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The Benefits of Test Automation

Test automation is a method of software testing that uses automation solutions to execute test scripts. Though initial adoption of test automation requires budget and commitment, the correct automation solution for your project can yield massive returns.

Automated testing has emerged a cost-effective long-term solution — once you’ve created your test scripts, you can reuse them 24/7 with minimal additional cost.

Dive into this e-book to explore the many benefits of automating your system and software testing, from time and cost savings to helping achieve continuous testing, improved test accuracy, maximized test coverage, and increased scalability.

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  • Why leading SMB developers are choosing Synopsys Coverity SAST

    Visuality Systems Ltd., as a leading global developer and provider of server message block (SMB) protocol solutions, places a high value on rigorous testing of code quality and security.

    Take a look at this case study to learn why Visuality added Synopsys Coverity static application security testing (SAST) to help its development teams address coding defects early in the software development life cycle.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Software Quality

    In 1998, $328 million was lost when Mars Climate Orbiter’s faulty software miscalculated the landing and the Orbiter disintegrated. The project that took two years to complete was gone because of one software glitch.

    Inadequate software quality can lead to catastrophic damage – from loss of knowledge and time, to loss of money, and sometimes even to loss of lives.

    To make sure your organization is reaching your quality standards, check out this e-book for the ultimate guide to measuring software quality, and discover experience-based advice for defining the measurement program, accurately analyzing source code quality, and writing effective SLAs.

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