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Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Parallels* Security Monitoring and Service Catalog for Public Cloud VPS Services

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Eguide: Top 10 risks in cloud computing and how to stay compliant

Transitioning to the cloud can come with numerous security risks and compliance issues because cloud computing does not adhere to many business regulations and standards. Evaluating these challenges in advance significantly helps IT professionals to better prepare their organizations. Access this expert e-guide to discover how you can overcome the top ten risks of cloud computing.

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  • Solution Spotlight: Evaluating Cloud Security Concerns

    Concerns around cloud security still remain the number one inhibitor to mass adoption. Access this expert e-guide that reveals successful strategies for protecting sensitive data in the cloud, and how to  effectively defend against the latest threats and maintain compliance while taking advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

  • How to select cloud formations for secure business collaboration

    Cloud computing offers massive scalability -  in virtual computing power, storage, and applications resources - all at almost immediate availability and low cost, and business managers are demanding their IT operations assess the benefits this new computing model can represent.  As with all  new technologies, there are new risks to be discovered and old risks to be re-evaluated.  Many articles have already been published, and several new groups have formed to address cloud computing. In line with our continuing strategy for enabling secure business collaboration, the Jericho Forum members are addressing how to collaborate securely in the clouds.  There are several “cloud formations” - or forms of cloud computing. Each offers different characteristics, varying degrees of flexibility, different collaborative opportunities, and different risks.  Thus one of the key challenges that businesses face when considering cloud computing as an option is to determine how to choose the cloud formation best suited to their various types of business operations.   The Jericho Forum’s objectives related to cloud computing are distinctive – enabling secure collaboration in the appropriate cloud formations best suited to the business needs.

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  • The security question for education in the cloud

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    Access this resource to explore two key security questions to ask when it comes to your hybrid cloud computing project, and whether or not you have the right management tools to ensure a secure environment.


  • Building a Successful Cloud Infrastructure Security and Compliance Practice

    This whitepaper provides guidance for various leaders driving towards the shared goal of building secure and compliant cloud infrastructure to accelerate their company's digital transformation.


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  • Webinar: what does cloud governance implementation look like?

    The traditional approach to cloud governance relies on IT gatekeepers to block certain users from accessing the cloud environment. But this approach creates a backlog of access requests and slows processes down. Watch Zones’ webinar to learn about effective cloud governance frameworks, and how removing gatekeepers minimizes security risks.


  • Why “cloud-first” isn’t working anymore

    The conversation has been shifting towards “cloud-first” in recent years, but that may not actually be the best choice for your organization. Read this article to learn why a hybrid cloud may work better for you.


  • Expert Strategies to Securing a Virtual Environment

    This expert e-guide presents three of the most common security problems that IT professionals face in virtual environments and how your business can best overcome them.