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Why SMBs may not have the resources to manage secure connectivity

Business travel and remote work are driving the need for secure, reliable connectivity outside of the traditional office environment.

Corporate-liable mobile connections can be the key to keeping employees securely connected and productive outside the office. But what are the key considerations that SMBs should look at to keep employees securely connected and productive when they are out of the office?

Find out in this IDC white paper.

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  • What to look for in an SMB-ready mobile device

    SMBs simply do not have the cost and management resources to deploy, govern, and upgrade the fleet of mobile devices that are common in larger enterprises—smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT devices, and countless others.

    However, mobile devices can increase worker productivity, improve employee communication, and ensure company data stays in the proper channels. SMBs shouldn’t miss out on these mobility benefits.

    Read this TechTarget e-guide to glean mobile device selection methods and best practices for SMBs, including:

    • What to look for in a mobile device for an SMB
    • Managing and deploying mobile devices in a small business
    • And picking rugged mobile devices vs. consumer-grade mobile devices.

  • Staying on top of your mobile device fleet 24/7

    Mobile devices are now an essential and integral part of the modern workplace enabling employees, contractors, and third-party vendors to access a wide variety of business-critical applications and data.

    But the use of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices has made it harder to track, manage, monitor, and maintain these devices, increasing their risk of getting lost or stolen.

    Learn how a 360° mobile device management (MDM) helps you stay on top of your mobile device fleet 24/7.

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  • Declarative device management: What it is & its benefits

    Studies show that flexible organizations have lower operational costs, attract and retain the best talent and see an uptick in employee productivity when they move to hybrid or remote practices. Learn why adopting modern device management practices is a great way to embrace and empower hybrid work in this white paper.


  • Why the future of device management is declarative

    As the modern workplace changed, organizations changed the way they manage devices to a more flexible, more portable and more secure model: modern management. But it wasn’t until Apple released declarative device management (DDM), that the future of modern management could be fully realized. Read this white paper to learn more.


  • 4 key guidelines to crafting the most effective mobile strategy

    There is no single handed approach to follow when it comes to executing the best mobile strategy. However, there are several guidelines that can help optimize mobility. Discover 4 tips that will help your enterprise overcome fundamental issues, from security to cost control – when crafting a mobile strategy.


  • 4 ways to transform your business with mobility

    To truly embrace mobility, rethink the way your organization does business, because with a well-planned mobility project, you can increase revenue and make employees more productive. This e-guide highlights four ways companies are using a mobility project to transform the way they do business.


  • Big Data and Analytics Applied to Oil and Gas

    Companies that leverage data to optimise business processes will not only survive, but thrive during market downturns, and dominate the industry on the next upswing, this report from Quorum argues.


  • Benchmark Your Identity Security Strategy

    There are significant challenges in securing applications that sit outside of the protections offered by SSO and MFA. Learn in this report, which surveyed senior cybersecurity professionals, how they are approaching these access security challenges and their best practices.


  • Managing Android devices in the enterprise

    This article in our Royal Holloway security series focuses on two approaches to securely managing Android mobile devices in the enterprise: mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM).


  • What you need to know before migrating to SASE

    Read this Gartner 2024 Strategic Roadmap for SASE Convergence report to gain actionable SASE recommendations for your business, to view the current and future state of SASE, and to examine a detailed migration plan.


  • Mobile application platforms: Essential guide

    One of the mantras of modern enterprise application development is that business applications should be as easy to use as mass market consumer applications. Increasingly apps must be one step ahead of the user, pulling in context-specific information and providing a seamless user experience.


  • Next-generation DAST: Introducing interactive application security testing (IAST)

    While dynamic application security testing (DAST) has been a go-to AppSec testing technique for decades, it is not without its drawbacks. This is where interactive application security testing (IAST) comes into play, building off of DAST, but analyzing apps from the inside out, rather than from the outside in. Read this white paper to learn more.


  • Laptop, desktop PC and mobile device strategy: Essential guide

    In this guide, you can find best practice, analysis of the latest trends, and expert advice on formulating enterprise strategy in laptops, desktop PCs and mobile devices.


  • UCaaS vs. CCaaS vs. CPaaS: What's the difference?

    It can be difficult to make sense of popular cloud communications service models. Compare UCaaS vs. CCaaS vs. CPaaS to understand their differences and how they can be used together.


  • Independent Analyst Report for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

    Endpoint management is a significant challenge for organizations. Because of this, many businesses have adopted a unified endpoint management (UEM) tool. For a deep dive into the 2024 UEM market, dig into this GigaOm Radar report and compare 13 leading vendors.


