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Strategies for managing virtualized and cloud-based environments

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Private Cloud E-Zine Vol. 4

As cloud continues to evolve, IT managers are looking for better integration of cloud platforms with existing tools, greater control and management, improved self-service and greater portability among cloud environments. This e-zine takes a look at trends in cloud computing, using open source software, moving applications to the cloud.


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  • Why Physical Networks Don't Cut It for the Private Cloud

    Organizations are adopting private clouds with great gusto, however, building a private cloud means offering a whole new model for service delivery from the data center based on virtualization, orchestration, multi-tenancy, provisioning, etc. This expert tip discusses why physical networks don’t cut it for the cloud, addressing multi-tenancy in the private cloud and the cloud VLAN challenge.

  • On premise vs. public vs. private cloud: where should you work?

    Determining where to run your workloads is a top challenge for IT today. There’s almost never a one-size-fits-all option, and you may find yourself choosing between the on-premises, public cloud, or private cloud options for each and every workload.

    Key factors such as speed, flexibility, scalability, and cost are likely to affect your decision making. Open this whitepaper to learn how to choose the best infrastructure model for each of your workloads. 

    Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more. 

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  • The rise of flexible consumption models

    The bad news is that budget constraints and over-stretched IT staff are on the rise. The good news is that flexible consumption models are on the rise as well. Learn more about the industry shift in this survey report.


  • How multi-cloud and on-prem storage stack up

    There’s growing evidence that a multi-cloud infrastructure has its drawbacks, mainly from the increased levels of complexity and data migration that comes with adoption. A recent ESG survey examined how modern on-premises storage solutions compare to public cloud in the following areas: cost, performance, and scalability.


  • e-Guide: Cloud computing myths and tips

    Read this e-guide to gain insights on the building blocks of the private cloud and how the cloud works with virtualisation. Also, uncover the truth about four common cloud computing myths.


  • Strategies for Building a Private Cloud

    While the cloud can offer many benefits, IT professionals are still hesitant to transition their computing environments with all the complexities involved. This expert e-zine discusses current cloud trends, the benefits of taking the plunge, and tools you can leverage to ease the extensive process so you don’t have to lag behind.


  • Optimizing workload placement in your hybrid cloud

    According to recent IDC research findings, organizations should start their modernized infrastructure journey by considering optimal workload placement, based on workload usage characteristics and organizational objectives. Download this whitepaper from Dell Technologies and Intel to learn more.


  • Your guide to modernizing SQL Server deployments

    Keeping SQL servers highly available, efficient, and cost-effective is such a priority for many companies that they have neglected to properly upgrade or integrate these environments. Access this e-book to learn strategies to overcome the common challenges you might face running a SQL Server in traditional IT environments.


  • Modernizing Cloud IA to adapt to unpredictable changes

    After completing the renewal of its accounting system in July 2019, Mizuho Bank is refreshing the infrastructure of its private cloud platform, Mizuho Cloud IA.


  • A practical guide to mission-critical cloud computing

    To start your cloud journey on the right foot, this guide offers recommendations on what to ask and what to look for in a cloud service provider, as well as how to know if a service provider partner is right for you. Save the guide here.


  • E-Guide: Expert Tips to Successfully Implement a Private Cloud

    Deploying a private cloud successfully requires extensive planning and a smartly executed strategy. Read this expert e-guide to review the key steps to take to effectively implement a private cloud in your enterprise and discover how to prepare for road blocks that may come up along the way.


  • IT in Europe E-Zine – The Cloud Issue

    There is enormous competitive advantage to be gained by organisations that understand how to take advantage of the opportunities for innovation that the cloud represents. In this month's IT in Europe, we aim to help point you in the right direction.


  • E-Guide: Key Considerations for Creating a Hybrid Cloud

    In this e-guide from, discover key considerations for creating a hybrid cloud for your organization. Learn why it is important to keep in mind data security, hypervisor usage, and cloud management. Also, find out how to identify applications that can be moved to the public cloud to optimize capacity in the private cloud.


  • 5 steps to multi-cloud mastery

    In this 25-page guide, learn how a cloud management platform for multi-cloud orchestration can bridge the growing gap between teams, tools, and processes. The guide delves into the 5 critical steps organizations must take to transform IT service delivery, from enabling self-service to establishing controls and policy.


  • Should you replace legacy IT infrastructures with cloud?

    While operating a growing business sounds great, it often comes with major IT infrastructure challenges. Download this case study to see how accounting and advisory firm Mazars went from bogged down by IT maintenance to a company optimized by cloud.


