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Business Transformation Through Telepresence

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Within the month of July 2018 only, add your valuable networking insights to our market research survey and you will automatically be entered to win 1 of 3 hardcover copies of Todd Lammle’s CCNA Routing and Switching Complete Deluxe Study Guide.

This exclusive giveaway can help you get started on the path to earning and maintaining your Cisco Certified Networking Associate certification. CCNA expert Tom Lammle covers 100% of exam objectives, including:

•    Network fundamentals
•    LAN switching technologies
•    Routing technologies
•    Infrastructure services and management
•    WAN technologies
•    And much more

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  • Transform raw network traffic into data streams for analysis

    Bro is a network monitoring framework that transforms raw network traffic into rich data streams for real-time analysis, intrusion detection, forensics and other applications.

    Although it’s relatively easy to get started with Bro, it’s much more challenging to run Bro efficiently and at scale—especially when deployment goals include:

    • Monitoring high-speed links
    • Managing a fleet of distributed sensors
    • Achieving minimal packet loss

    In this white paper, find out how you can simplify Bro deployment with a Corelight Sensor, which is designed to transform high-volume network traffic into organized data streams for efficient file extraction and export. 

  • Software Defined Networking Goes Well Beyond the Data Center

    Software-defined networking (SDN) is revolutionizing the data center network, making it more secure, more manageable and more powerful than ever before. But SDN applications are quickly moving beyond the data center to improve other parts of the network, as well.

    Consult this expert e-guide from our independent team of editors at to learn how SDN applications are impacting today’s networks. Topics covered in this e-guide include:

    • What SDN means for network security
    • SDN applications for network services
    • Rethinking network administration with SDN
    • And more

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  • Explore an evaluation of 14 major providers in the UCC market

    In 2019, more providers invested in their messaging platform and the demand for conversational AI, or chatbots, started to pick up. Also, team collaboration capabilities have continued to expand and more UCC providers are investing in their offering. In this research report, examine 14 major providers in the UCC market.


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  • 3 designs for more collaborative meeting spaces

    Enabling employee collaboration is a clear priority for most companies. As a result, meeting room technologies have advanced greatly to adapt for increasingly remote workforces and to improve ease-of-use for essential tools like videoconferencing. Learn more about your options for designing meeting spaces and huddle rooms.