  • 5 endpoint security best practices

    With an endpoint security policy in place, organizations can ensure corporate assets and data remain protected even when devices outside of their four walls access them. To get started writing a policy customized for your company, here are five universal endpoint security best practices to consider.


  • Digital signage for Transportation & Supply Chain and Logistics

    Most of today’s transportation, supply chain, and logistics workers are digitally detached, with up to 4 out of 5 lacking access to company email, intranet, and personal devices on-shift. It’s time to think outside the inbox and beyond the notice board. Access this e-book to learn more.


  • CIO Trends #9

    In this e-guide, take a look at some of our most popular articles on issues faced by IT decision-makers, such as the rise in IT buying decisions from outside the IT department, the importance of ethics in technology, and a look at how the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is preparing its IT for the challenges of Brexit.


  • Desktop Virtualisation: The Essential Guide

    Desktop virtualisation, or virtual desktop infrastructure, has come of age, partly thanks to shifts in workplace practices. Employees are increasingly working remotely and need full access to corporate systems. It is often inconvenient to use the corporate laptop but the user still needs access to the systems offsite.


  • How automation can drive testing and QA success

    This case study will reveal how a leading sports-fashion retail business was able to integrate an automated testing solution and leverage parallel testing by partnering with Qualitest. Read on to learn how they sped up testing processes and improved performance for their ecommerce platform.


  • Eliminate your API vulnerabilities with Cequence Unified API Protection

    Today’s security teams simply lack the visibility and defense capabilities they need to protect the ever-growing risk from APIs and other application connections. Check out this data sheet to see how the Cequence Unified API Protection solution can reinforce the vulnerabilities that may undermine your organization.


  • What data security looks like in 2024

    These days, your sensitive data likely exists in multiple places, both outside of and within your company. How can you ensure that your data is safe in all its locations? Check out this overview to learn how a data security posture management solution can help.


  • Application security: More important than ever

    In this e-guide we look at why application security is more important than ever due to traditional software and cloud-based, web and mobile applications playing an increasingly important role in business.


  • Busting common healthcare technology management myths

    Managing healthcare technology is complex. Outside of just break-fix, you’re optimizing capital, managing downtime, coordinating upgrades, and most importantly ensuring patient safety. But it doesn’t have to be complex as you may think. Read this white paper to bust 4 common myths about healthcare technology management.


  • Digital signage for Construction & Commercial Real Estate

    The majority of deskless construction and commercial real estate workers are digitally detached, with up to 4 out of 5 lacking access to company email, intranet, and personal devices on-shift. It’s time to think outside the inbox and beyond the notice board. Access this e-book to learn more.


  • Comparing top enterprise service management providers

    The demand for digital services and automated processes from other areas of the company outside of IT has skyrocketed. Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is an ideal solution for addressing this new reality. Access this Forrester report to discover the top 12 ESM providers in Q4 2023 and how they stack up.


  • Focus ASEAN: Enterprise Mobility

    With 4G networks and mobile apps that do almost everything from filing corporate expenses to locating an item in a warehouse, enterprise mobility now enables not only managers but also rank and file workers to be more competitive and efficient.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy: The IoT battle

    This article in our Royal Holloway information security series provides a set of security guidelines, tools and considerations for anyone in an organisation who is considering acquiring or implementing Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled devices.


  • Focus: Application Virtualisation

    This e-guide focuses on application virtualisation and how big companies are finding various ways to stop applications adversely affecting each other.


  • 4 Types of Mobile Security Models and How They Work

    In this eGuide, you will hear that an IT admin often has to find the best tools and practices to enhance the security of the enterprise from threats. Take this brief survey about your current mobile security challenges to get access to this guide!


  • Top end-to-end network management challenges you need to know

    To better understand how leading organizations are addressing end-to-end network visibility and management as well as adopting new technologies to drive greater operational efficiencies, download this exclusive ESG e-book.


  • Microsoft Teams: Adding phone system services and telecom services

    Microsoft Teams does not by default include the ability to make and receive calls to/from the outside world. Read this white paper to explore the option of adding phone system services and telecom services to Microsoft Teams.


  • MTL Security Checklist for 2019

    Mobile Thought Leaders (MTL) Research gathers insights from professionals focused on advancing or supporting mobile and digital transformation initiatives.


  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in data analytics and business applications

    Artificial Intelligence and the sub-set of it which is machine learning are hot. It's been impossible to attend an IT conference in the last year or so without encountering a dead human genius reincarnated as a software system or a robot.


