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Virtual Data Center E-Zine Volume 19: Meeting the Challenges of Virtual System Management

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5 areas to streamline in VMware-to-Nutanix migrations

While Nutanix technology simplifies transitions from VMware, enterprise migrations always require careful planning and execution.

Whatever your migration strategy, Nutanix offers a full range of services to address your needs.

In this white paper, find services that can jumpstart your migration efforts and help improve your IT operations post-migration, with 5 key migration areas highlighted to help you streamline your organization’s journey.

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  • deliver a fully hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution

    Nutanix was built to deliver a robust, easy-to-deploy, open, fully hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution for VMware by Broadcom virtualization and end-user computing environments.

    Download this infographic to unlock 5 reasons for running Nutanix with VMware, including:

    • Choice of hypervisor
    • Seamless integration
    • Fully managed mixed stack
    • And 2 more

  • Containers and storage 101: The fundamentals of container storage

    Containers are the latest wave in the virtualisation revolution. A container is effectively a virtual machine, but without the hypervisor required by existing forms of server virtualisation. Instead, containers run directly on the OS. They contain all that is needed to run an application or service in a lightweight runtime bundle that can be spun up, run and decommissioned rapidly. For that reason, containers – which have settled on a de facto standard of Docker – are huge in the world of web and mobile where the need to rapidly burst workloads is vital.

    In this e-guide we look at the basics of Docker storage and backup, key containers capabilities in storage vendors’ offers and how containers can be incorporated into the private cloud environment.

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  • Focus: Private cloud

    The private cloud is often viewed as a stepping stone for enterprises keen to tap into the business agility benefits of cloud without ceding total control over where their applications and workloads run. For some organisations, such deployments act as a test bed environment, where they can work out where best to run their workloads.


  • Experts answer: Should you go all-in on HCI technology?

    In this expert guide, learn how hyper-converged infrastructure has grown and matured over the years, as well as some top considerations buyers should have on their checklist when shopping for these systems. Read on to then learn what factors are moving the storage industry away from hard disk drives, and towards HCI.


  • Your expert guide to endpoint security

    Achieving the best endpoint protection, given the rise of mobility and increase in the sophistication of the attacks, is more complicated than ever. Learn from industry experts and get up to speed on achieving the best endpoint protection.


  • Backup fundamentals in the age of cloud

    In this e-guide we look at backup fundamentals like choosing incremental or differential backup as well as using snapshots to replace traditional backup. We also provide an overview of strategic considerations for backup in the age of the cloud as well as surveys of the key backup products for SMEs and enterprise deployment.


  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Server Operating Systems

    In this 12-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at Microsoft's latest Windows release, the state of play in the battlebetween Linux and Unix, and the future of the server operating system.


  • Remote work: The value of combining HCI & VDI

    In this white paper, explore the foundational concepts of Azure Stack HCI, what it is used for, its benefits, use cases, and finally how Nerdio manages Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) for Azure Stack HCI.


  • It's hyper converged-with-everything in today's datacentre

    In this e-guide we look at the key hyper-converged vendors and their products, as well as hyper-converged tailored to disaster recovery, backup, cloud functionality, and the software-defined hyper-converged products available.


  • Migration to cloud backup spares data from destruction: But how?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, the cyber security of banks is under scrutiny after an attack on Tesco Bank leads to millions lost in fraudulent transactions. Our latest buyer's guide, on server operating systems, looks at Windows Server 2016. And Coca-Cola explains how a move to the cloud is helping to motivate staff. Read the issue now.


  • Backup deduplication: a complete guide

    There are many elements to consider in picking the backup deduplication technology that fits best. How do zone-level and block-level deduplication compare? What about inline versus post-processing deduplication? What are the differences between deduplication and compression? Check out this complete e-guide to backup deduplication.


  • Dramatically reduce your AVD deployment time with Nerdio

    Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) has rapidly gained popularity in recent years as one of the most cost-effective cloud-based virtual desktop solutions. But getting AVD up and running can be a boring process no IT technician likes spending time on. Download this guide to learn how to deploy AVD in less than 15 minutes.


  • How Nutanix improves and simplifies VMware environments

    Download this e-book to learn how customers jointly leverage Nutanix and VMware to benefit from higher performance and availability, easy scalability, faster time-to-value, and unmatched cost-effectiveness.


