping.  Looking to the future, that could mean analytics ― and better predictive decision making ― on every desktop.


  • Embedded analytics: Use cases, outcomes and ROI

    Embedded analytics empowers the whole workforce to make transformative, data-driven insights every day - rather than limiting analytics to IT or a team of analysts. Read this white paper for a collection of 10 embedded analytics success stories and the companies that benefitted from this workplace data empowerment.


  • Analyst's take: IBM Cognos Express helps efficient adoption of BI and PM technology

    Senior managers who have balked at the cost and complexity of adopting technology such as business intelligence (BI) and performance management (PM) should consider IBM Cognos Express as a way to adopt these technologies while minimizing time to benefit, deployment costs, and support costs.


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  • How ModelOps can help improve the task of embedding analytics

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  • The significance of data catalogs

    with a data catalog, enterprises can find, understand, trust, use, and reuse data. making it a key technology to overcome these challenges. Tune into this webinar to hear Dave Wells, senior analyst at Eckerson Group, explain what makes data catalogs central to data analysis, data curation, data governance, and data science.


  • Advanced analytics: No longer just nice to have

    Embedded analytics can be the most democratizing force for increasing analytics usage and adoption by the broader organization. Read this white paper to learn what makes the Qlik platform unique in its embedded analytics potential.


  • Running 500 billion transactions without sacrificing performance

    If you want to run analytics on your data, you’ve probably loaded that data into something like a data lake and started analyzing it. But making actionable insight in time to act is another story. Check out this case study to learn how a financial institution accelerated their analytics program without sacrificing accuracy or security.


  • Accelerate your Tableau time to insight with Kyvos

    Check out Kyvos’s Smart OLAPTM technology to learn how you can accelerate your time to insight on Tableau, connect Tableau directly to the cloud or on-prem platforms, scale limitlessly and more, even with massive amounts of data from disparate sources.


  • CW+: Analyst's take: Leveraging IBM Cognos software with training

    When IBM Cognos users complement their deployments with formal training services, end users become more productive, report building costs are reduced, and more end users adopt IBM Cognos tools such as BI and PM.


  • Your 4-step blueprint to company-wide analytics buy-in

    Analytics are only as effective as the people using them—and as you probably know, a lot of people simply refuse to embrace widespread analytics usage or best practices. Access this short e-book to read Looker’s complete, 4-step guide to building a culture of data and analytics in your company.


  • How self-service analytics culture overcame this companies information silos

    Hemlock Semiconductor was suffering from heavy information silos and tired legacy systems that were not keeping pace with their modern analytics efforts—but, they were able to work around this by embracing a more self-service analytics culture. Read this case study to learn how TIBCO helped make this possible.


  • Tackling 3 key challenges on the road to faster, data-driven decisions

    Advanced analytics are playing a key role in informed, up-to-date decision making. Access this white paper to learn how CFOs and other business leaders can overcome 3 key problems keeping them from successful, widespread real-time analytics integration.


  • Build data applications with ease using Looker

    When you build your own applications for BI and analytics use cases, you can ensure they’re designed to fit your needs and fully integrate within your wider IT architectures. Read on to learn how Looker can help business develop their own best-in-class, scalable data products to improve your business agility and reduce overall costs.


  • How to build a successful analytics program

    Access this playbook to learn 5 ways you can gain an organizational data advantage with self-service and AI analytics, discover how you can automate your analytics workflow, and boost productivity with augmented analytics.


  • Interest levels in self-service BI tools is increasing – here's why

    Businesses are prioritizing self-service BI tools, according to Dresner Advisory Services. Read this research paper from Dresner to learn why you may want to consider incorporating self-service BI tools into your strategies.


  • Real-time insights from a cloud-based BI platform

    Forrester conducted a study investigating the possible ROI enterprises stand to see by investing in Domo, a cloud-based BI platform for real-time analytics. Read the report here to learn why companies are choosing Domo in the highly competitive BI market.


  • Analytics in 2021: Building success through data

    As companies adapt to new norms of constant data growth, unstructured data storage, and cloud data architectures, they’re embracing a new analytics stack designed with the realities of today in mind. Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn how you can build AI-infused analytics that deliver speedy, relevant intelligence at scale.


  • Designing Better Datasets for Diagnostic Analytics: A Sisu How-to Guide

    Advanced data warehouses are unlocking more complex and granular datasets than ever before. Unfortunately, many BI programs and analytics models are optimized for older, broader datasets. Read this white paper to learn 4 principles that will allow you to take advantage of your technology and run truly advanced diagnostic analytics.


  • How Kyvos can speed up your analytics processes

    Even companies that have an intelligent, centralized data architecture layout struggle with data bottlenecks as their BI tools try to pull data from a data lake. Read this architecture guide to learn how Kyvos’s Smart OLAP provides your business with an overlying layer than can accelerate analytics processing times from minutes to seconds.


  • 5 analytics pitfalls and how to avoid them

    Gartner estimates that 70 to 80 percent of BI initiatives end up failing—but how is it possible that so many businesses fail with BI & analytics? Read this white paper to learn 5 reasons analytics solutions are considered failures and learn how you can surmount these challenges.


  • Narrow AI vs. True AI: Learn the difference

    Read this white paper for an explanation of the key differences between weak and strong AI and a debunking of 5 common myths regarding AI and machine learning (ML).


  • How to run flexible, complex analytics without exhaustive IT involvement

    Read this white paper to learn how Incorta’s unique Direct Data Mapping approach allows real-time analytics to be deployed directly on top of original, complex transactional data—eliminating the need for complicated data tables, data transformations, and IT ticket overload.