  • Tutorial: Predictive Modeling with Snowpark

    Businesses rely on historical data for insights into customer behavior, productivity metrics and more. However, it’s the ability to use data to predict what may come that IT leaders want. Predictive analytics requires a lot of data, storage capacity and computing power. Now, there is a solution built for this purpose. Read on to learn more.


  • Key software development trends to drive business success

    In this e-guide, you will learn more about leveraging DevOps to automate processes between development and IT teams, the importance of testing to keep internet of things devices safe from prying eyes and how one company has made use of open source software to automate the roll-out of application changes.


  • Access Management Buyer's Guide

    The modern workforce is rapidly becoming more mobile and hyperconnected, and attackers are taking note. But with attackers constantly innovating and finding new ways to bypass weaker multifactor authentication (MFA) implementations, how can you authorize users and devices without putting the network at risk?


  • 4 practical use cases for integrating Industrial DataOps

    Most manufacturing companies know how leveraging industrial data can improve production, but they remain challenged as to how to scale-up to the enterprise level. Read how these four use cases reveal the ways Industrial DataOps can integrate your role-based operational systems with your business IT systems as well as those of outside vendors.


  • Toughening up web and mobile application security

    In this e-guide, read more about the best practices for web application security, how to balance app innovation with app security, why API security needs to be part of your defence strategy, and what are the top tools to keep your applications safe, among other trends.


  • Securing the perimeter-less network with increased visibility

    With the death of the network perimeter, cybercriminals have proven that every asset is a potential entry point for an attack. FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls


  • How to take an Agile approach to mobile app development

    This Computer Weekly buyer's guide looks at how to take an Agile approach to mobile app development. Discover how to gain a competitive edge by accelerating mobile development, turning mobile users' expectations to your advantage, and building unique, differentiated mobile experiences.


  • CW APAC: Expert advice on zero-trust security

    Zero trust is a security model that eliminates the traditional perimeter and assumes that no user or device can be trusted until proven otherwise. In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how enterprises can take a zero-trust approach to securing their network, devices and workforce.


  • Securing Remote Access

    As the network perimeter is now everywhere and anywhere users are, security must move with it and needs to be in place at the point of access. Download this e-book to learn how you can secure remote access and build user trust.


  • Essential Guide: Application Performance Management

    This guide to managing application performance covers transaction speeds, networking, workflow and tools for performance detection and diagnosis.


  • Proactive digital experience management (P-DEM) buyer’s guide

    Today’s security visibility gap gives hackers exactly what they want, with security teams often left fumbling in the dark, unaware if an attack has occurred. Proactive digital experience management (P-DEM) strategies automate remediation to help you overcome your critical blind spots. Download this buyer’s guide to P-DEM to discover more.


  • How to assure successful contact center migrations

    Today’s organizations are for looking ways to transform their contact centers into flexible, scalable, and more cost-effective cloud-based operations. However, this migration can be daunting for many contact center leaders. So, how can they best adjust? Browse this white paper to learn more.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to application modernisation

    In this 15-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly investigates how organisations are approaching the modernisation, replatforming and migration of legacy applications. We look at the tools and technologies available, change management, and the use of APIs and containerisation to make legacy functionality to cloud-native applications.


  • Embracing a Zero Trust strategy

    Microsoft’s Zero Trust strategy uses strong authentication, least-privilege access, and continuous monitoring to secure identities, devices, applications, data, infrastructure, and networks. To learn how Microsoft’s holistic security solutions can help your organization embrace Zero Trust, read the full white paper.


  • Smarter, connected meeting spaces

    This report from analyst group Quocirca explains how to use smart technology to make meetings more effective.


  • Lenovo product development solution guide

    Download this solution guide to explore Lenovo’s wide range of ISV-certified ThinkStation devices that come in various form factors to suit the diverse needs of your hybrid workplace and employees.


  • Application Performance Management: Improving service availability

    If it can't be measured, it can't be managed. Telemetry on applications and IT infrastructure are key to keeping applications running optimally and reducing unplanned downtime. Beyond using telemetry data to respond to abnormal events, historical data analysis can reveal more systemic issues. In this e-guide we look at trends in APM.


  • E-book: Mobile security strategies

    As organizations capitalize on the flexibility of a mobile-first workplace, they also encounter 4 key risks, including data breaches through lost or hacked devices. To discover the other risks, and to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of 5 mobile security approaches, review this e-book.