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Dirk Hohndel on Intel and the Linux Foundation

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Getting started tracking open source software licenses

Most organizations still don’t have sufficient tracking of their open source software use, and as open source software usage goes up across the board, so too does the number of open source license compliance issues.

Jump into this webinar to learn more about the need for tracking your open source software licenses, some of the issues you may be surprised to discover, and how you can get started today.

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  • Guide to mitigating open source security risks

    Open source frameworks have made huge leaps in the past few years, with 95% of IT organizations now relying on open source software. It’s lead to increased speed, innovation, and convenience, and has evolved software in ways that would not have been imaginable in the past.

    But open source software presents previously unseen security risks that you will need to account for. In fact, nearly 88% of Java applications have at least one vulnerability.

    Open this resource to learn more about the risks evolved in open source software and how you can mitigate them.

  • How to make better use of open source software

    Developers turns to the open source community for the resources they need to build better software, faster. By adding an open source software (OSS) component to your project, you stand to benefit from the work of potentially thousands of developers worldwide.

    Most organizations aren’t used to working with external communities, but the ones who embrace change and build balanced relationships with the OSS community are oftentimes the most innovative in their industries.

    Open this whitepaper to learn how to become an open source enterprise.

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  • Case Study: DBS Bank goes big on open source

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  • Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard (O-TTPS)

    This standard is aimed at enhancing the integrity of commercial off the shelf ICT products and helping customers to manage sourcing risk.


  • 4 questions you need to answer when using open source

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  • Caffe vs. Julia vs. MLflow: Compare open source data science tools

    This report examines the importance of open source tools in enterprise data science, including the technical and business advantages of open source languages and platforms used by data scientists in the development of ML and AI applications, as well as core platforms including Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.


  • Explore different intrusion detection tools

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  • Are you using the 6-step open source compliance method?

    Rising usage of open source software places emphasis on the need for better compliance practices in software development. Download this whitepaper to understand how automated open source compliance management tools optimize your open source usage by removing vulnerabilities.


  • Can an open source stack enhance your cloud strategy?

    Operating within the cloud brings powerful flexibility and time-to-market, but a cloud open source stack can provide even better versatility. Read more to learn 8 benefits to using an open source stack approach to maximize the returns on your cloud investment.


  • Can open source compliance be automated accurately?

    Open source software creates software compliance challenges for many businesses, which undermines confidence both in quality assurance and risk management. Read this case study to explore how a UK healthcare IT solution company relied on an open source compliance management tool for automated compliance and higher quality applications.


  • A four-level analysis of your software's security model

    While open source software continues to offer product development benefits, it also brings harmful risks you need to manage. Read this whitepaper to explore the 4 levels of a composition analysis model that supports open source security and compliance.


  • Simplify Bro management and deployment with Corelight

    In this white paper, learn about the Corelight Sensor, which was designed to simplify the notoriously complicated open source Bro deployment and management. Also, explore 7 reasons to switch from the open source format to a Corelight Sensor.


  • Do you need to switch to open source software?

    Today, open source software is king, providing easier access to automation, scalability, and flexibility. The only difficult is making the change from your proprietary solutions. Watch this video case study to learn how one organization won support for their change to open source and made a successful switch.


  • Achieve cheaper database operational costs without losing the support

    Read this case study to learn how one company, after partnering with EnterpriseDB, discovered cheaper operational costs, more database flexibility, and decreased DBA workload by standardizing EDB Postgres Enterprise in their business


  • How to assure quality software deployment in open source DBMSes

    Read this white paper to learn how using an Instaclustr Certification Framework for your open source software deployment can assure your products are enterprise-grade and production-ready.


  • Will a composition analysis tool keep your open source code compliant?

    Consumer car-tech expectations continue to rise, which means automotive businesses have to rely on more on risk laden open source code to keep up with demand. Download this whitepaper to explore the 6 major benefits that come from using an open source composition analysis tool for better compliance.