  • Computer Weekly – 9 January 2018: Countdown to GDPR

    In this week's Computer Weekly, with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming in to force this year, we look at the challenges for businesses to comply by the 25 May deadline. We examine the future for HPE as CEO Meg Whitman steps down. And we find out how hyper-converged systems affect your backup strategy. Read the issue now.


  • Essential Guide: Securing hybrid IT infrastructure

    In this essential guide, we examine the key security considerations for infrastructure, networks, data and hybrid cloud.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to on-site, off-site and cloud-based disaster recovery

    With businesses becoming increasingly dependent on data to function, being able to recover quickly from an IT systems failure is critical. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the various options available when implementing disaster recovery.


  • Containers: Making security and business sense

    In this e-guide we look at why established security suppliers are finally adding containers to their repertoire, and how security pros must decide between trusted platform integration and the latest features from startups.


  • Backup still fundamental but the cloud changes things

    In this e-guide we round up the key ways backup has changed since tape was king and look at developments such as backup appliances, the use of the cloud as a backup target and even the need for backups to protect your workloads in the cloud.


  • 8 stories of how Druva customers switched to the cloud

    To overcome the challenges of modern data complexity, many businesses are rethinking the legacy solutions, and considering the benefits of cloud-based data protection as-a-service. In this white paper, Druva presents 8 customer stories that each tell how they found data protection success with Druva. Read on to learn more.


  • Data center: The business value of server refreshes

    Forrester Consulting reports that data centers that refresh their servers at least every three years can gain technological and business benefits compared to data centers that do not. In this study, examine the effects of upgrading legacy servers that are more than three years old to Dell PowerEdge servers powered by AMD.


  • DRaas and the key decision points in DR-as-a-service

    In this e-guide we look at the key decisions you'll need to make about the blend of DRaas your organisation wants, which of the key cloud providers are best for which elements of DR service delivery, the pros and cons of moving elements of disaster recovery to the cloud and which to keep closer to home, and the 12 key steps to DRaas deployment.


  • Top 10 Azure mistakes and how to fix them

    Deploying, managing, and scaling Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop can be a complex process for technicians at any level of experience. In this white paper, browse the top 10 most common mistakes IT professionals make in Microsoft Azure.


  • Manage and provision storage for DevOps

    Today's DevOps teams need to more easily manage and provision storage. Discover how application delivery processes have received a boost from the emergence of intelligent data storage and cloud storage.


  • Navigating the Cloud: A Comprehensive Guide to Cloud Migration

    Whether you are a business owner or an IT professional, download this e-book for the knowledge and tools you need to make the transition to the cloud with confidence.


  • CW APAC, February 2020: Expert Advice: Container Storage

    In this handbook, focused on storage in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at how container applications can make companies more agile, the cost benefits of data storage and the most common data storage myths that need to be debunked.


  • Enterprise Buyer’s Guide for Data Protection

    Read through this e-book to learn why modern data protection tools must evolve in multiple dimensions to keep pace, and the goals your organization should be setting to meet DR and continuity requirements.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to containerisation in the enterprise

    Containerisation is becoming a key part of IT strategy. In this 12-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how it can help businesses in a post-pandemic world, assesses the main considerationsfor Kubernetes backup and discusses how to manage enterprise-class containerisation.


  • Case Study: French national research centre insources with Rubrik backup

    France's national research organisation wanted to insource IT back from Atos and built its private cloud on VMware across two locations with Rubrik appliances for backup.


  • VMs vs. containers: Which is better for security?

    Practitioners are mandated to make technology risk decisions, and many of those decisions involve one or both of virtualization and containerization technologies. When comparing VMs vs. containers, it is natural to ask, which is more secure? Find out in this e-guide.


  • PHC Test sessions res

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  • A Computer Weekly E-guide to NAS

    In the guide we look at the fundamentals of NAS and the use cases it best suits, the range of file access storage products available including in the cloud and in hybrid operation between cloud and datacentre. We also examine the question of NAS backup, looking at the challenges that have accompanied it and the solutions available.


  • Hybrid Cloud Backup Guide

    According to a recent report, ransomware attacks were up 93% in 2021, so it’s no longer a question of if, but when you’ll be affected by ransomware. Secure backup is your last line of defense. Access this guide to learn how you can protect, manage and control your data across any hybrid cloud infrastructure.


  • Docker business: By the numbers breakdown

    Docker Business provides applications and services designed to improve developer experience. To most accurately present the benefits and risks of investing in Docker, Forrester interviewed 5 representatives with experience using Docker Business. The study found a 126% return on investment (ROI). Read on to learn more.


