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Aligning Security to Provide the Anticipated Business Results

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Burnt by a SIEM

Many good teams struggle mightily with SIEM implementation, which typically takes more than 12 months to start delivering value.

Why? Because SIEM is a tool used as part of a larger project: a fully comprehensive security operations center (SOC). Unless you’ve got the SOC building blocks in place, a SIEM is a powerful engine without a car or driver.

Inside, learn about painful scenarios due to SIEM weighing you down, and find out how a SOC-as-a-service provider can deliver what SIEM alone can't.

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  • SDN Across the Data Center and the Network: Expert Insight

    The relationship between data center network fabric and software defined networking (SDN) will become increasingly important as engineers begin using these for manageability in high performance data centers. Vendors offer divergent strategies where they are often independent of one another. How will you choose which strategy works for you?

    This expert E-Guide compares SDN and network fabrics roles in the data center and potential strategies for each. Read on to learn more about:

    • How data center network fabrics and SDN intersect
    • SDN and network fabric strategies
    • Network efficiency
    • And more!

  • 5 signs of malicious activity your organization may be overlooking

    If given even the smallest window of opportunity, cybercriminals will readily exploit any Internet service, protocol, or infrastructure to support their campaigns and avoid detection.

    Security and IT admins play critical roles in monitoring devices and networks for indicators of malicious activity, but there may be key signs they’re overlooking.

    In this infographic, explore 5 signs of malicious activity including:

    • DNS changes
    • Newly observed domains
    • New hostnames
    • And 3 more

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  • Direct Internet access: How it can boost branch office security

    Recently, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) completed a research survey of 450 networking and security professionals with knowledge of the policies, processes, and controls used for remote office/branch office (ROBO) security. Explore the results in this research report.


  • Understanding the role of the network packet broker

    Download "How to Strengthen Security While Optimizing Network Performance" to see how next-generation network packet brokers (NGNPBs) mitigate security tool sprawl, simplify IT management and improve network availability.


  • Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway: Video overview

    Take a deep dive into all security services provided by Cisco's Umbrella and Cisco's secure internet gateway. In this video, you will learn in detail about the following services: DNS-layer, intelligent proxy, full proxy, firewall as service, cloud access security brokerage service and roaming users coverage.


  • How SSL-Encrypted Web Connections are Intercepted

    In this expert e-guide, uncover 4 key strategies for defending against illegal TLS/SSL-encrypted Web connection interception. Learn how these cyber-attacks work, the challenges of digital certificates, SSL-interception tools, and more by reading on now.


  • How to establish effective network security for financial institutions

    In this white paper, learn about the Gigamon Visibility Platform and how it enables financial services firms to build an effective network security infrastructure, maximize tool efficiency without compromising network resiliency, and ensure compliance with strict industry mandates.


  • Secure SD-WAN: A new approach to branch locations

    How are you keeping your branch locations safe amid cloud adoption and the perimeter-less WAN? In this white paper, learn how you can get the network performance you need while also keeping your organization safe with Zscaler and Silver Peak.


  • Software-Defined Networking Strategies for Campus WANs

    In this E-Guide from, explore some of the issues associated with troubled OpenFlow switches, which vendors carry them, and details about a strategy that will not cause you the issues these other switches do.


  • Gigamon Visibility Platform: Evaluating the ROI

    Download ESG's report, "Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Gigamon," to see how Gigamon reduces false positives by 70%, decreases the cost of security personnel by 50% and eliminates redundant systems. See why ESG believes Gigamon is a critical tool for security success in today's digital age. Read more now!


  • Reduce network risks with 5 mobile and IoT security tips

    In this white paper, learn the five steps you need to take to mitigate the risk of mobile and IoT-enabled data breaches.


  • Network security: How government agencies are boosting protection

    As cyber threats evolve, governments in Asia-Pacific are introducing new measures for public agencies to step up protection against such attacks.. In this brief white paper, learn about the new measures public agencies are using to boost protection against attacks.


  • 3 strategies for risk mitigation for outside network contractors

    Access this resource to learn 3 strategies to mitigate risk when hiring an outside contractor for your networking needs.


  • Don't blindly trust any user or network

    According to Forrester Research analysts, no user or network should be inherently trusted. Read this resource for 3 zero trust security use cases and how to address them.


  • How To Build Security Into The DNA of Your Digital Enterprise Infrastructure

    Digital transformation is driving change across every industry, creating a wealth of new opportunities—and just as many complications. There are more data and users than ever, giving rise to an old but formidable enemy: security threats. In this white paper, learn how to build security into the DNA of your digital enterprise infrastructure.