  • What is Private Cloud Computing Anyway?

    Vendors are racing to deliver private cloud offerings, but there are really only a few “true” cloud solutions available, so it is critical to be able to separate fact from fiction when looking at the saturated market. Read this e-book to gain expert insights on the private cloud and learn best practices for building one in your organization.


  • Private Cloud Computing E-Zine Volume 1: Private cloud computing as a business strategy

    While many enterprises have moved to the private cloud model, have they adopted it entirely, and what are the roadblocks to getting there? In this inaugural edition of our Cloud Computing e-zine, we explore company strategies for private cloud adoption, some of the benefits of this model, and the challenges of a true private cloud infrastructure.


  • 2021 state of cloud HPC report

    High performance computing (HPC) is now a mainstream reality. This survey report includes the top HPC insights from over 300 organizations, running 680+ applications on each of the major cloud providers. Explore the state of cloud HPC as of 2021 and learn how HPC can fit into your digital transformation strategy. Save the report here.


  • Mix and match:Overcoming cloud integration challenges

    This 33-page EGuide seeks to shine a light on all various forms of cloud integration challenges, alongside some of the approaches enterprises have taken to addressing them.


  • What Converged Infrastructure Brings to a Private Cloud

    This concise expert e-guide provides a detailed overview of converged infrastructure, or what our editors like to call "hardware that's designed with virtualization and the cloud in mind." Read on now to learn how a private cloud can act as an enabler of converged infrastructure and what benefit this can provide to your business.


  • IT Handbook: Private Cloud Management

    This IT handbook examines the top reasons to consider private cloud computing. Find out why virtualization is a critical first step in your cloud initiative and obtain detailed information on the role of performance monitoring, capacity planning, and chargeback.


  • The Role of Software-Defined Networks in Cloud Computing

    This expert guide breaks down the role of software-defined networks on a cloud computing environment.


  • The ultimate cloud cheat sheet

    It's hard enough keeping tabs on what AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud each offers—add in all the services and products from each provider too and things get complicated, fast. This is where TechTarget’s Ultimate Cloud Cheat Sheet saves the day. Make sure to save the guide here for reference.


  • How Red Hat tackles cloud migration

    When it comes to migrating operating environments, many businesses are clear about where they want to go—but due to limited resources or lack of a comprehensive strategy, they’re unsure how to get there. In this report, learn how Red Hat Consulting helps customers migrate from a traditional infrastructure to a bimodal cloud infrastructure.


  • ITIL lifestyle management: Benifits to consolidation strategy

    Access this expert e-guide for an in-depth look at each of these strategies and determine which one is best for your business. Download now and learn how ITIL lifecycle management can benefit your consolidation strategy.


  • Configuration Management for Virtual and Cloud Infrastructures

    The top seven things to consider when managing configuration for virtual and cloud infrastructures.


  • How 2020 accelerated digital adoption, and why you need to embrace it now

    As remote work becomes a permanent feature of office life, the role of the cloud in digital transformation will only grow, making it key for businesses to prepare for the future with an aggressive digital transformation plan in place. Explore what the future of digital adoption will look like in your business here.


  • How to Get Future Ready Infrastructure for Hybrid Cloud and Modern Applications

    Download the white paper to learn how your organization can prepare for tomorrow – today – and maximize IT investments by adopting a modern approach to infrastructure with VMware Cloud Foundation™.


  • Understanding the TCO of Google Cloud VMware Engine

    Cloud migration is a notoriously complex process, which is why many organizations choose a solution like the Google Cloud VMware Engine (VMware Engine) to help simplify the process. In this white paper, explore the TCO associated with running applications on VMware infrastructure in Google Cloud compared to an on-premises data center.


  • 3 key steps to modernize cloud infrastructure

    Companies that embraced digital transformation in 2020 successfully navigated a disrupted world. As Microsoft’s Satya Nadella noted, “we’ve seen 2 years’ worth of digital transformation happen in 2 months.” To keep this momentum, explore 3 key steps to modernize cloud infrastructure and continue advancing critical business priorities here.


  • What 5G means for cloud computing

    As 5G networks finally find their footing, operators are relying more and more on edge cloud infrastructure to keep up to speed. In this Red Hat guide, learn about the future of 5G Edge Clouds, 4 key takeaways every operator should know, and what security teams must do to prepare today. Download the guide.


