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Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture: Enhanced Cloud Security with HyTrust & Vmware

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Security Risks in the Cloud

Data protection and security are the largest concerns hindering the adoption of the public cloud model. This expert e-guide offers techniques and tips for securing data in a public cloud environment to help you overcome these challenges. Discover the key steps in handling data protection in the cloud and the top questions to answer before deploying a cloud strategy.

Hear how your peers are handling cloud security and data privacy issues and uncover answers to the following cloud security questions:

  • Why are privacy protection concerns growing?
  • What does the future hold for cloud security?
  • Is the cloud ready for wide-spread adoption?
  • And more

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  • Managing Hybrid Cloud Computing Risks

    If IT managers are concerned about the security aspects of public cloud computing, but unconcerned with private cloud security…what should be done about the security issues with hybrid cloud computing?

    In this article, uncover the top two security considerations with hybrid cloud computing. Click now to carefully assess which management tool will improve the chances of a successful hybrid cloud project.

  • Private Cloud Computing Security Issues

    Although private cloud sound like they would be more secure than public ones, having increased in-house control doesn’t necessarily mean more security. Because of this, security pros are often overlooking these risks and exposing confidential data.

    Access this resource to gain expert insight on a few of the most notable cloud computing security issues to consider when deploying a private cloud. Click now to know what to watch out for!

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    Organizations are in a mad dash to cloud-native environments. In this race to the cloud, security teams can’t afford to lose their footing. 451 Research’s brief explores the growing need for cloud security and the tools required to facilitate security improvements, such as containers, APIs, and IoT. Click inside to catch up.


  • Is security ready for cloud-native technologies?

    IDC predicts that by 2023, over 500 million digital apps will have been developed using cloud-native approaches. Many existing security tools are no longer applicable as more organizations rely on cloud-native technologies. Cloud-specific security needs more attention. Learn about the trends and challenges of cloud security in the full IDC report.


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  • How to select cloud formations for secure business collaboration

    Cloud computing offers massive scalability -  in virtual computing power, storage, and applications resources - all at almost immediate availability and low cost, and business managers are demanding their IT operations assess the benefits this new computing model can represent.


  • Eguide: Top 10 risks in cloud computing and how to stay compliant

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  • 58-pg eBook: Multicloud architecture

    Multicloud’s growth is outpacing even hybrid cloud solutions in today’s market. The next step is understanding how to best manage multicloud environments, as well as keep them secure. Inside this 58-page O’Reilly report, discover the benefits and challenges of using multicloud edge solutions.


  • Adding security to the twelve-factor app

    The twelve-factor app methodology, based in DevOps practices, is rising in popularity again as cloud-native workloads become the go-to strategy for many organizations. WhiteHat Security explores how to apply security to the twelve-factor app to get all the benefits of cloud application development while staying guarded. Watch the full webinar here.


  • 7 benefits of self-healing and optimization in the cloud

    While many enterprises now use self-healing automation to stay in control of their IT stack, some businesses still have reservations. In this article, explore the 7 key benefits and considerations for leveraging self-healing automation tools to manage your cloud.


  • Introducing self-healing automation for cloud

    It can be comforting—and critical—to have a secure cloud infrastructure that your business can rely on. In this guide, learn how CloudCheckr goes even further with Self-Healing Automation, a process that corrects misconfigurations and vulnerabilities automatically, without requiring human intervention. Get the details here.


  • Solve security gaps, reduce risk, and lower TCO with Check Point Infinity

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  • Report: Rating Google Workspace security

    In this exclusive guide, explore how Google vows to lead with a security-first mindset with cutting-edge cloud security, from data encryption at every step to strong authentication. Access the guide here by taking this brief survey—and learn more about putting security first.


  • 2021 cloud security report

    The 2021 Cloud Security Report has been produced by Cybersecurity Insiders to explore how organizations are responding to the evolving security threats in the cloud and the continued shortfall of qualified security staff. Download the report to learn key findings and recommendations for staying ahead of emerging cloud security trends.


  • Overcome cloud misconfigurations

    In a recent survey, misconfiguration was ranked by organizations as the single biggest threat to public cloud security (62%), followed by unauthorized access (58%), insecure interfaces/APIs (52%) and hijacking of accounts (50%). In this white paper, learn how to prioritize these risks so you can mitigate and prevent their associated threats.


  • Why cloud security is essential

    The shift to remote and now hybrid has necessitated cloud migration. Keeping your cloud secure is imperative in maintaining productivity and reducing risk as much as possible in our changing world. Use this guide to learn the elements of cloud security and how to build a comprehensive program.


  • Increase your cloud security maturity

    Moving to the cloud or even thinking about moving to the cloud can be overwhelming and confusing, but when it comes to securing it, you don’t have to go it alone. Read this data sheet to discover how Coalfire’s cloud security maturity (CSM) model strives to help you understand, implement and scale security as your cloud environment grows.


  • Securing your cloud migration

    The security and compliance challenges that accompany a cloud migration are deal-breakers for some organizations – understanding and addressing these concerns is the key to a confident and secure migration. Read this e-book to unlock exclusive insight from the cloud security experts at Palo Alto and AWS.