  • Networks start to get SASE

    Companies engaged in digital transformation efforts already understand that security and network services are converging. Now, that convergence has a new name: “secure access service edge,” or SASE. In this white paper, learn more about the SASE model and how it can help your organization by placing access control closer to the user.


  • Your roadmap to SASE

    Today’s security pros are contending with an entirely new type of network and new set of security needs. Why? Find out where the security landscape is heading, as well as information on SASE: a new standard of security (according to Gartner) and the steps you can take to keep your organization secure.


  • Learn about the security capabilities and features of Auconet BICS

    Auconet Business Infrastructure Control Solution (BICS) for IT Security and its counterpart, BICS for Industrial Security, can help overcome key challenges of securing complex IT and industrial control networks. In this white paper, learn more about the security capabilities and features of Auconet BICS for IT and industrial control networks.


  • SD-WAN security: Protecting branch offices and remote workspaces

    According to a 2019 study, 68% of security breaches involved branch offices and roaming users as the source of compromise. Download this white paper to find out how to deliver network security for today's evolving WAN networks and protect remote and roaming users.


  • Why secure SD-WAN is essential to digital transformation

    This white paper explores why enterprises are transforming their networks today, and how SD-WAN with integrated security can help you reach your networking goals.


  • Micro-segmentation: Accelerate growth while enabling zero trust adoption

    Microsegmentation has a strong reputation in hybrid-cloud environments due to its ability to secure critical assets and restrict communication across a heterogeneous IT ecosystem. Learn about best practices for establishing microsegmentation, and how to get started with it in this white paper.


  • Managing SaaS & cloud services performance

    Effective management of performance in SaaS environments is difficult. But, end-to-end insight into network and SaaS service performance to isolate where degradations exist and to see how things are functioning on the day-to-day is a possibility with the right strategy. Find out how you can achieve the 360° visibility you need in this white paper.


  • What's the best way for you to secure SD-WAN?

    As enterprises shift more of their workloads to the cloud, they must also evaluate their networking architecture. A big part of this evaluation process is how and where to enforce security on data and applications. Download this white paper to learn about different security options available for SD-WAN and which one is right for you.


  • Unite NetOps and SecOps for a fast, secure network

    Download the SANS whitepaper "Network Architecture with Security in Mind" and learn about a new security approach that relies on pervasive visibility to send the right data to the right tools that are already in place, rather than adding more performance-hindering layers of security.


  • How micro-segmentation can address network segmentation shortcomings

    The idea of segmentation for security is nothing new but, the increases in virtualization, SDNs, and the use of cloud infrastructure have created a new set of security issues. In this white paper, learn how if you use the right techniques, micro-segmentation can address the shortcoming of alternative network segmentation approaches.


  • The limitations of remote access VPNs

    Remote access VPN has been an enterprise network staple for years; however, enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud applications that are changing the requirements for security and networking. In this white paper, learn about the limitations of VPNs and how Prisma Access can help provide secure access to all applications.


  • Network security made simple

    In this e-book, look at the challenges facing today’s security professionals and explore some simple actions you can take to reduce malware, simplify security and improve network performance.


  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): Recommendations for adoption

    Network and network security architectures were designed for an era that is waning, and they are unable to effectively serve the dynamic secure access requirements of digital business. In this Gartner report, learn why security and risk management leaders need a converged cloud-delivered secure access service edge to address this shift.


  • How to secure industrial networks and improve resilience

    The industrial sector is digitizing and automating processes at an increasingly rapid rate. While connected systems deliver new value and improved productivity, they also heighten cyber risk. Read this white paper to learn about Nozomi Networks security tool and how it can give you the reliability and visibility you need to keep OT networks safe.


  • What exactly is SASE?

    The transformation happening in today’s enterprises is driving the rapid adoption of a fundamentally different networking and security model. Secure access service edge (SASE) meets the increasing requirements of digital businesses for dynamic access. In this brief, learn more about SASE and Open Systems SASE services.


  • How to enable a digital business with the adoption of secure access service edge

    Network security architectures were designed for an era that is waning, and they are unable to effectively serve the dynamic secure access requirements of digital business. In this Gartner report, learn why security and risk management leaders should consider a converged, cloud-delivered, secure access service edge to address this shift.


  • Microsegmentation for Dummies, 2nd Edition

    In this For Dummies e-book, learn about the concept of micro-segmentation and how it helps you create what Forrester Research calls a "Zero Trust" security model, designed to prevent threats from infiltrating the network and moving laterally across your connected systems.