  • Monitor, rinse, repeat: The 3 factors for cloud migration

    According to VMware and UK Cloud, the best cloud practices come in sets of three. For any IT project to be a success, there must be three factors in place: The right people, the right processes, and the right technology. To learn about the other factors involved in successful IT projects and cloud migrations, download the full guide here.


  • Realizing Cloud Cost Savings

    This expert e-book discusses the importance of evaluating the costs associated with building a private cloud before jumping the gun. Learn how to prove the economic value of this environment, learn about hidden costs, and discover surprising savings you might not know about.


  • Why your cloud shouldn’t replicate on-prem solutions

    Instead of taking advantage of the unique benefits the cloud has to offer, teams are all too often replicating on-premise infrastructure with IaaS or automated VMs. The focus needs to shift to enabling cloud-native capabilities, applications, and products. Learn how to prioritize cloud-native in your team with this guide.


  • Security Risks in the Cloud

    This expert guide offers advice for securing data in the public cloud. Hear how your peers are handling cloud security and data privacy issues and gain answers into the top cloud security questions.


  • Life and Shift vs. Lift and Extend

    In this article, CAST Highlight explores the “Lift & Extend” cloud adoption framework, which places application landscape and containerization-as-a-service at the core of the cloud adoption strategy. Learn more here.


  • The secret to automation success

    There’s a rumor going around: The secret to automation success is consistent infrastructure and consistent operations. This paper aims to prove that this isn’t just a rumor, but the truth for automation. Download the paper to learn how automation and hybrid IT fit together thanks to consistent and simplified infrastructure.


  • Get what you need from the cloud without changing how you use Red Hat

    Just as every enterprise has its own unique applications and business model, each has different technology needs, strategic regional partnerships, and favorite public cloud vendors. In this overview, see how Red Hat Cloud Access enables you to choose the best cloud provider while still deploying the Red Hat solutions your business needs.


  • Boosting your cloud migration with Red Hat

    Read this data sheet to learn how the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Tata Consultancy Services Intelligent Cloud Migration Continuum allow businesses to accelerate their cloud migration by automating parts of their migration, bringing Linux containers to the cloud, and more.


  • Presentation Transcript: Managing IT Resources in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

    This presentation transcript defines the key challenges of managing IT resources in a hybrid cloud model and some ways to overcome them.


  • 3 key responsibilities for I&O leaders

    This white paper lays out the changing role of I&O, 3 key responsibilities for I&O leaders, a solution with 3 key opportunities, and more. Access it here to learn the role VMware VRealize Cloud Management can play to empower I&O leaders.


  • Prioritizing VM-based workloads in hybrid IT and multicloud architectures

    Download this white paper to see why so many organizations still rely on VMs, and how hybrid IT and multicloud architectures are evolving to better support these workloads.


  • Breaking down the cloud native continuum

    This guide breaks down the cloud native continuum, evaluating the different technologies that the continuum is composed of (such as VMs, containers, and serverless) while providing guidance on how to choose between them.


  • The business decision behind cloud migration, explored

    Migrating your data infrastructure to the cloud is not just a technology decision—it’s a business decision too. This guide breaks down the 5 cloud environments your business can choose from when migrating data infrastructure and explores 4 business cases of cloud migration to consider. Download the guide here.


  • A single platform that unifies hybrid multi-cloud from Nutanix

    Check out this white paper to evaluate Nutanix, an easy, intelligent, and resilient cloud platform that enables maximum scalability, availability, and choice, helping over 15,000 businesses simplify their IT operations.


  • Should you migrate Oracle workloads to the cloud?

    Luckily, with the Google Cloud Platform, migrating Oracle databases is as easy and straightforward as it should be. Learn more about why you should migrate Oracle workloads to the cloud here.


  • Gain cost and management insight into your hybrid cloud estate

    Open this solution brief to learn more about HPE GreenLake, a self-service portal that allows you to rapidly gain cost and compliance insights and simplify management across your entire hybrid estate, making for a more seamless hybrid cloud experience.


  • Are you really cloud-first?

    Cloud-first strategies can keep your organization modernized and competitive. Being cloud-first means prioritizing and promoting the cloud, whether that looks like adjusting your IT architecture or carefully selecting a cloud provider. This guide outlines 3 steps to take to evaluate your cloud-first strategy. Download the guide now.


  • Get ahead of the competition with your cloud deployment

    Getting full value from the cloud requires your company to have the right infrastructure, a well-integrated data architecture, clear migration strategies, and much more. Read on to learn how AHEAD’s Public Cloud Operating Model can help you get all you can from your cloud investments, whether you’re on AWS, Azure, or another cloud provider.