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The Quest for a Cloud Integration Strategy

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The problems facing Australian and New Zealand IT leaders

Over 91% of IT leaders in Australia and New Zealand have identified a need to improve their organizational connectivity, but 50% report that they’re hitting obstacles in the process.

Click inside to learn more about the challenges and opportunities that IT leaders in your corner of the world are tackling with the help of IPaaS and low-code platforms.

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  • How to integrate cloud applications without advanced coding knowledge

    In stark contrast to the monolithic applications of days gone-by, today’s users expect near-universal levels of application integration. Of course, this brings a swath of new challenges to IT teams as they work to keep up with already high user demands.

    Jump into this webinar to get a live look at a cloud integration platform designed to help – and without requiring advanced coding or app integration knowledge.

  • Select the Right Cloud Integration Tool For Your Business

    As more and more organizations make the move to the cloud, it is becoming apparent that cloud migration is not a do-it-yourself type project. Forward-thinking businesses are leveraging cloud integration platforms to simplify the process.

    In this expert guide, gain insight into how  a cloud integration platform can help simplify your transition to the cloud, including:

    • How to select the right integration tool for your project
    • Key questions to ask cloud integration providers
    • And much more

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  • How to expedite government digital transformation via cloud integration

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