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Upcoming Live Expert Chat: Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications

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How to Unlock Actionable Application Performance Data

Before you can make your applications’ performance and security data more actionable, first, your business needs to see that data.

Step in New Relic, an observability platform composed of 16 tools.

How does it work? Check out this video to watch New Relic in action.

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  • The essential checklist for evaluating your mobile database

    Today’s consumers are highly reliant on their mobile applications, with large portions of modern business relying on the ability to interact with their users via mobile. If apps don’t work, users won’t use them – it’s that simple.

    It's no surprise, then, that successful mobile apps rely heavily on their database provider. So how does your mobile database stack up when put to the test?

    Check out this white paper for the essential criteria to watch out for when evaluating mobile solutions.

  • How to overcome the problem of software supply chain security

    Speed and time to market are top priorities for organizations everywhere that build software and applications to meet their customers’ needs. Yet many of the existing security practices are unable to keep up with the increase in velocity, leading to production delays or security threats.

    This Google white paper details how to secure your software supply chain while maintaining a fast time to market.

    Access it here to learn how to build and deploy software at speed, while adopting security standards and best practices to protect your organization.

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    It is the 20th anniversary year for VMware and at the VMware European conference in Barcelona, the company famous for its hypervisor, showcased how it had changed the face of IT, and where it was heading next.


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    France's national research organisation wanted to insource IT back from Atos and built its private cloud on VMware across two locations with Rubrik appliances for backup.


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  • 12 VMware Backup Capabilities for Business Resilience

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  • How to accelerate your Kubernetes adoption

    If you wanted to accelerate your Kubernetes adoption and start scaling your K8s operation, this webinar breaks it all down. By utilizing VMware Tanzu standard and VMware Cloud Foundation, you can scale your Kubernetes while seeing benefits like standardized BOM with automated LCM and full automation. Tune in here.


  • Google Cloud VMware Engine: Security, stability, and scalability

    In order to adapt their operation to meet the demands of the modern world, Mitel decided they needed a more stable, secure, and scalable environment. Watch this video now to learn how Mitel migrated 1,000 VMware instances to Google Cloud VMware Engine in less than 90 days through next-generation cloud infrastructure.


  • NetApp and VMware Solution

    Download this infographic to access the top 10 reasons to deploy NetApp for your VMware environment and how you can boost performance by 200-300% at 75% lower latencies.


  • VMware video: Enhance visibility in your cloud environment

    How can you manage teams and tools across your multicloud environment? VMware Aria helps businesses unify cloud management under a single platform to align tools and teams on a single source of truth. Watch this webcast to gain a deeper understanding of how VMware may be able to help you enhance visibility throughout your cloud environment.


  • K8s on VMware vSphere: VMware 2 Deploy and manage clusters in VMware just like in the cloud

    Can you maintain the same Kubernetes user experience and workflow on-prem that you can in the cloud? In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn about the basic differences between deploying and managing Kubernetes in the cloud vs on-prem in VMware vSphere. Tune in here.


  • Unlocking the economic benefits of Dell + VMware & Intel

    In this report, ESG analyzes the economic benefits of the joint solution by Dell Technologies, VMware Tanzu, and Intel. Download now to explore insights into how you can leverage the solution to modernize your IT infrastructure and streamline your application development and deployment processes.


  • Standardize, secure, and control critical container infrastructure

    Access this IDC Technology Spotlight to learn how policy-driven, multicluster configuration and life-cycle management automation technologies are emerging to better standardize, secure, and control critical container infrastructure across multicloud environments.


  • MicroScope – July 2022: The slow march to Windows 11

    It's taken a while, but the latest Microsoft OS is having an impact – read all about the journey to Windows 11, as well as the uptake of co-innovation and co-creation strategies in the channel, and Broadcom's acquisition of VMware


  • Google Cloud VMware Engine: Simplify Your Journey To The Cloud.

    Datacenters can become burdensome as organizations try to keep up with the business and customer demands. In this guide, learn how to seamlessly shift workloads from your datacenter to the cloud with the Google Cloud VMware Engine. Save the guide here.


  • Virtualizing your Exchange Server: Fact vs. fiction

    Find out what's fact and what's fiction about virtualizing your Exchange Server. What steps should you take, and how can you ensure success? Explore all these questions and more in this e-book.


  • Infographic: Ransomware trends & challenges

    Ransomware is the #1 cause of disaster recovery events today, costing organizations $4.5M on average. Download this infographic to discover how VMware’s purpose-built, as-a-service solution overcomes the top 5 challenges in ransomware recovery.


  • Is Hosted Private Cloud the right choice for you?

    OVHcloud’s flagship service, Hosted Private Cloud, is a fully dedicated data center powered by VMware technologies. It is designed to serve as a cost-effective environment, a consolidation solution, a disaster recovery site or a hybrid extension for an on-premises infrastructure. Access this white paper to learn more.


  • Common use cases for VMware Cloud on AWS

    More and more customers are recognizing the benefit of having their public clouds integrate and work seamlessly with their on-premises infrastructure. Download this e-book to discover how VMware Cloud on AWS provides a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud offering and explore common use cases.


