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6 tips to boost teamwork for distributed teams

Atlassian's Annie Dean and Erika Trautman share strategies for teamwork in remote settings, offering 6 tips, including:

  • Swap meetings for asynchronous tools like Loom
  • Use video for social work updates
  • Enhance goal visibility to break silos
  • And more

Access this article to gain insight into how you can drive tech-enabled teamwork and discover the importance of intentional tool use for different tasks and shifting culture from admin to creation.

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  • A Guide to BYOD-enabled Conference Rooms

    Hybrid work remains standard, challenging businesses to ensure their conferencing technology fosters collaboration and smooth experiences.

    To accomplish these goals, many businesses are adopting a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model for their conference rooms.

    Browse this white paper to access a shopping list for creating a BYOD conference room for your company. Items include:

    • A USB camera
    • 1 or more displays
    • And more

  • Meeting employee expectations in an unpredictable economy

    Every organization today faces a new challenge: Meeting employees’ growing expectations while balancing business outcomes in an unpredictable economy.

    For many businesses that have undergone digital transformations, this means equipping end users with the right devices to enable collaboration and productivity. Is your organization truly ready for a new world of hybrid and remote work?

    Discover if you’re equipped for a transitioning workforce in this interactive web experience.

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