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CW+: Quocirca Report: Cloud Computing - Taking IT to task

Much of the discussion around modern IT still revolves around purely technical aspects of a given platform, leaving many business people in the dark as to what true value of a new technical architecture actually is. With businesses being run by process – not by technology – a new approach has to be taken: one that starts with the business imperative, drills down to the business process and then uses technology - increasingly from outside sources – to enable and facilitate the business tasks that are the basic building blocks of business value.

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  • CW+: Study: The economic benefits of cloud to business and the economy

    This is a summary of the report on and results of an independent study to quantify the economicbenefits of cloud computing to business and to Europe’s five largest economies (in alphabetical order,France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK). The study was undertaken by Centre for Economics andBusiness Research Ltd (Cebr) on behalf of EMC, a global commercial technology company, providingsystems, software and services to its business clients.

  • The case for automating hybrid cloud management platforms

    Hybrid cloud is one of the largest attention grabbers currently in IT. Everyone is looking into hybrid cloud management platforms even though they still present deployment and management issues.

    This e-guide probes the challenges facing hybrid cloud management platforms. Read the argument in favor of automating hybrid cloud management, as well as cloud monitoring, policy-based control, security, and more.

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  • Ovum briefing: The cloud computing strategies of major telcos

    The major global telcos have led the competitive march from telecoms into cloud computing, and are now widely seen as credible players in cloud computing services including infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).


  • CW+: Interoperability in the cloud – a guide from PA consulting

    Cloud computing is now at the point where it can no longer be considered as just hype. Although it varies by industry sector, many organisations are now either implementing or planning to implement externally-hosted cloud solutions.


  • Multicloud challenges: From security to provisioning

    In this expert-guide, explore how the growth of the multicloud has impacted networking strategies from security to provisioning. Then, read on to learn how a cloud management platform can help you solve these challenges, as well as what capabilities it must have to be effective.


  • Going public? The case for private or public clouds to support enterprise IT strategy

    The rapid growth of public cloud providers offering services present an obvious opportunity for IT managers looking for flexibility without excess spending. In this report, we examine the relative merits of public and private cloud services, and help IT managers to identify when is best to use each to support their IT strategy.


  • Gartner: Five Roles for Government in Cloud Computing

    As a consequence of tightening budgets and increasing uncertainties, government organizations are looking at how to leverage cloud computing as a model to ensure greater flexibility, lower costs, more-rapid provisioning and greater focus on areas that are more domain-specific.


  • App migration 101: Which to lift-and-shift

    This e-guide looks at the different ways of migrating apps to the cloud: re-architecting and "lift and shift" and which path an individual apps should take. Not all apps are created the same, and figuring out the correct approach could save an enterprise time and money.


  • CW+ Gartner Research: The impact of cloud computing on suppliers in banking

    Despite well-publicised concerns regarding security, compliance and data integration issues, banking institutions have begun embracing cloud computing across the services spectrum.


  • IT Handbook: Offsite Messaging Decisions for the Exchange Admin

    Hosting Exchange Server off-site may appeal to businesses getting comfortable with the idea of cloud computing and its various advantages, but is it really a good idea?


  • Gartner market insight: The impact of cloud computing in retail

    Retail, like virtually all other industries, is awash with stories about the emergence of cloud computing. Much hasbeen written about the ability to remove cost or to greatly speed up implementations.


  • Expert E-zine: Who has access to your email?

    In this edition of The Exchange Insider, explore the next steps for your email messaging platform with the following Exchange topics: Evaluating Office 365, auditing Exchange 2010 and troubleshooting virtualized Exchange Servers.