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Dell: Expanding Its Position as an HPC Market Leader

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Big Compute: 2021 State of Cloud HPC Report

Big Compute is the use of high performance computing (HPC) hardware and specialized software at scale to achieve breakthroughs in science, engineering and business.

This report reveals key trends in how HPC hardware and specialized software are accelerating cloud adoption across these industries, all by the numbers.

Open now to explore insight, statistics, and considerations from leading HPC practitioners.


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  • Proven, streamlined, cloud-enabled HPC from Penguin Computing

    The HPC landscape has changed dramatically over the past two decades with the move of compute environments to the cloud being one of the biggest.

    Whether cloud enabled HPC is a new concept for your organization or you are a seasoned practitioner looking for a performance edge, it’s crucial to consider things like platform complexity, cloud workload portability, mitigation, and of course, data center infrastructure.

    Penguin Computing has you covered.

    Explore this e-book to learn about Penguin Computing AccessHPC, a solution that combines decades of HPC design experience with cloud-native technologies to provide proven, streamlined, cloud-enabled HPC architectures.

  • The HPE GreenLake experience in a nutshell

    To date, HPC has not been widely used in places where it could help the most. That is about to change with HPC as a service through HPE GreenLake.

    HPE GreenLake for HPC is an on-premises end-to-end solution for HPC that makes it easier and faster for customers to deploy HPC and AI workloads, allowing end users, developers, and data scientists to run pure HPC, pure AI, and converged HPC/AI workflows on high-performance clusters.

    To find out more about the HPE GreenLake experience and see how HPE is powering the exascale era, read this white paper.

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  • Make your HPC goals a reality with Penguin Computing On-Demand

    Penguin Computing On-Demand (POD) allows organizations to utilize a high-performance, bare-metal, HPC computing environment in the cloud without having to invest in on-premises infrastructure. Explore this data sheet to learn what else is possible with Penguin Computing On-Demand.


  • The convergence of AI and HPC for research

    For decades, high performance computing (HPC) has been a powerful tool for research institutions, speeding up workloads and improving time to results. Now, rapid advancements in processing power, combined with massive amounts of real-time data, are enabling the adoption of AI for research institutions. Open up this paper to learn more.


  • How to build a modern HPC environment, explained

    Explore this e-book to learn about the major trends impacting HPC buying decisions; the challenges associated with legacy, on-premises clusters; the advantages of DIY cloud; and finally, how Rescale’s platform-managed HPC can help.


  • Accelerate demanding oil and gas workloads with improved HPC

    Access this data sheet to learn how high-performance computing (HPC) solutions from Intel and Red Hat can help oil and gas companies simplify and speed IT.


  • Overcoming the biggest HPC challenges with Penguin Computing TrueHPC

    Dive into this white paper to learn about Penguin Computing TrueHPC, a solution that provides a complete solution built on their workload-optimized server building blocks and Scyld ClusterWare HPC orchestration technologies which can meet the requirements of even the most demanding workloads.


  • Using HPE for exascale technology: An overview

    This paper discusses the potential ROI that can result from the dissemination of novel exascale technologies, using HPE for multiple exascale and pre-exascale supercomputers in the U.S. and Europe, to illustrate the role major HPC vendors can play in developing and scaling down these technologies for wider use. Access it here to learn more.


  • Thriving in the exascale era with HPE Apollo

    Access this resource to learn about HPE Apollo which brings the power of supercomputing to datacenters of any size while delivering performance, efficiency, reduced implementation time, and the flexibility to scale up or down for any HPC workload.


  • Tackle the most pressing compute challenges in science with Dell

    Checkout this white paper to learn about HPC and AI solutions from Dell that are ready to handle the era of genomics.


  • GENCI & the supercomputer facility - Jean Zay

    For the AI for Humanity program, GENCI set up a hybrid platform to address the needs of 2 communities: HPC and AI. Learn more now.


  • The convergence of AI and HPC, explained

    Inside this solution overview, learn about Dell EMC’s cutting-edge HPC Research platform designed to combine the capabilities of high-performance computing alongside AI.


  • How Tundra AP is raising the bar when it comes to HPC and AI

    Explore this white paper to learn the features, technical benefits, and business benefits of Tundra AP and see how it can bring a new level of HPC and AI to the OCP form factor.


  • 5 services that can transform Penguin Computing

    Penguin Computing is an industry leader in the design, deployment, and support of open technologies in diverse environments across market verticals. Explore this white paper to learn about the 5 services that make the most of your Penguin Computing Solutions and see the benefits they bring.


  • Achieve the flexibility needed for true industry 4.0 operations with HPE

    Access this IDC Technology Spotlight to learn why existing factory automation is holding back Industry 4.0, how edge computing can free automation from silos, see what software-defined automation at the edge looks like, and discover how HPE can help.


  • Rescale case study: Dinex

    With only a few weeks to complete a rather large project, Dinex turned to the cloud for big compute resources. Access this case study to reveal if they were able to complete the project on time and please their client.