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Keep Your Enemies Closer - Get Proactive about Security

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Network security challenges organizations still need to overcome

To keep pace with the changing threat landscape, organizations will spend over 1 trillion on cybersecurity between now and 2021. In fact, the U.S. government alone accounts for 19 billion in cybersecurity spending.

If trillion of dollars is spent on security protection strategies, why are organizations still faced with various attacks?

In this white paper, gain a stronger understanding of the network security challenges that organization still need to overcome including:  

  • Immature security posture
  • Loss of control due to IoT
  • Flexibility via the cloud
  • And more

Let this white paper guide you towards a more secure and reliable future. 

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  • Network Evolution: The growing trend of SD-WAN

    Industry experts predict that SD-WAN adoption will skyrocket in 2017. In fact, some top analysts expect the market to grow as much as 90% every year for at least the next three years.

    So what can you expect from SD-WANs rapid adoption?

    In this edition of Network Evolution, discover three diverse SD-WAN deployment stories that illustrate the growing trend and offer insight into how SD-WAN adoption plays out on the ground.

    Also in this issue:

    • Open source networking promises radical industry disruption
    • Team messaging applications like Slack and HipChat make communicating easy, but they could also put enterprise security at risk
    • Advanced machine learning impacts approaches to network security

  • How Travelex reduced downtime due to firewall issues

    Travelex – the world’s leading foreign exchange specialist – frequently experienced discrepancies in configurations due to remote locations, legacy setups, different teams, and the sheer scale of their operation.

    The company faced daily challenges keeping their networks running smoothly, unaware that there was a better way to setup and monitor configurations for their widely spread devices.

    Learn how Travelex embraced network monitoring and automation in order to:

    • Preemptively identify and remedy issues
    • Significantly reduce service downtime due to firewall issues
    • Proactively manage 35 clusters worldwide
    • And 3 other key benefits

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  • SD-WAN: Handle increased mobile, social, and cloud-based traffic

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