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Mobile Optimization – It’s Now or Never

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Bringing BYOD to Your Enterprise

Bring your own device (BYOD) brings flexibility to enterprise mobility; however, IT still needs to manage and secure the data on mobile devices, whether they are owned by an enterprise or user. This expert E-Guide takes a close look at the benefits and challenges of BYOD. Uncover best practices to integrate BYOD into your mobility strategy and discover why mobile device management is still crucial.

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  • IT in Europe: Next-Generation Network Management Techniques

    This issue will explore how IT organizations are emerging from the network management Stone Age by implementing new tools and techniques that give them better visibility and control over their networks with less complexity. It will examine how network managers can simplify how their management tools gather data from the network through the use of protocols like NetFlow and IPFIX and hardware like matrix switches. It will also look at how network managers are adopting new tools that give them better control over virtualized infrastructure, cloud environment and multi-vendor networks.

  • Driving connectivity in vehicles: Expert guidance

    Other than being vehicles, what do buses, fire trucks and police cars have in common? They are all mobile offices that demand reliable, secure connectivity.

    But how can vehicles drive such connectivity? This webcast – featuring Cradlepoint’s Lead Product Manager of IoT and Mobile, Colin Geis, and Senior Product Marketing Manager, Paul Rodeghiero – explores how 5G can help.

    Tune in now to learn about use cases and deployments of 5G in vehicles.

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  • The future of grocery stores: Micro-fulfillment centers for online orders

    In today’s rapidly changing retail landscape, grocery stores must find ways to remain competitive. Micro-fulfillment centers can provide a cost-effective solution to managing online orders and curbside pickup, taking grocery into the future of digital technology, and satisfying the complex demands of the modern customer. Read on to learn more.


  • The competitive advantage 5G can offer to your SMB

    To keep up with evolving regulations, supply chain disruptions, and changing customer demands, businesses must rely on scalable and actionable insights. 5G is the business enabler that can help you do the same. Discover the key benefits and competitive advantage 5G can offer your SMB in this video from T-Mobile.


  • 6 keys of network innovation

    Is your network equipped to face the myriad factors complicating modern networking? Along with delving into those factors – such as proliferating IoT devices and enterprise mobility – this e-book maps out how you can prepare for the challenges of the landscape through network innovation. Keep reading to learn more.


  • Preventing Performance Problems: APM Advice for Your Network

    As an organization, it is important to prevent application performance problems. This expert e-guide explores application performance management and how it can help solve your mobile issues.


  • Enterprise networking shouldn’t be complex

    The network is the strategic weapon of your enterprise, driving next-generation services like mobile concessions, electronic shelf labeling, or even robotic surgeries. All these services are gateways to efficiency, productivity, and revenue, and that’s just scratching the surface. Yet, what’s the reality? Read this e-book now to learn more.


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    In this 16-page e-book, unlock recommendations for IT management in educational institutions.


  • What is the Value of Unified Communications?

    The benefits of unified communications are apparent to network managers, but how can you figure out the value it will add to your organization?


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  • 6 network blind spots & how to prevent them

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  • Extreme Solutions for Retail: Solution Guide

    By analyzing third-party research and collecting real-world feedback from their global customer base, Extreme has identified three key challenges retailers face and the outcomes that are achievable by successfully navigating this landscape. Dig into this white paper to unlock these insights and more.


  • NOC outsourcing: Drive business impact, not just technology benefits

    Outsourcing your network operations center (NOC) frees resources and provides 24/7 monitoring, but choosing a provider that understands your business needs is key. This white paper examines how to evaluate NOC providers based on customer experience, trust, and strategic partnership.


  • Network & security predictions for 2024

    What changes should network and security professionals expect in 2024? To review top predictions, tune into this webcast, which features two leaders from HPE Aruba Networking: Chief Product Officer, David Hughes, and VP of Industry Strategy, James Robertson.


  • 17-page e-book: Automating network management

    In this 17-page e-book, discover 20 ways that you can enhance productivity and profitability at your MSP.


  • 6 ways LTE & 5G can transform public transportation

    To discover 6 key ways that LTE and 5G can benefit public transportation agencies, tap into this overview by Cradlepoint.


  • Benchmark report: The world is connected: The store must be too

    Retailers are under tremendous pressure. Increased communication between management and employees, digital twin technologies, network-centric applications, a constant flow of new data types – the list of demands keeps growing. As a result, retailers need a network roadmap that they can control. Access this report to learn more.


  • Thorough network assessments: An example

    In this e-book, discover an example of a thorough network assessment by Net Reply that examines a company’s data center, cloud connectivity and more.


  • Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to SD-WAN services

    In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at howSD-WAN effectively removes telcos' lock-in, the ways hybrid deployment hinges on the network, and the flexibility demanded by cloud-based workloads.


  • The Real-World Impact of Cellular Connectivity on Public Safety

    First responders act in situations in which a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Because of this, when they rely on a network to facilitate their communication, it is essential that the network be as strong and ready as they are. Read on to learn more about why first responders choose CradlePoint for their network needs.


  • 2023 analyst report: Network management market

    In this 2023 analyst report, find out how 27 network management tools stack up against each other.


  • CIO’s Definitive Guide to Creating the Optimal Remote Work Environment

    As organizations transition to a hybrid working model, the demand placed on corporate networks continues to skyrocket. As such, the tools you use to power your network must be more capable than ever. Dive into this e-book to examine how CBTS’ suite of networking solutions strives to give companies a competitive advantage in the hybrid era.


  • E-Guide: Virtualization implementation and management: A network perspective

    Virtualization has become a reality in the networking world. It is vital for professionals to understand how server virtualization and networks affect each other.


  • Network Infrastructure Management: Best Practices

    This expert e-guide examines the management of a unified, network and storage fabric and who controls FCoE switches and adapters.


  • Endace Network History: What It Is and What It Delivers

    Though they deliver great power, advancing networks also present monitoring challenges. Endace’s response to these challenges is Network History. How does Network History work? It records copies of the packets that traverse your network, allowing you to gain insights from them when an attack strikes. Learn more about the tool in this overview.


  • E-Guide: Navigating the road to flatter converged data center networks

    This expert E-Guide highlights options for flat networks, integrated storage and networking for the private cloud.


  • Next Generation Network Management Techniques

    The February edition of the Network Evolution E-zine explore the latest advances in DevOps and uncover what you need to know for working within the movement. Also read several other featured articles!


  • Software-Defined Networks and the New Network Hypervisor

    This issue of the Network Evolution E-Zine focuses on various SDN solutions, if it's the answer to the bottleneck problem, and potential pitfalls. Read this issue now to see what experts have to say about the possible SDN revolution.


  • eGuide: Dynamic networks create network management blind spots

    As our networks become more complex, legacy management tools are having a harder time keeping up. Learn how these dynamic networks are actually creating network management blind spots and uncover how you can overcome the hurdles to boost productivity.


  • 2024 analyst report: NetSec collaboration insights

    Network teams and security teams: Both are key to successful IT. But how can the teams collaborate successfully, and why is that often a challenge? For insights, review this 2024 EMA Research Report.