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Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Cloud Interoperability with Citrix NetScaler MPX and Cloud Bridge

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App migration 101: Which to lift-and-shift

In this e-guide, expert consultants discuss the different ways to migrate apps to the cloud: re-architecting and “lift and shift” and which path an individual apps should take.

Not all apps are created the same, and figuring out the correct approach could not only reduce app performance and latency issues, but also save your enterprise time and money. 

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    There is a huge range of benefits you can enjoy when you move your clients to cloud accounting. But it’s vitally important to take a systematic approach to achieve success, leaving many organizations unsure of where to start.

    Fortunately, taking the first step forward is easy with this ultimate, 10-step guide to migrating clients to the cloud.

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  • Mazars Transforms to be More Agile by Migrating to the Cloud

    While operating a growing business sounds great, it often comes with major IT infrastructure challenges.

    Legacy applications and infrastructures cannot provide the agility needed in modern IT, which makes migrating to the cloud the best option for many businesses on the rise.

    Download this case study to see how accounting and advisory firm Mazars went from bogged down by IT maintenance to a company optimized by cloud.

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