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Mobile Optimization – It’s Now or Never

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How upgrading your network can improve customer experience

Customers today expect their experience to be the same on any device, online and in-person. Financial services organizations, therefore, are embracing new technologies and services that address the increasingly important customer experience to retain current and attract new clients.

To fully realize the power of the technologies that advance customer experience, many financial services organizations are adding or upgrading their networking infrastructure in ways that don’t require “ripping and replacing” their current technologies and enable them to derive continued value.

In this blog, learn how software-defined networking and edge networking can help improve customer experience.

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  • How SMBs benefit from mobile-first networks

    Forbes reported SMBs that adopt mobile technologies see double the revenue growth and create up to 8x as many jobs as their less mobile-ready peers, saving billions of dollars a year using mobile apps, tablets, and smartphones.

    But too often, networks – even ones that are just a few years old – simply aren’t robust or flexible enough to keep up with the demands of a mobile environment.

    This e-book explores how an integrated, mobile-first network built around 802.11ac can provide SMBs with a higher performing, secure network. Discover how to easily implement:

    • Wireless and wired infrastructure with end-to-end security
    • Network performance and traffic analysis
    • Scalable and simple cloud management
    • And more

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