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Integration Testing: Tips and Best Practices

If you practice agile development, you're probably familiar with integration testing. But did you know that the term “integration test” means different things to different people?

In this expert e-guide, explore the various meanings of integration testing and learn how each fits into the application development lifecycle. Also, get tips and best practices from the pros about integration testing, as well as advice for overcoming some of the most common integration testing challenges facing developers today.

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  • Meet regulatory requirements with modernized software delivery

    For DZ BANK AG, the second-largest commercial bank in Germany, manual systems that can’t keep up with market demands could potentially threaten the bank’s competitive position and its ability to meet intensifying industry regulations.

    In this case study, discover how the bank’s DevOps team moved to a standardized CI/CD platform to manage the organization’s highly complex development environment, encompassing up to 120 different test environments, hundreds of developers, and intricate deployment and release processes.

    Get the details here.

  • Functional testing vs. non-functional testing: Which is best for your project?

    Is functional testing or non-functional testing more important to your project? The reality is they go hand-in-hand.

    The more pertinent question is how much of each is required to deliver the expected business benefit whilst mitigating the high priority risks.

    Access this white paper to learn more about both types of testing and when it makes sense to prioritize one over the other.

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    Download this data sheet to explore the capabilities of Snapt LoadTest, a managed service that tests your business-critical applications for their ability to operate under heavy load.


  • 5 design principles for performance efficiency in the cloud

    The need to maintain an efficient, continuous and performance testing operation is more important than ever. Access this whitepaper to explore what testing pillars like democratizing advance technologies and using serverless architectures can do to decouple processes and grant your QA teams real independence.


  • How can AST tools improve application security?

    According to WhiteHat’s reports, only 37% of enterprises have an application security testing (AST) toolkit at the ready. Integrating AST tools into the software development lifecycle (SDLC) can help businesses curb security risks. Read this 451 Research report to learn how introducing AST tools to your SDLC can ease application security stress.


  • Synopsys vs. Veracode vs. Checkmarx : Application security testing

    This Magic Quadrant report from Gartner on application security testing (AST) vendors compares many of the top companies like Synopsys, Varacode, and Checkmarx on their offerings. Access the report here to explore which AST vendor is the right one for your organization.


  • How to use feature flags for feature control

    This guide contains use cases centered around improving developer productivity and creating better customer experiences with feature flags. Learn how to use feature flags to obtain feature control, validate the public rest API, improve customer experience, and much more.


  • Feature flags across the CI/CD

    While CI/CD is no longer a new process for many companies, the concept of feature flagging and progressive delivery creating the “next generation” of CI/CD is something that few companies have embraced. Use this guide to explore the basics to feature flagging, so your company can stay ahead of the competition and reimagine the CI/CD pipeline.


  • Traditional CD vs. CD with feature flags

    Feature flags, also known as feature “toggles” or “flippers” are, in their simplest definition, an “if/ then” statement in your code that allows you to make changes in runtime without redeploying. Explore how to grow continuous delivery (CD) maturity using feature flags with this guide.


  • ALM: Taking a middleware-focused approach

    In this expert e-guide, Tom Nolle discusses how to take a middleware-focused approach to app lifecycle management practices. Uncover helpful advice for selecting middleware tools and managing OS and middleware platforms in the cloud. Plus, learn about the critical relationship between ALM, DevOps, and orchestration.


  • The definitive guide to modern software delivery

    Accepting that software paves the path to a modern enterprise and successfully embracing that reality prove to be very different challenges. Luckily, The Definitive Guide to Modern Software Delivery is here to help. Download the guide here for safekeeping.


  • How Kellogg’s cuts resolution times by over 80%

    In this case study, explore how Kellog’s leveraged automated alerting to build a disruption-free infrastructure. Some highlights include: reduced mean time to resolution by 83% or better, improved alerting accuracy to 99.99%+, and reduced resource costs by 92%. Get the details here.