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Choosing the Right Metropolitan Ring for Your Business

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Understanding the promise of 5G

Imagine a world where a fleet of autonomous vehicles safely transports people throughout a city center, easing traffic congestion, reducing harmful emissions and improving traffic safety.

This scenario may seem like distant dreams for state and local governments, but they’re actually possible with 5G connectivity.

In this handbook, uncover a roadmap for how cities and states across the country can prepare to take advantage of this transformative next-generation technology.

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  • Case Study: Manufacturer Modernizes Data Center and Campus Networks

    A mid-sized manufacturer needed to modernize and transform its data center and campus networks to support initiatives in areas such as employee mobility, application agility, IoT, network virtualization and IT cost containment. Working with Pluribus Networks and Dell Technologies, the company deployed a converged, fully automated network that enabled improved performance, resilience, security and agility while dramatically simplifying network operations.

  • FirstNet: A dedicated communications ecosystem for first responders

    First responders depend on a reliable network connection from the minute their shift begins to the time they hang up their jackets.

    In 2012, Congress established the First Responder Network Authority to create a nationwide broadband network dedicated to public safety. This would give first responders dedicated bandwidth for the communication tools they use.

    In this white paper, learn about the benefits of this dedicated communications ecosystem, FirstNet, as well as how Cradlepoint’s IPS & IDS are helping to secure connectivity.

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  • Solving K-12 networking challenges

    Today’s K-12 students and teachers depend on laptops, tablets, cloud apps, data-driven instruction, and nonstop Internet connectivity. In this white paper, explore the role of LTE, Wi-Fi, cloud management, and all-in-one network solutions in addressing the challenges facing school district IT departments.


  • What to consider when choosing in-vehicle solutions

    Digital transformation in IT continues to create the need for an Elastic Edge. Physical boundaries continue to decrease in importance, and organizations of all types require constant and dependable in-vehicle connectivity to keep up with changing business imperatives. In this white paper, learn more about networks on the move.


  • How one company can help first responders seamlessly connect to wireless networks

    First responders require the best, most up-to-date technology as well as the ability to connect to a wireless network whenever the need arises. Download this infographic to learn how FirstNet can help make this possible.


  • 5G in the public sector

    Learn more about how 5G will impact the Public Sector. From first responders to smart communities, this resource can help you understand how Verizon's 5G Ultra-Wideband Network can improve operations.


  • How CBRS can help to support your business’ growing video needs

    More and more businesses across the country are turning to video security and analytics to help manage critical operations. However, your video security solution is only as good as the network supporting it. In this white paper, learn how Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) can help to support your business’ growing video needs.


  • USB modems vs. embedded LTE modems: Compare the benefits and challenges

    In this white paper, compare the attributes, benefits and challenges of consumer-grade USB modems vs. enterprise-grade modems that are integrated and embedded into purpose-built routers.


  • SD-Branch 101

    One of the most challenging aspects of branch network operations is the need to provision, manage and operate a complex array of distinct IT elements, or boxes, at the branch. Access this buyer's handbook to learn about SD-WAN, and how it can make extending your network to a branch easier.


  • A guide to understanding and exploring the pathway to 5G

    The full potential of 5G will not be realized without foresight and alignment of your organization's resources today. In this guidebook for businesses, uncover the first steps you can take on your pathway to 5G and find out what you have to look forward to as 5G continues to evolve.


  • 3 layers of 5G for business

    The value of 5G for business hinges on understanding how use cases vary depending on types of spectrum and network availability. Using this knowledge, you can expand your organization’s presence, usher in new technologies and improve operations along with customer service. View this infographic to get a crash course in 5G for business.


  • BYOD initiatves in education: Why a stable wireless LAN is required

    Discover the benefits a BYOD or iPad-in-the-classroom program has to offer, and learn why a stable wireless LAN is vital to their success.


  • Live test: How Wi-Fi 6 handles pressure

    Packet6’s test of cloud-managed Wi-Fi 6 access points (APs) put five cloud-managed, 4-stream APs under pressure in a real-world, high-density environment. Watch this video to view a portion of the test in which each AP was challenged to deliver stall-free streaming HD video to 30 clients while the network carried additional data and voice traffic.


  • Work from home: 2 common network challenges

    According to a recent survey, 87% of U.S. enterprises expect workers to work from home 3 or more days per week after closures are lifted. Although work from home has several benefits, there are 2 common network challenges that need to be addressed. Download this IDC infographic to uncover these 2 challenges and find out how 5G can help solve them.


  • Unite 5G and Wi-Fi 6 in 2021

    Both Wi-Fi 6 and 5G aim to improve upon their respective former generations and enhance UX. Yet, with all their similarities, the two technologies have key differences that make them complementary to each other and offer alternate connectivity options for organizations. Download our expert guide to uncover these key differences.


  • IT Buyers’ Guide: Public Transit Network Solutions

    Connected technologies in public transportation vehicles have become a necessity. However, none of these advancements work without highly reliable wireless connectivity. In this IT buyers’ guide, learn about the important features and key options to help transit authorities choose the right in-vehicle networking solution for their community.


  • Preparing for 5G

    With Cradlepoint’s recent announcement of 5G edge networking solutions for business, your company’s 5G future starts now. In this webinar, explore how 5G for business solutions can fit into your IT roadmap, the different variations of 5G and what the pathway to 5G looks like.


  • LTE & 5G: Why retail relies on them first

    In brick-and-mortar stores, wired connectivity isn’t agile enough to accommodate retail technology trends. Today’s retailers are embracing a cellular-driven approach to maximize connection reliability and flexibility. View this infographic to discover how the wireless WAN branch helps these retailers puts LTE and 5G first.


  • Downtime prevented with automatic failover

    With 5,000+ retail stores that depend on connected devices and business-critical applications — including Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and digital signs — 100% uptime is essential for daily operations at T-Mobile. Read this case study to learn about a failover solution that helps them maintain this uptime as well as reliable in-store connectivity.


  • Unlocking the power of LTE & 5G in branch networks

    IoT devices, digital signage, customer Wi-Fi, and cloud applications offer new services and experiences to customers. And these businesses are turning to LTE and 5G to support their branch transformation. In this e-book, explore success stories of Cradlepoint customers who have implemented LTE edge networking in fixed and mobile branches.


  • Enterprise Wi-Fi stress test

    This report details the performance attributes of cloud-managed 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) access points (APs) in a high-density and high-capacity environment with a mix of video, VoIP and data traffic. The intent is to test cloud-managed enterprise AP performance under a real-world scenario that is relevant to most enterprise networks today.


  • Fast, flexible internet connectivity

    Fast, reliable internet service fuels today’s businesses. Whether you’re connecting remote employees to the office, customers to your business or your business to the cloud, connectivity matters. In this brief, learn how LTE Business Internet delivers high-speed, high-reliability connectivity—right out of the box.


  • Which cloud-managed Wi-Fi 6 APs perform best under pressure?

    Packet6’s Wi-Fi 6 AP stress test challenged out-of-the-box APs to manage and prioritize traffic for 30 Wi-Fi 6 laptop clients streaming 1080p video, 20 Wi-Fi 5 laptop clients and five Wi-Fi 5 tablets downloading data, and five Wi-Fi 5 tablets running simulated bi-directional VoIP calls. View this infographic to see which AP performed best.