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4 strategies to conquer information chaos with AI

Information is the fuel that powers innovation and generates value for business, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture and manage this information

In this AIIM report, you’ll learn how organizations are dealing with more data volume and variety than ever before by stepping up intelligent information capture.

Read it to learn how you can harness the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation to ease your information gathering processes, improve data quality, and remain secure and compliant.

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  • Best practices for effective information management

    Corporate information is often siloed, uncatalogued and managed through a patchwork of different tools and policies, reducing the potential business value and leaving organizations vulnerable to a variety of data-related problems.

    In this expert e-guide, you'll learn tips for:

    • Managing the lifecycle of structured and unstructured information
    • Effective EIM deployment
    • Optimizing the business value of successful data management processes

  • Combine your IG and BI programs for a 1-2 punch of data value

    As the data organizations collect begins to grow, an information governance strategy becomes not only convenient, but a necessity. But IG can provide far more than merely a way to organize your data.

    Explore the myriad of benefits that a fully realized information governance program can provide your business in this expert e-guide.

    Discover how a simple records management can be bolstered and improved when put in conjunction with innovative technologies such as business analytics to increase the value and usefulness of your information governance program.

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  • Active Data Governance: A People-First Approach to Achieve Business Goals

    Data governance is more important than ever, as exploding data volumes, increasingly strict regulations, and more cyberthreats—to name a few—require organizations to strictly monitor and control their data. Read this white paper to learn how data governance is evolving past its traditional structure into an active, democratized process.


  • The best way to begin an enterprise information management program

    Approaching an enterprise information management (EIM) strategy and ensuring it will provides the best business opportunities for your organization can be a challenge. In this e-guide, readers will learn EIM best practices from Michael Jennings, a data governance director at Walgreens.


  • How to discover and classify data for governance

    With the right technology tools, a data discovery and classification exercise will enable an enterprise to find its sensitive data, label it with the appropriate sensitivity and ensure that you can demonstrate regulatory compliance. View this white paper to learn why organizations should take a joint approach to tackling big data.


  • Defining and implementing non-invasive data governance

    Access this white paper to discover how non-invasive data governance centered around metadata catalogs allows you to actively control your data while capitalizing on, and encouraging, individual governance efforts.


  • Aparavi for Healthcare Data – A Demo

    HIPAA violations can be massively costly in the big data era. Watch this short demo to learn how the Aparavi Platform can be used to quickly locate documents containing personal HIPAA data, personally identifiable information, and protected health information—and quickly classify, access, and secure those files across your data architecture.


  • 3rd party analyst report: Assessing data cataloging options & uses

    Access this IDC MarketScape report to learn how a new generation of data catalogs are infusing AI and automation into metadata capture across your data ecosystem, providing you with unique insight into your architecture—and learn which solution does this best in a given scenario.


  • Your guide to data catalogs and crisis preparedness

    Data catalogs ensure the organizational information preparedness necessary for business innovation: especially in periods of disruption like the COVID-19 pandemic. Access this white paper to learn about the various kinds of data you might be cataloging and learn which data catalog solution might fit your business’s specific circumstances.


  • Information management and governance (IM&G) programs demystified

    An information management and governance (IM&G) program can address any data handling challenges of scope and scale, access and collaboration, and strategic utility. Complete our brief survey to access an exclusive IDC e-book on this topic, sharing vendor-neutral strategies and insights for establishing a resilient IM&G program.


  • Improve patient care with data governance and content management

    Read this white paper to learn how content management and data governance can work hand in hand to improve your company’s data use, as governance solutions ensure your patient information is reliable and content management solutions unify and analyze critical data in one system.


  • The ins and outs of data cataloging and adoption

    Download this 451 Research report to dig into the ins and outs of data catalogs. The details covered inside include current catalog usage and adoption plans, a view of the data catalog provider and product landscape, and more.


  • TIBCO vs. other popular MDM vendors: How do they stack up?

    Access this copy of the Information Difference 2021 Master Data Management Landscape Report to learn which MDM vendors have a balanced selection of technology, who has a healthy ecosystem of partners and coverage, how satisfied customers are with the service, and more.


  • The complete guide to data governance & compliance

    Data is the world’s most valuable natural resource – and the key to responsible stewardship lies in governance, specifically data privacy laws. Read this e-book to learn more about the importance of data privacy, which data privacy laws apply to your organization, how to prepare for governance requirements, and more.


  • 5 key criteria when considering an MDM solution

    Access this e-book to learn and evaluate the 5 key criteria when considering a master data management solution.


  • Understand and meet GLBA compliance requirements

    Meeting the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act requirements can cause significant headaches for financial institutions, especially as privacy acts further alter the rules regarding consumer data. Download this e-book to learn how GLBA can be best understood and met, and learn about data discovery-in-depth, a new methodology that can provide greater insight.


  • How data-driven CFOs can lead their companies

    CFOs are being asked, more than ever, to make business decisions that fall outside the traditional financial department. But this CFO needs to be informed, and by accurate data. Read on to learn 7 ways modern financial departments and their CFOs are becoming data-driven, accurate, and effective.


  • Secure, control, and classify crucial financial data and improve filings

    Watch this 5-minute demo to see how Aparavi can be used in a financial data management use case, allowing organizations to classify important forms and data, reduce the amount of manual overhead needed for SEC and IRS filings, and quickly locate data owners while securing any unwanted access to confidential information.


  • How to leverage a data catalog for a data-driven organization

    Download this white paper to learn about new opportunities in data for public sector entities and uncover the biggest drivers for the adoption of data catalogs in public sector organization.


  • How data fabrics can help you better manage your data

    Enterprise IT faces more challenges than ever as they try to transform legacy data infrastructures into resilient, accurate, and unified information repositories. Read this white paper to learn how Stardog’s data fabrics have helped clients like NASA unify data siloes and external sources, reduce costs, and extract unseen value from data.


  • From the experts: Eliminate data siloes with these governance approaches

    Download this expert guide to learn how data lineage tools are among the many solutions that data leaders can use to solve the unique issues of their data governance ecosystem and unlock the latent value of distributed, siloed information.


  • Guide to using data catalogs properly

    Read this guide to discover how you can use and deploy your data catalogs in a way that will allow you to get the most from them.


  • When CFOs and CMOs Align Through Data

    Download this white paper to examine some of the top reasons why CFOs and CMOs need to collaborate, how they can do it, and the benefits it can bring to the overall organization.


  • Modern Data Governance

    Access this 30-page TDWI e-book to discover what trends are shaping data governance today and tomorrow, learn how emerging governance tools and practices can impact different areas of business, and more.