  • 10 best practices for VMware vSphere backups

    How can you minimize potential data loss and defend against ransomware amid an expanding data environment? Read this white paper to gain an understanding of 10 best practices for VMware vSphere backups.


  • ISM Essentials Guide on Cloud and Virtualization Security

    Moving applications, development and data to the cloud means a new paradigm of IT and security management. You’ll need clear visibility into how data moves outside your organization, where it’s stored and who has access to it. This essential guide from ISM offers expert advice on security around your organization’s cloud computing efforts.


  • 6 customer service channels you need to support

    Where should you allocate resources to most effectively engage with current and potential customers? In this expert e-guide, Scott Sachs of SJS Solutions weighs the pros and cons of the 6 main customer service channels: Chat/video chat, phone, email, social media, customer self-service, and mobile.


  • Shifting from response to acceleration with NetApp and VMware

    Check out this e-book to learn how a combination of NetApp and VMware can help your organization lay the foundation for future-ready IT.


  • Why You Should Treat Your Platform as a Product

    Learn how the platform-as-a-product method can help minimize waste with your org and boost daily productivity.


  • E-Guide: Achieve the benefits of virtualized mission-critical applications

    In this expert e-guide, find out about the many benefits of virtualizing your mission critical applications such as improved hardware utilization and efficiency. Also, discover where to virtualize your applications to maximize these benefits.


  • A&F automation: How to leverage LLM tools for data success

    Until recently, A&F teams have relied on manual processes and review to ensure accuracy for data entry, but LLM tools such as Chat-GBT are changing the status quo. But what exactly are these tools and how can A&F teams leverage them for success? Browse this white paper to learn more.


  • Simpler Protection of VMWare Workloads with Pure Storage

    Ransomware is never far away. How confident are you in your organization’s ability to defend your VMware workloads from attacks? Tap into this brief ESG video to learn how Pure Storage is helping businesses better protect their environments against a constantly evolving threat landscape.


  • Explore the Network Detection and Response (NDR) Market

    As a security leader, how can you augment your business’s network detection and response (NDR) capabilities? In this guide, Gartner presents 3 key recommendations for doing so and overviews the NDR market. Continue on to explore the vendors that can help you level up your NDR.


  • Accelerate time to value with VMware Cloud on AWS

    Watch this webcast to learn how VMware Cloud and AWS have partnered to deliver a jointly engineered cloud service that enables rich, turnkey enterprise capabilities delivered as a cloud service, accelerated time to value, pragmatic and nondisruptive modernization and more.


  • Easily backup your Kubernetes clusters and cloud databases

    CloudCasa helps organizations quickly and easily backup their complex cloud applications from Kubernetes environments to cloud databases, without extensive prior expertise. Read on learn more about CloudCasa’s offerings, including free storage management via one centralized platform that makes it easy to back up and recover your critical data.


  • Reducing operating costs by 40% with the Google Cloud VMware Engine

    Watch this short video to learn how Carrefour, by moving its on-premises landscape to Google Cloud VMware Engine, reduced operating costs by 40% and energy consumption by 45%.


  • EnemyBot’s capabilities & targets

    Are you familiar with EnemyBot? It’s an IoT botnet thought to be distributed by the threat actor Keksec. This blog details EnemyBot’s capabilities and targets. Continue on and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to defend your organization against the attack.


  • VMware Backup

    Backing up and restoring VMs reliably and efficiently is a must for business continuity and disaster recovery. Read this For Dummies e-book to understand how you can apply 5 tips for better VM backups and discover how VMware backup in a hybrid cloud environment could provide peace of mind for your organization when it comes to data protection.


  • How Quality Testing Conversational AI Delivers Better Customer Experiences

    The average customer satisfaction rate for bot-only chats is 87.5%, which is only two points higher than chats that also involve human agents. However, organizations are searching for ways improve experiences and make these bots more human. Access this e-book to learn how to best equip your chatbots to meet these expectations.


  • Veeam Software Video

    Watch this brief video for a technical product demo of Veeam Backup & Replication, during which a Veeam analyst will cover adding your virtual environment, setting up backup repositories, creating backup jobs and more.


  • VMware Tanzu labs design guide

    This 65-page VMware Tanzu Labs design guide details the best ideas from user-centered designs (UCD), design thinking, and how to create high-functioning Agile teams that build great products, quickly, using an Agile UCD approach. Access it here.


  • How to deliver calls to your Microsoft Teams apps

    Chat, video call, email, phone call—the communication methods for modern businesses have proliferated, leading many organizations to search for ways to streamline their communications. Does your business fall into this category? Browse this overview to learn about a solution that can help: Microsoft Teams Voice by CBTS.


  • Buyers guide for cloud management: Compare VMware, ServiceNow, & others

    Enterprises face challenges related to their hybrid cloud in terms of cost management, security, and governance. This Quadrant Report from ISG compares the strengths and weaknesses of hybrid cloud management platform (HCMP) providers like VMware, HPE, Morpheus Data and more. Access it here to explore which vendor is the right one for your business.


  • SD-WAN vendors: Strengths & cautions

    Is your business considering modernizing its network requirements? To explore the SD-WAN market, dig into Gartner’s analyses of 14 SD-WAN vendors, including Palo Alto Networks, VMware and more. Continue on to view each vendor’s placement on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.