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The Future of Business: Preparing to Meet its Challenges

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Why CIOs can feel safe in their employees’ use of Zoom

A mixed-technology ecosystem will always exist, and CIOs need to be able to operate in this multi-device, multi-channel world without worry.

Today, this means CIOs must support the flexibility of a best-of-breed technology environment while prioritizing security.

In this blog post, uncover 4 key reasons CIOs can feel safe in their employees’ use of Zoom as part of that mixed-technology economy, including:

  • The ability to manage users & customize control setting
  • The option to own and secure your domain
  • And 2 more

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  • The 3 experiences that matter most

    Today’s work environment demands flexibility without business disruption.

    Use this guide to explore how combining software, support, and devices into a single bundle can help your team align with cloud transformation ambitions, all while focusing on the three experiences that matter most: employee experience, team experience, and customer experience.

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  • 9 ways to return to the office safely

    As organizations start to progress towards a “return to normalcy,” the actual return to the office is going to be far from normal. The return to business-as-usual exposes ample opportunities and challenges to meld new-era work practices like remote work with traditional office work.

    Inside this guide, read through the nine core problems facing organizations like yours as they plan their eventual return to the office. Key challenges explored include:

    • Remote workforce communication and collaboration
    • Digital signage capabilities
    • Secure access for a remote workforce
    • Increasing support for a remote team
    • And more

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