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Brian Madden - Notes on Desktop Virtualization

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Dramatically reduce your AVD deployment time with Nerdio

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) has rapidly gained popularity in recent years as one of the most cost-effective cloud-based virtual desktop solutions. But getting AVD up and running can be a boring process no IT technician likes spending time on. But thanks to its auto-scaling feature, Nerdio Manager for Enterprise can shorten the deployment time to just 5-15 minutes.

Download this guide to deploying AVD to learn more.

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  • 3 ways you can deliver VDI cost savings

    There is nothing cheap about a VDI deployment, so it makes sense to trim costs wherever possible.

    In the past few years, VDI has become more cost effective, especially when you look at the total cost of ownership.

    Download this e-guide now to discover three strategies for achieving VDI cost savings.

  • How Apporto compares to other VDI solutions

    In a hybrid work model, the employee experience depends heavily on an effectively integrated IT ecosystem, including SaaS, web, and virtual applications and desktops.

    Apporto, now extending beyond its cloud-native roots, offers a seamless and superior user experience without the traditional complexities and costs associated with VDI solutions.

    View this resource to learn more.

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  • Essentials for designing the workplace of the future

    The digital workplace today is about empowering users with data and applications while ensuring zero business interruption across locations and devices. This requires providing a highly flexible and agile environment to users, something that can be made possible with desktop virtualization. Download this white paper to learn more.


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  • Accelerating transformation through IT modernization

    Three universities advanced IT for digital transformation. University of Pisa utilized NVMe storage and virtualization for quick data processing. Xavier University improved data protection for swift restores. Aalto University virtualized desktops for remote access to apps. Explore case studies to boost digital transformation in higher education.


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