  • Start building cloud security skills

    Organizations are taking on a new priority: Cloud security. In fact, according to ESG, 86% of IT leaders who employ AWS Certified staff have improved the security of their cloud workflows. Use this guide to explore security skills that can enable you to boldly pursue your cloud goals.


  • Discover your total cloud footprint

    Today’s organizations are creating and abandoning assets in the cloud, leaving huge cloud footprints that are hard to see in the ephemeral IP space they occupy. Read this brief to learn how your organization can get complete cloud visibility with a “whole-of-internet” approach to discovering and securing cloud assets.


  • Embedding security into cloud DevOps on AWS

    What are the challenges of embedding security into cloud DevOps on AWS? How an environment be delivered, where security across application and infrastructure scales at the pace of cloud application development? Access this white paper to learn.


  • Cloud security: adopt a risk management mindset

    Access this white paper to learn how to adopt a risk management mindset for cloud security.


  • Anjunas’ Confidential Cloud Platform

    Nearly 70% of CISOs say the public cloud is unsafe, because sensitive data is exposed to insiders and other threats. Dive into this video to learn about Anjunas’ Confidential Cloud Platform and how it can help you make the public cloud private.


  • 20 tips for secure cloud migration

    To help organizations navigate in safe waters, the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)², has asked Certified Cloud Security Professionals to offer advice and insights on the steps an organization should take when planning to migrate to the cloud securely. Read this e-book to learn their 20 tips.


  • Cloud security training: 10 reasons why you need it

    Modern organizations are faced with so many cloud migration challenges that investing in cloud security training has become a critical business decision. Read this white paper to learn 10 reasons why this is the case.


  • Cloud Usage & SaaS Security: The lasting impacts of the pandemic

    When you think of the lasting impacts of the pandemic, what do you think of? For most organizations, it all comes back to cloud usage. With this video, explore what’s changing and what’s next in security. Dive into a discussion about SaaS security and how it has evolved over time.


  • A closer look at the compliance programs for VMware Cloud on AWS

    Today’s webcast discusses the compliance programs for VMware Cloud on AWS including the ongoing and currents status of said programs. Access it here for an introduction of VMC on AWS, learn about VMware’s Shared Responsibility Model, a look into their compliance offerings, and much more.


  • 2021 cloud misconfigurations report

    In the middle of 2021, Rapid7 researchers looked at 121 publicly reported cloud data exposure incidents that were disclosed in 2020 to see if they could find some similar causes and circumstances among them. Download their 2021 Cloud Misconfigurations Report to view the commonalities and patterns associated with these leaks and breaches.


  • What are your options for web application security?

    How confident are you in your web application security? Many organizations are turning to cloud-based SaaS security platforms. These solutions are scalable, assess vulnerabilities, and scan continuously. With a SaaS security platform in your toolkit, your organization can face risks with confidence. Read this datasheet now to learn how.


  • Case study: How Google Workspace focuses on security

    In this case study, explore how a former Rackspace customer found success with Google Workspace, with a specific focus on security, archival features, and a smooth migration. Read the case study by completing this quick survey.


  • 2 key principles of cloud security

    Cloud migration takes planning and expertise – you may need to learn as you go, but it cannot be a trial-and-error process. Depending on where you are in your cloud journey, it’s best to use different tactics. This white paper covers how to lay a foundation based on governance and how automation can help you mature.


  • Securing hybrid and multi-cloud environments

    Cloud computing has transformed how we consume and deploy IT solutions. With this new virtual shared infrastructure model, comes new risks. Check out this white paper to develop your solution checklist in this changing paradigm. Read on to get started.


  • Guide: dynamic observability for cloud-native apps

    Access this white paper for a guide to dynamic observability for cloud-native applications and environments. This guide includes the challenges created by digital transformation, consequences of a poor digital experience, current state of monitoring and incident management, dynamic cloud observability and its value, and more.


  • How to secure a hybrid cloud infrastructure

    451 Research Business Impact Brief for Security exploring how many organizations have arrived at hybrid without a formal plan, which creates security gaps that increase business risk.


  • Expert Strategies to Securing a Virtual Environment

    This expert e-guide presents three of the most common security problems that IT professionals face in virtual environments and how your business can best overcome them.


  • Centralize controls and risk management

    As remote work persists and the identity perimeter continues to evolve, is your organization equipped to take on these challenges? Hear Saviynt and Microsoft identity leaders discuss how you can use the Enterprise Identity Cloud and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to improve your security posture.


  • BP’s modernization and identity success story

    Learn how Saviynt's cloud-native solution provided multinational oil and gas company BP, the tools they needed to secure their digital transformation and evolve their IGA. Access the video to learn the full story.


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    This white paper discusses security best practices for migrating SAP to Microsoft Azure, describes where potential gaps can occur and covers which solutions do the best job of filling those gaps. Download now to explore what to look for in a security provider to minimize risk for your SAP environment.


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    AWS CloudTrail provides several security features to consider as you develop and implement your own security policies. Download the guide for the best practices with monitoring AWS CloudTrail logs.


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  • Cyberattacks: A mid-year threat report

    Explore this Cyber Attack Trends Mid Year Report for 2021 to evaluate the current threat landscape, learn about the impact of triple extortion, and more, all while using examples and stats from the real world.