  • Best practices for remote data backups

    This guide provides tips and best practices for your organisation's offsite data backups. It addresses questions you need to ask to determine which remote backup approach is the right fit for your organisation. In this e-guide, discover which remote backup strategy is right for your organisation.


  • Simplify desktop management and reduce costs by up to 40%

    This white paper goes over what organizations have to gain - and lose - from virtual desktop technology.


  • 11 key considerations prior to a data center upgrade

    The key to smooth, successful and meaningful data center upgrades is preparation. Know the goals and the path to each goal, and meet the roadblocks along the way to bring huge benefits to the upgrade process. In this e-guide, learn the 11 key steps you must take to ensure neat migrations, good availability, continued security and limited downtime.


  • Data protection: The role of hybrid and multi-cloud environments

    Rapidly evolving cloud environments have a significant effect on the way organizations protect their data. This research brief presents a condensed analysis of recent data and findings collected by Veeham, representing participation from 1,200 enterprise organizations. Read on to learn more.


  • Your GDPR guide

    Despite the focus on data protection, many organisations are still leaving their data wide open for attack through the digital equivalent of leaving the front door open and the windows unlocked from a hacker perspective.


  • Global IT Priorities Report 2016

    Benchmark your IT spending plans with our in-depth study of IT spending priorities from around the world.


  • Jargon Buster Guide to Virtualisation

    This jargon buster e-guide will detail everything an enterprise IT manager needs to know about the concept of virtualisation, while also taking a look at what enterprises are doing to build upon this now commonplace bedrock within most enterprise IT estates.


  • How IT teams can deliver more value with the right infrastructure

    This technical research study explores how IT teams can best deliver business value by building a forward-looking infrastructure, selecting a business-oriented OS like Windows Server 2022, and simplifying software licensing. Learn more in the full study.


  • Jargon buster guide to hybrid cloud storage

    In this Jargon Buster guide we bring you definitions for the key concepts in hybrid cloud storage plus in-depth articles on hybrid cloud file and object storage, how to use the cloud as a storage tier and the key decision points when it comes to private cloud vs hybrid cloud.


  • Enterprise-class data protection with Infiniguard from Infinidat

    IT influence is more widespread than ever before, and as such, when a disruption occurs it is felt far beyond the limits of the IT department. This report documents ESG testing of the InfiniGuard data protection and recovery solution from Infinidat, including how it can help prevent IT down time and all its consequences. Read on to learn more.


  • Disaster recovery has never been so easy or important

    Disaster recovery has never been more important because at the same time that digital transformation has made most modern enterprises entirely dependent on their IT systems to function, cyber attackers have stepped up their capabilities to go after sensitive data wherever it is found, with most IT leaders reporting major systems outages.


  • Discover how data analytics and IoT work together to transform the IT industry

    In this week's Computer Weekly, our UK salary survey shows that IT leaders are benefiting from generous bonuses as tech becomes part of mainstream business. We find out how the internet of things is transforming the railway industry. And the CIO of the Williams F1 team explains how data analytics is boosting race performance. Read the issue now.


  • Public Cloud IaaS: A beginner’s guide

    For a beginner’s guide to adopting Public Cloud IaaS (infrastructure as a service), dig into this 5-page white paper by Rumble Cloud.


  • Essential Guide: Optimising hybrid IT infrastructure

    In this essential guide, we include articles looking at best practice and key technologies in server, storage, networks, DevOps and hyperconverged systems to make the most of your hybrid IT.


  • Converged infrastructure in 2021: Next-generation datacentre designs

    In this e-guide: Simplifying the deployment and management of datacentre hardware systems is one of the main draws of converged and hyper-converged infrastructure setups for enterprises.


  • Explore migration options to Nutanix cloud platform

    Explore how to migrate to Nutanix Cloud Platform. Learn about Nutanix's infrastructure, cloud, and storage solutions that can replace other products. Discover migration paths and tools to simplify the transition. Read the full guide to plan your move to Nutanix.


  • Why it's time to strengthen your data protection strategy

    Take a look through this overview to learn about an approach to defending both offline and local copies of your data against ransomware threats.


  • Computer Weekly – 6 September 2022: Out with the old at Asda

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to Asda's CIO Carl Dawson about the supermarket's cloud-oriented renovation of its technology stack. We narrate the security woes at Twitter. And we examine best practices for data backup. Read the issue now.