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The Future of Business: Preparing to Meet its Challenges

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9 ways to return to the office safely

As organizations start to progress towards a “return to normalcy,” the actual return to the office is going to be far from normal. The return to business-as-usual exposes ample opportunities and challenges to meld new-era work practices like remote work with traditional office work.

Inside this guide, read through the nine core problems facing organizations like yours as they plan their eventual return to the office. Key challenges explored include:

  • Remote workforce communication and collaboration
  • Digital signage capabilities
  • Secure access for a remote workforce
  • Increasing support for a remote team
  • And more

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    Mobile device acceptance in the workplace is increasing dramatically as organizations begin to adopt BYOD by record numbers. While the benefits of enterprise mobility are aplenty, the need for effective mobile collaboration solutions is becoming of the essence.

    This E-Guide from explores the challenges small screens present to mobile collaboration and unveils how UC strategies and vendors are responding these issues.

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  • Keying in on social collaboration for greater business benefits

    Social collaboration tools hold much power in terms of being able to deliver increased value to your customers, all while promoting greater employee engagement. But you can’t just pack on different tools and expect them to start precipitating benefits. So, how can CIOs make the most out of collaboration and solidify the alignment between business and IT?

    This new edition of CIO Decisions e-zine explores how social collaboration is changing both IT and the enterprise as a whole and details how with the right approach to values, processes, strategies and thinking, IT leaders can leverage social collaboration to better serve business needs. Access now to learn more. 

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