  • Guide to full network visibility and SSL/TLS decryption

    Download the new Definitive Guide™ to Next-Generation Network Packet Brokers to learn why you should shift your infrastructure strategy to include NGNPBs, which offer new, expanded feature sets that simplify your architecture, realize the true ROI of your security tools and give you visibility into critical security threats.


  • Building your GDPR network security toolset

    From data protection to network access security control, learn what cybersecurity tools are best positioned to help you anticipate, detect, and eliminate threats so that you can meet GDPR guidelines, even in complex, multi-vendor environments.


  • Rethinking perimeter security

    The concept of the "digital perimeter" has changed dramatically. Protecting the perimeter by building a wall too keep the bad guys out is no longer appropriate because of mobility, the cloud and constant remote access to internal systems. In this resource, learn how to better secure your organization against increasingly sophisticated attacks.


  • SD-WAN security: Silver Peak and Zscaler's approach

    In this white paper, learn how Silver Peak's SD-WAN and Zscaler's Internet Access work together to deliver a secure SD-WAN that protects enterprises from threats, optimizes application performance and delivers flexible connectivity.


  • Protect your network: Defense against DDoS, data theft, & bots

    In this white paper, explore a network security tool designed to help you remain secure and 'always-on' by providing intelligent security at scale, and layered defenses to protect against DDoS, data theft and malicious bots.


  • Mobile Access Optimization and Security for the Cloud Era

    Mobile and the cloud are the new normal for today's business. But traditional access solutions are poor choices when mobile users "live" in AWS, Office 365, and the rest of the cloud. This whitepaper will explain the pros and cons of the three ways mobile users can securely access the cloud: direct access, legacy VPN, and cloud SD-WAN.


  • How to defend against IoT cyberattacks

    In this brief, learn how ExtremeAI Security can help to defend against cyberattacks by delivering an innovative, AI-powered solution for IoT device security coupled with automated threat remediation and containment.


  • SD-WAN security: Safeguard today's cloud-first enterprises

    SD-WANs are enabling today's geographically distributed enterprises to realize the transformational promise of cloud computing—but that also creates some new security challenges. Download this white paper to learn how a comprehensive SD-WAN security deployment can better safeguard today's dynamic, cloud-first enterprises.


  • Traditional network security vs. hyperautomated AI-security

    In this sheet, discover how to secure the modern, multi-cloud data center with hyperautomated AI-based security and compare it to a different network security offering in the market.


  • Network security tools: Build vs. buy

    This case study explores how a city's IT team compared the option of building their own security operations center to purchasing a comprehensive managed service. Then, discover how a hybrid AI architecture provided the best combination of human intelligence and machine scale to deliver 10x better threat detection and 5x fewer false positives.


  • Learn about 128 Technology’s secure access service edge capabilities

    In its 2019 Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking report, Gartner defines SASE (secure access service edge) as an emerging market that combines elements of SD-WAN and network security into a single cloud-managed package. In this white paper, learn how 128 Technology has been SASE since birth.


  • Best practices to secure your remote workers

    More organizations are switching to direct internet access (DIA) at satellite offices. But the draw of DIA creates even more gaps in security for IT. Learn how you can improve security, simplify your security environment, and reduce the number of security tools to reduce strain on your limited resources.


  • Securing Direct-to-Internet Connections

    Download this white paper to learn about a program that enables you to shift from a hub-and spoke architecture to an agile, direct-to-internet architecture by delivering the entire gateway security stack as a service.


  • The benefits of a PCI-compliant SD-WAN

    In this blog, ensure your retail business is doing everything it can to secure its networks by looking at the types of attacks leading to data breaches and learning how an SD-WAN solution not only addresses the business needs associated with application device and network proliferation, but also enables more efficient and effective PCI compliance.


  • Enhance network security with automated device compliance verification

    Daman is a leading specialist health insurer in Abu Dhabi, and was looking for a Network Access Control (NAC) solution to help them comply with a new electronic governmental standard for information security. Learn why Daman chose Aruba and the benefits they've experienced in this case study.


  • Core - DNS - Cybersecurity for remote workers

    In this e-book, discover the challenges facing today’s security professionals and some simple actions you can take to reduce malware, simplify security and secure a growing population of remote and roaming workers, without overburdening your staff.


  • Learn why SD-WAN requires a new approach to security

    SD-WAN improves user experience by providing direct access to the Internet for cloud-based apps. However, local Internet connections must be secure to protect organizations from bad actors. In this report, learn how organizations can secure direct-to-cloud connections.