  • The important role of open source software in IT modernization today

    How can your organization embrace change in a way that balances the needs of existing, business-critical infrastructure while empowering revenue-generating innovation? Open this IDC report to learn the next steps forward in your IT modernization, and the role open source software will likely be playing.


  • Under the hood of Oracle Linux

    Dive into this white paper to learn about the key features and benefits of Oracle Linux, including supported hardware architectures, the latest kernel innovations, and compatible software tools.


  • 4 benefits to open source security automation

    Open source brings accelerated development lifecycles and faster time to market, but it leaves application vulnerable making them a prime target for cyber threats. Read this whitepaper, which explores the benefits of open source security solutions that can make your development team's work more effective in its final state.


  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Application Development and DevOps

    Harnessing the right developer tools offers new advantages for businesses. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the benefits and limitations of the DevOps approach, what Microsoft is doing with its developer platform and the rise of the holistic application.


  • 44% of big data projects are fueled by advanced analytics

    Discover how a comprehensive and open analytics portfolio with code-free techniques and open-source programming can help your data science and analytics team deal with an avalanche of new demands.


  • Elastic Stack log management total cost analysis

    Open this white paper to understand the true costs involved in using Elastic Stack as a log management solution.


  • Open source HCI, explained

    Following the release of their open source hyper-converged platform, Red Hat hopes it will transform the way organizations approach branch and edge computing deployments. Continue reading to learn more.


  • Why Linux is the top rated OS of 2019

    Compiled from crowd-sourced rankings, buyer intent data, and product reviews, this list will give you an accurate look at why organizations are gravitating towards Linux as their operating system of choice.


  • How to reduce virtual machine spend up to 87%

    Running virtual machines can be overwhelming, so often relying on open source solutions can offset the cost and performance issues. Download this Red Hat case study that gives you a look into how one company reduced VM spend by 87% and migrated to a streamlined infrastructure.


  • Managed platform for open-source monitoring & deployment

    When it comes to open source applications, an integrated managed platform can help provide this foundation, and can provide 24/7 support, management of thousands of nodes, and more. Download this white paper to learn more about a managed platform option for open source applications.


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    Organisations have an ever-increasing amount of data at their disposal. In this 13-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at what the future holds for data management, how the Met Office is opening up large volumes of data, and why business outcomes should be the focus for data use.


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    The opportunities and challenges presented by the OpenStack and VMware virtualisation environments when it comes to storage, backup and disaster recovery


  • Lower costs with an open source cloud migration

    Check out this whitepaper to find out how open source cloud frameworks are lowering costs and offering quick access to software updates, tech support, and maintenance services.


  • Verifying the integrity of open source Android apps

    This article in our Royal Holloway Information Security Thesis Series looks at how researchers can determine whether an app was built from its published source code.


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    LinuxONE is a portfolio of hardware, software, and solutions for an enterprise-grade Linux environment. It has been designed to run more transactions faster and with more security and reliability specifically for the open community. In this white paper, learn about the process of migrating from x86 to LinuxONE.


  • Computer Weekly – 19 July 2016: Building big ideas in banking

    In this issue we visit JP Morgan's European software development centre in Glasgow to see how the investment bank is working with local universities and collaborating in the open source community. Software chief, Stephen Flaherty, talks about how JP Morgan uses open source software and has now begun contributing to open source projects.


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    In this 13-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the effects on the IT department of technology commoditisation, open source and software as a service, the trend of insourcing IT, and the concept of service integration and management for outsourced services.


  • Modelling the Insurance Enterprise

    This report from the Open Group is aimed at managers, architects, and designers that serve the insurance industry or have an interest in integrating the TOGAF and ArchiMate standards.


  • How you can unlock new threat hunting capabilities

    When an international law firm wanted to expand its threat hunting capabilities through analysis technique with network visibility, they decided on Bro Network Security Monitor. However, after realizing they couldn't scale it properly, the law firm looked to Corelight AP Sensor. See how it helped them achieve their goals in this white paper.