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Get the Straight Story on Ethernet Fabrics

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Ethernet: When DSL and Wi-Fi can't handle your bandwidth needs

Businesses today are increasingly large consumers of data, and their bandwidth needs are often beyond what DSL and Wi-Fi can deliver affordably to power daily operations.

As a result, Ethernet is emerging as an alternative connectivity option. Learn about Ethernet in this resource, and the 2 main benefits it can offer:

  1. More speed and bandwidth
  2. Design that enables secure and scalable business communications

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  • How Ethernet serves as a foundation for digital transformation

    The network is the backbone of your digital transformation. Your ability to support high performance, always-on connectivity determines how successful your adoption of cloud-first and virtual technologies can be.

    This webcast explores how Ethernet serves as a foundational protocol for digital transformation since it’s designed to support high speed connectivity and help you answer the demand for additional bandwidth.

    Learn more about the role that Ethernet plays in your digital transformation by delving into topics, like:

    • How to standardize and scale with Ethernet
    • Tips for supporting the data center and cloud connectivity
    • How Ethernet helps simplify the network overall
    • Ethernet’s role in multi-WAN and WANs going forward 

  • Ethernet: How, why, and when businesses use it

    More businesses today are increasingly large consumers of data, and their bandwidth needs are beyond what DSL and Wi-Fi can deliver affordably to power daily operations.

    Ethernet, on the other hand, excels on a number of fronts.

    In this white paper, learn all about Ethernet and the 2 main benefits it offers:

    1. More speed and bandwidth
    2. Design that enables secure and scalable business communications

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  • Getting proper network visibility in the cloud era

    Network visibility has always been a complex issue, but it's even more so now in the cloud era. This guide gathers the latest reporting and expert insights into the issue of network visibility and covers tools and techniques network managers need to understand how all of their traffic is flowing.


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